“I would like to take a moment to say how grateful I am for Wendy’s coaching. I was miserable working a corporate job and dreamt about having a meaningful career where I was actually helping people. I wanted to leave my job and work with people to facilitate their healing but had no idea how I was going to do that. I did NOT have a particular skillset, modality or product I wanted to scale up.

With Wendy’s guidance, I was able to identify my niche, develop my program and launch my business, allowing me to leave my corporate job one year earlier than I thought. I have officially brought in more money in my coaching business than I have spent (including ALL expenses such as; coaching fees, travel to live events, photo shoot, summit/list build, etc.). I was not expecting that to happen my first year.

I brought in $33,835 within 90 days of my first email list build and went on to have a 6-Figure year my very first year.

Most importantly though, is that I absolutely LOVE the work I’m doing. Wendy truly has a knack for helping you identify your unique skills and life purpose.

I have found my purpose AND am able to support myself while fulfilling that purpose. I am beyond grateful. Thank you, Wendy!”

– Veronika Archer

“When I signed up for Client Attraction Academy, I wasn’t comfortable even telling people I was planning on starting a business. Since then I created my business, website, grew my email list, enrolled clients, got my business license and insurance and set up a system for working with clients. It’s hard to believe that I did that in just six months! And now I tell everybody that I own a business!”

– Lisa DeMarco (From Tired Out Teacher To CEO)

“Before I started working with Wendy, I did not have my own business, nor had I given it much thought. I was happy at my job but felt like something was missing and wanted to deepen into something bigger. I had a hunch this journey would be amazing for my own personal development/growth and that I could create an income with it as well. I felt it would be worth it (and I was right!) I knew I wanted to have a greater impact in the world and help make a difference in my clients lives.

Wendy’s SoulFUEL® Discovery process helped me get clarity on what I’m here to do on this earth, and then how to translate that into a successful business, getting clarity on my ideal client, develop powerful messaging / marketing to draw them in, enrollment, program creation, etc.

With Wendy’s coaching, I then went on to fully established my business;
– Further clarity on ideal client, niche, my unique approach/tools, signature method, etc.
– Created a website
– Ran successful free challenges, video series, webinars, summits
Built my email list to over 5,000 subscribers
– Created my Signature Program
– Enrolled 21 private clients
– Ran two group programs with a total of 18 clients
– Sold Half VIP days
– Led my first in person workshop
– Spoke at an in-person event to 80 people
– Been a speaker on numerous podcasts and summits
– Enrolled my first 12 month client at $897/month
Had my first 6-Figure year in sales << which is 2x my salary at my last job
Left my previous job

With Wendy, I learned the ability to persevere even when times felt tough — in business and other areas of my life. I’ve always found it challenging to really stick with something, and there were definitely times where I felt like giving up and I’m so glad I didn’t.

I greatly appreciate Wendy’s ability to believe in me and hold me in my power, even when it was tough to do myself sometimes. While I wouldn’t say I struggled a lot with confidence before working with Wendy, this definitely grew as a result – confidence and Self-Trust / Trust in a Higher Power. It’s difficult for those things not to grow when you have a great coach like Wendy to hold you accountable to staying on the path.

I also feel like I also don’t worry about people pleasing as much anymore, and instead stay true to myself and continue on my path, even though I didn’t always feel supported by some close to me.

I really appreciate the amount of support Wendy provides. Also, the in-person experiences were always amazing and transformational as it allowed us to be really present together and connect on a deeper level. I really felt like I was able to be seen and heard (of course, was on the calls/online too).

I also felt that Wendy cared deeply about my success. She held me to my vision, and perhaps an even greater vision that she had for me / what she felt I was capable of.

I’ve learned to feel the fear and take the action anyway! 🙂 Wendy has also helped me think about failure in different ways as well, that there’s not really any failure, except for not trying. Failure is feedback. You just take the learnings and go at it again.

I absolutely recommend Wendy whether you are new to business or looking to start/grow their audience/email list, uplevel their marketing/messaging and get a really amazing amount of support and accountability on their journey.

I’m incredibly blessed to work with Wendy. I can’t imagine where I’d be without her and the rest of my SoulFUEL community. This work has been essential to my growth in business – and life! Thank you Wendy!”

