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  • Who do you want to be?

    Today I woke up before sunrise on a beautiful lake in the Sierras of California to write this blog to you because that’s who I want to be. There was a time when this was a far away dream and now, it is real.

    My sweetheart is making coffee and the sun is rising from behind… Continue reading

  • When should I quit my job?

    I have started and stopped this blog several times. In fact, I was almost done when I trashed it. Perfectionism? Surprisingly not!


    Have you ever started something and then held back?
    Have you ever wanted to say something from your heart so badly but couldn’t quite tap in as deep as you desired?
    Have you ever felt like… Continue reading

  • Tired of settling?

    Last November, I was at an event having dinner with my entrepreneurial friends standing in the buffet line when my boyfriend texted and said, “There’s been an accident.”


    My heart instantly dropped. I had a terrible sinking feeling. (He was on a motorcycle trip with his very best buddy.)


    A few seconds later, “They say Ryan broke… Continue reading

  • 3 Essential Steps To Living A Courageous Life

    Believe it or not, there was a time when I wasn’t truly empowered and freedom = empowerment, empowerment = freedom – so to say I wasn’t empowered is to say I wasn’t truly free.


    The funny thing is, at the time, I actually thought I was. After all, I began supporting myself at age 16, graduated… Continue reading

  • I cannot live without trying

    The other night I was reading through old journals that documented my decade long quest to find my true life’s work – the thing that would set my heart and soul on fire and I stumbled on my high school yearbook! (I haven’t looked at that in at least 20 years.) I was the Copy… Continue reading

  • Why you may not reach your goals this year & what to do about it

    I have a wonderful client who hired me privately to break through the internal blocks that have been preventing her from growing her gorgeous business. Since we have been working one-on-one together she has experienced very significant energetic shifts that have exploded her business. Her schedule is completely full with clients right now and the… Continue reading

  • The rocky & delicious road to paradise

    We set out over the holidays on a trip to Barbados and Grenada, without any real knowledge of either. We went to shake things up, for the adventure and surprise. This is how most of our trips are.

    All we knew was our destination – paradise, but the journey itself with all its unknowns and “risks”,… Continue reading

  • Sunrises, Self-Trust & Choosing Life

    It all started when William, my beautiful white Persian cat, began scratching at my bedroom door at 4am. To dothat, he had to break through another door that was supposedly closed. The little guy was determined.

    Since Tony and I could not get back to sleep after Williams furry intrusion, we decided to bundle up and… Continue reading

  • What to do with a life quake? (large or small)

    Last Saturday family and friends gathered to surprise my niece with an engagement party in San Francisco shortly after her boyfriend proposed to her on the beach. It was one of THE best moments EVER to see her beaming and crying with joy when she saw all of us greeting her as she walked into… Continue reading

  • Comparisons, Illusions & Breaking FREE

    We received news last night that a couple we know is getting a divorce. Typical I realize but they were the last I would have suspected this would happen to. They are part of a circle we are in of 8 (four couples). We call it the Motorcycle Club because we ride together and out… Continue reading

  • What are your I am’s?

    Stories. We love to hear them… so much so, we tell ourselves stories about who we are all day!

    Your life is a story… a beautiful one. It’s sometimes messy, sometimes tidy… but always and forever, yours.

    When we come into this world, we are blank slates. We enter this gorgeous ball in space, unabashedly ourselves –… Continue reading

  • Dance, Like Nobody Is Watching: 11 Game Changing Tips

    Recently, I experienced a minor emotional setback. I woke up in a funk, from something that happened the night before.

    I had a BIG day ahead and knew that energy would definitely not foster what I wanted to create – so my goal was to navigate myself back to serene and beautiful waters as quickly as… Continue reading

  • You know that thing you don’t feel ready for?

    As I dance through my Leonie Dawson 2015 Create Your Shining Year Workbook and reflect on 2014, much comes to surface.

    For me, 2014 was a year of letting go to make room for the new, and “the new” did emerge and actually take root.

    Some years we only have the energy to let go. Others, the… Continue reading

  • Feel Like A Fraud Sometimes?

    “The Truth: It whispers in the morning,
    grumbles during the day,
    and shouts to us at night.”

    Are you listening?

    – Wendy Collier

    You know that sinking feeling when you are in a situation – either social or professional, and you are in and out of being present because something within you is feeling off? You may even have the… Continue reading

  • Ghosts That Haunt You: Answers To Your Top 10 Fears

    Have you forgotten who you are and what is possible? Have you gazed at the stars recently? Taken a walk through the woods? Looked into the eyes of your child… or lover? Reveled in the miracle of life? Watched a hummingbird up close? Looked at a photo of the earth from space?

    If this universe can… Continue reading

  • Three Easy Steps To Start Your Dream Business

    I was out with a friend the other night bouncing around town when I noticed how often she says, “I don’t know.” Being a SoulFUEL™ Business Coach I notice ANYTHING that sabotages success.

    Saying “I don’t know.” leaves you in a helpless place of really never knowing. It closes you off from receiving a potential solution.

    It’s a… Continue reading