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Feel Like A Fraud Sometimes?

The Truth: It whispers in the morning,
grumbles during the day,
and shouts to us at night.”

Are you listening?

– Wendy Collier

You know that sinking feeling when you are in a situation – either social or professional, and you are in and out of being present because something within you is feeling off? You may even have the urge to leave to feel better.

Part of you is there but another, very real part of you is observing – feeling and thinking about what is being said or done (even what you are saying).

In these moments, you are having a dialogue with yourself about what the truth is for you in that situation and when you are having those sinking feelings, that isn’t being honored or heard (for whatever reason). This results in that sense of not being there because the truth is – the most important part of you isn’t actually there. Does that makes sense?

This is when we can feel very lonely even when surrounded by lots of people.

These kind of misalignments cost us, big time.

When I was in the corporate world, it was a way of life. I would wake up in the morning very much myself, feeling pretty good actually but as each moment passed getting ready to go into the office, I felt a growing tension within me. I’d begin the process of putting on the ‘costume’ and orienting my thoughts, words… even how I moved so they were more aligned with the culture – than with me.

And I was taught this was normal.
Of course you hate your job. Everyone does.
Of course you are grumbling every morning. Everyone does.
Of course you can’t wait for Friday. Everyone does.

We accepted this as ‘the way things were’ but who was actually defining that?

At some point I realized this wasn’t good, at all. I questioned all of it.

I was given one precious life – one precious heart – one precious spirit. Those irreplaceable gifts were left behind when I went to the office. They didn’t have a place there. ‘I’ didn’t have a place there. Oh sure, they loved me… the version of me I created to adapt, comply and “succeed” but it was not really me.
My heart was not in it.

I began to feel like a fraud.

I had that sinking feeling every day.

I knew I was meant for something more.
My spirit was restless and begging to be freed so I could live my full potential.

What I’ve been surprised to see since I found my freedom and became an entrepreneur is this epidemic can also exist outside the corporate halls. Although I am not experiencing it – I see others who do. It’s far more rare in this world but it happens.

After all, it’s just conditioning – pretty pervasive conditioning in fact.

Most people have been taught to ignore what’s true for them… in exchange of “acceptance”.

That keeps you bound up because it is the truth that sets you free.

I know that now better than I ever have before and believe me there have been countless times I haven’t been willing to admit it. (This was one of those actually > “Could This Be The Answer?”.)

The truth that whispers, grumbles and shouts at you is your very best ally.
It has your back. I promise you.
It is always watching over you.

What has your ‘gut’ been telling you lately that you’ve been ignoring?
Will you give it a chance to emerge and be heard?
Will you trust yourself this time?

Let that inner voice prove itself to you.

Follow it for a while.

Then watch the magic unfold.

Tell me all about it below. I can’t wait.

Love & Light,
Wendy ♥
SoulFUEL™ Business Coach & Your Freedom Guide




  • Virginia Reeves

    Trusting ourselves to know what is best for ‘me’ can be difficult when you are following other peoples agendas. It’s not easy to break away from feeling like a fraud – but it is so worth it. I recall a time when I was ‘downsized’ and my first reaction was “They set me free!”. I had been looking for another job (been with the firm 10 years) so now I could easily look around. I ended up doing a job I enjoyed for 6 years until personnel changes happened and I chose to leave.

    • Wendy Collier

      Beautiful insight Virginia! The truth is we are far more powerful in what is happening “to” and for us than some may realize. With the down size, you actually set yourself free :). How wonderful that you went on to choose freedom again when you made a decision that was best for you in the other position. Here’s to expanding more into your freedom and into the Light! Delighted to hear from you. Love & Light, Wendy

  • jaswinder

    This is so so so true and completely applies to me. I am not even moving up the corporate ladder because I keep giving but I don’t know what to ask for or how to ask. Even after doing all the extra work, I don’t feel like I am doing anything special/deserve anything extra!

    Yes. I am in that place where my soul is calling me to call it quits but at the same time don’t know what’s next…what should be next?!

    • Wendy Collier

      It sounds like you know in your heart what you are doing is not in alignment with who you are and you are yearning to break free and do what you LOVE. You deserve that and the world needs YOU.

      You asked what should be next. A good starting point in figuring this out could be my free SoulFUEL™ Jump-Start Kit. You can grab it here: https://www.wendycollier.com/soulfueljumpstart . Your life is important! Go after what YOU want and believe it IS possible to make money doing what you are really meant to do because it IS. Don’t let the ‘not knowing how’ stop you. Those answers are available to you anytime. Sending you love! -Wendy

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