– Laura Kennedy

“When I first reached out to Wendy, I was struggling with how to escape from my corporate job, along with what I wanted to do once I got out. I knew immediately she would push me to be better and accomplish what I wanted to do. She has been so supportive of me and my efforts while providing me top-notch advice that has helped me to create a business that is authentic to who I am and what I want to do.

Wendy helped me to discover the strength and confidence I had within me to break out of the corporate cycle and to define my own present and future.

I generated over $17,000 of revenue from my very first online event and built my email list to nearly 850 people.

I had SO many breakthrough moments including how to deal with self-doubt, how to recognize the employee mindset and stop that pattern of thinking, and I learned the power of flow and how to manifest what I want to happen.

It was wonderful to have someone like Wendy who understood what it was like to leave a safe corporate job and why it is so much better outside of those confines!

My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be good enough. Wendy helped me to realize that was just fear and resistance, and she showed me how to unlock my potential in order to share my gifts with the world. I will be forever grateful to her!”

– Liz Carter (From Burnt Out Corporate Employee To Lit Up CEO)

“When I first reached out to Wendy I was deciding exactly what products/services I would sell and to whom, based on my SoulFUEL (discovered through Wendy’s process).

I also wanted to know what activities I did, or even more importantly, did not, need to focus on. Wendy helped me identify my target market, niche and what products and services I could monetize based on my passions. She helped me narrow down, and align, my skills with my passions, understand my SoulFUEL and design an online business around all of that combined.

Wendy also helped me develop a plan so I was clear on exactly what I should focus on when. Best of all, since I have shiny object syndrome, I knew what DID NOT need my focus.

I received the structure, details and teaching on how to build my list and enroll paying clients into my program. If I had not worked with Wendy, I would still be floundering and unfocused. My biggest fear was changing my focus from a successful corporate job to a business. Wendy’s inner game coaching was a huge part of what I gained in working with her!”

– Susan McDaniel (From Burnt Out Corporate Employee To SoulFUEL’d® CEO)

“When I first reached out to Wendy, I had many general ideas for the business I wanted to create, but nothing concrete.
I had a few clients that were referrals from friends and family, but I had no idea how to get my message out to a larger audience. I felt overwhelmed.

With Wendy’s guidance and training, I was able to build my email list significantly through an online event I created and attracted new clients that committed to long term coaching programs with me.

I built my list from 30 to 1500, enrolled 4 private clients in 3 months – fees ranging from $479 – $679/mo. I increased my income from $200/mo to $1650/mo, while still maintaining a full-time job and being a Mom to two kids.

The biggest breakthrough I had working with Wendy was finally seeing the value of myself, my services and knowing that my work is changing the lives of my clients. My confidence skyrocketed and I felt like a legitimate, valuable member of my business niche. I’ve changed my mindset to now see that building a business is a marathon and not a sprint and that it will always be evolving and growing as long as I give it consistent, effective attention.

The one-on-one time with Wendy whether at a retreat, a VIP day or during private calls, was wonderful. I got so much value from her wisdom and experience.

My biggest fear was not being good enough. I initially felt that everyone else doing my type of business was better than I was and that I was so far behind. Wendy helped me to see the value of my individual strengths and instill a confidence that I don’t think I could have developed without her coaching.

Wendy is warm, easy to relate to and will help you to get the results you are seeking in your business if you stick with her and follow her guidance. I feel very blessed to have worked with her to build my business and I would say to anyone on the fence about making a decision, “Just go for it! You and your life will be forever changed.”

Love you Wendy! Thank you for everything you do.”

– Stacey Tamagni

When I first started working with Wendy, I was struggling with overwhelm of being widowed with 3 children and making time for all the new tasks life had thrown at me, while trying to take care of myself. I also did not know what I wanted to “do” with my life and I needed support to figure that out.
Wendy helped me learn to prioritize my life, know it’s okay to put myself first and she helped break down large goals into smaller more doable steps.

I am done writing my book! Wendy helped me solidify the title and sub-title of my book by encouraging me to put together a Facebook survey specific to the audience I was writing for. She also had me meditate on what the cover might look like by focusing on the emotion I wanted to elicit.

Working with Wendy helped me figure out what was most important in the now and that was to share my story through writing. One mindset change she helped me make was to give myself permission to take care of me.

Wendy is positive, intuitive, patient, and encouraging. She will be your biggest cheerleader—you can’t help but love her!

I think my biggest fear was not meeting my own expectations. Wendy helped me accept that it was okay to be where I needed to be in my grief. She always helped me focus on what I did accomplish no matter how seemingly small.

When I started working with Wendy, I was still in deep grief after the loss of my husband and confused about my path. Now, I have a new life partner and we have been together a few years. The fog lifted!

It was fun to receive the inspirational cards and thoughtful gifts in the mail from Wendy!

– Tracy Adamo

“When I first came to Wendy, I had no clarity on my business niche or specialty.
I did not know about funnels, client attraction or sales — basically everything! I also had big time mindset issues I didn’t even know I had!

Through SoulFUEL School (previously SoulFUEL Adventure Mastermind), I claimed my niche and learned how to market it in a way that speaks directly to client needs. I also made HUGE strides in my mindset and energy. I did market research, ran a pilot program, enrolled my first clients, and launched my first online marketing strategy to build my audience.

I appreciated the balance Wendy makes between tangible business strategy and energy and mindset work. I considered myself a spiritual person before the program, and was somewhat familiar with the law of attraction, but this program really strengthened my spiritual belief system and helped me understand the importance of aligning your energy in order to have the outer results. I particularly loved all the SoulFUEL playbooks and resources that Wendy delivered as we needed them.

Also, the retreat really helped me get clear on my niche and served as a great bonding experience with everyone in the group!”

*UPDATE! Madeline quit her job and had a $175,000 cash year in 2020, making $54,000 in the first quarter of 2020 alone with her highest cash month of $40,000 in December 2020 – all during very challenging times in the world and then in 2021, Madeline crossed over the $200,000/year threshold!

– Madeline Charles

“When I first spoke with Wendy, I needed clarity in my work. Her program really connected me to my foundation and exposed what I’m meant for. I also increased my pricing, honed my program, got better at sales calls, and developed my marketing strategy!”

– Veronica Kirin

When I first reached out to Wendy I needed to get clear on the specifics of what my niche was and who I serve in my new business. I was not able to write copy for my website because I was not clear yet. Through SoulFUEL Discovery, I declared my SoulFUEL and got focused and clear about where I can best serve others. I was able to understand my personal strengths and interests in more detail.

The course also helped me to find the words I needed to reframe my story in a positive light. The play books were very well thought out and very helpful in getting things out of head. Our group calls were my favorite part – learning and getting coaching directly from Wendy. I love that she is into the law of attraction. It was also wonderful to witness other people’s journey so I did not feel so alone in my thoughts or struggles.

SoulFUEL Discovery is really well done! Wendy is an amazing mentor and coach. She is very passionate about empowering woman to become happy and successful in life. She has a special gift of awakening women to reclaim their gifts in the world and truly become a beacon of light. If you feel lost or stuck on your journey, Wendy and SoulFUEL Discovery is certain to help you find your way!”

– Anne Corrazza

“Working with Wendy has changed my life.”
When I first signed up for her SoulFUEL Adventure Mastermind (now called SoulFUEL School), I had no idea what my business would look like. All I knew was that I wanted to guide and support others to make a difference, and I was excited I could potentially make money while doing this.

In working with Wendy, I was able to find my SoulFUEL, claim my niche and client profile, create my messaging and offer, learn how to sell with love, create a Signature Program and enroll clients. I also increased my confidence and feeling of empowerment and became more aware of my limiting beliefs and patterns.

Not only did I far surpass my expectations for myself in this program, I’m THRILLED to be continuing on to work privately with Wendy so I can really start to GROW my business. With her support and guidance, I know I will grow my business to not only replace my current income from my full time job, but surpass this which will allow me to do so many other amazing things in my life, like go on more travels/adventures with my soulmate!

One of my favorite things about Wendy’s approach is she supports you with such a perfect balance of both mindset and strategy work. What we often don’t realize is that it’s OURSELVES who are stopping us from realizing greatness, not that we don’t have access to the right strategies. What’s great about Wendy is that she makes sure you have both.”

– Laura Kennedy (Non-Profit employee turned CEO as a Soulmate Attraction Coach and Assistant Coach in SoulFUEL School)

“When I first reached out to Wendy, I was spinning my wheels on starting my own business. Through SoulFUEL Discovery I learned how to focus my energy and thoughts and discovered what drives me and truly brings me joy.

“I now have clarity and focus in my direction and am motivated to move forward with a more fulfilled life. I loved the playbooks. The video calls were very impactful for me too. I received all the support and collaboration I needed. Having a support system is so inspiring. I love the ladies I got to spend time with each week. SoulFUEL Discovery was a big success for me!”

– Peggy Ortiz

“Working with Wendy changed my life. She helped me find my SoulFUEL, create a business plan to start making money immediately and was my biggest cheerleader throughout the process.

“Wendy challenged me, made me think differently and empowered me to make decisions that were aligned with my heart. Not only did I launch my business with her support but I started making money within just a few months. I am connected with women all over the world who have reached out to me for my services. Every morsel of information Wendy provided me contributed to my overall success of my brand and business. I am more confident and determined today than ever before.”

– Megan Smith

I got so much out of this course!

“From the Facebook group, a sense of “being with my tribe”, a wonderful feeling of support and true connection to Wendy’s personal direction and clarity when I was confused about my niche and explained what I am passionate about – but didn’t feel qualified to specialize in. You NAILED how to market my passion in 10 seconds flat. I’ve been super excited about it ever since. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Look forward to working with you more!”

– Marcie Viezzoli

“When I first reached out to Wendy, I had three businesses in mind that were all closely connected to my SoulFUEL but I didn’t have the tools to decide which was best for me and my future. I wanted to pursue all three of these businesses, and Wendy helped me prioritize the most viable one (coaching) that now incorporates and supports the other two (illustrating and animal non-profit).”
“With Wendy, I built my email community list to 1,100, enrolled my first 8 clients and formed my coaching business and LLC. I experienced a complete letting go of the personal trauma I carried with me all my life, resulting in complete mindset changes and paradigm shifts, which created an opening for manifesting a brand new business and life. Thank you, Wendy.

I completely appreciated Wendy’s loving patience and understanding. To have support to finally start a business that I’ve craved for years by working through all the personal blocks is such a unique experience, and I attribute that success to your expertise, qualifications, and loving kindness.

My biggest fear was that I might not be able to follow through and actually create a viable business. Wendy’s ability to lift that veil of self-doubt by getting to the root of what created it in the first place is truly a gift.

Wendy’s expert professional support helped me finally recognize and break through the internal, personal blocks that were keeping me from moving forward with a business that is connected to my soul. You can feel safe to openly discuss and explore the possibilities that are absolutely possible for you, with the right mentor.

My deepest gratitude to you Wendy, for being so incredibly patient and understanding. I know that comes from your own confidence in your experience and insight – knowing what’s possible for clients and having the ability to take them by the hand and lovingly lead them down their own, rightful path to where they are meant to be. Thank you for being such a gifted soul and an amazing, perceptive listener. You have been a gift to me.”

– Maureen Edgecomb

“Before I took the SoulFuel Discovery® course, I followed many women who were doing the work they love, being in service to help others and supporting their financial needs.
I never thought I had a “breakthrough event” or any type of synchronistic skills to offer others. The immense detail of the SoulFuel Discovery course was wonderful and helped me to connect with my life story and my SoulFUEL! I am excited about the possibility to create a business doing the work I love and being in service to others. Wendy Collier has done a superb job of guiding us through the process and she is completely engaged with us, encouraging us to shine our light brightly!”

– Laurel Valli

“The training and support I received from Wendy was/is high level coaching and training.”
“I am happy to share my experience in Wendy’s group and private program (did both). My experience has been nothing but positive. The training and support I received from Wendy was/is high level coaching and training.”

“Wendy is available, present, and puts her heart into helping women be successful. I never felt I was left hanging to figure things out on my own, especially since the online world was brand new to me. Although, Wendy shares the importance of being your own CEO, there were times I needed immediate support and direction. Wendy was there to give that in ways that empowered me to take the next steps.

The results in my business are so vast but here are a few things over the year: learned how to create and list build, enrolled new clients, created my start up brand, connected with experts in the on-line world, learned how to do my messaging, uncovered my unconscious beliefs that get in the way of my success, learned how to nurture relationships with my community on-line, and expanded my inner knowledge and growth to be able to cultivate and manifest what I want in my personal and professional life. This is more than a business program, these are life lesson that can be used everyday!”

– Paula Johnson

“Very grateful for this journey! For many years I have carried the question ‘why am I here, how can i make a difference?’ My goal for this course was to find my SoulFUEL and it happened, beyond thankful for Wendy and her SoulFUEL. I am so thankful you come from a space of love and that you encourage us to do the same (awesomeness!) – serving and loving others in and through our business as our ultimate goal feels so much better.

“I have tried many different approaches and trainings and now I realize that my soul has been speaking to me all these years and my purpose is MUCH clearer. I have learned to listen to my soul, it carries much wisdom and it comes from a space of love. Thank You Wendy! Much love and respect!”

– Michelle Hill

“Wendy helped me become more aware of my resistance and helped me break through it.”

“My goal was to build my list and explore creating more online presence, create an online program and have more reach. I also wanted to gain more confidence in my work and my business, and have a more concrete focus to follow.

I realized I needed to prove to myself I can break through my own resistance, and do some amazing things if I just allow myself to :-). I enjoyed the check-ins and accountability.

Wendy was straightforward with me, which was important. I loved our laughs. Focusing on my money story was the biggest benefit – noticing when that came into play, and held back my creativity. I grew my list, created my first online 90-day program and enrolled new clients.

My biggest fear was investing the money – investing in myself and not knowing if I would be able to step up and make it worthwhile. I was able to overcome those fears!”

– Becky Bacon

“I am still trying to find words for what happened to me during The SoulFUEL Discovery Course! I have an unmistakable energy shift in believing in my ability to narrow down all of what I can do into what I really WANT to do and make it happen.

“The feeling that my wise self and the Universe really does have my back in creating this clarity, has been profound. The Discovery playbooks, Wendy’s approach, the support from the Facebook group, my putting skin in the game of upleveling, and the opportunity to share my fears, struggles and be witnessed created a marked change in my confidence in this possibility for myself. Thank YOU to you, your guides and to the collective we all called in to co-create this happening. Much love!”

– Raven Lakins

Through a great deal of mindset work and a very solid approach Wendy helped me build the confidence and the knowledge to build my own business. Having a very clear process with systems, tools, practices, consistent calls and individual coaching is the perfect structure for me.

I launched my business, created my business entity, built my list by 1,500, and gained the confidence and shift in mindset to know that I truly can do anything I want. I built major focus on what to do instead of jumping on each new idea that pops into my head.

Through our mindset work and each milestone in the program, I gained the confidence to change old beliefs. As a private client, I learn from every instance of communication with Wendy. I am so so grateful I receive Wendy’s full attention and focus. She encourages and supports me unconditionally.

Wendy’s process helped me to uncover my WHAT, that what that truly lights me up, makes me come alive at my fullest potential to be able to serve my people at my highest vibration. I was circling and circling around that until I went through Wendy’s SoulFUEL process. She helped me get clear on my WHY which motivates me and pushes forward in joyful effort. I created a heart-centered business touching the lives of amazing individuals and vice versa. Every client session makes my heart expand and I come alive that much more. Having clarity alone moved me forward tenfold! Put on top of that Wendy’s programmatic approach (so necessary for me) and her loving but firm guidance got me to launch my business!”

– Genna Mori

“Having been aware of this nagging little voice inside of me for a long time, saying that I must have something more to offer, but not knowing exactly how to deal with this or to find the correct door to open, I was so glad to find Wendy and her program.”

“It helped me to finally find my SoulFUEL and now I have a clearer path to follow. Wendy’s approach felt really genuine to me. I highly recommend her SoulFUEL Discovery program for those trying to find their purpose. I am so happy I have given myself permission to work even more with Wendy in the 2017 SoulFUEL Adventure Mastermind and I am beyond excited for the year ahead!”

– Joyce Van Der Lely

Holy smokes, it’s been crazy! I’m still booking left and right – LIVING in the mindset all the time.

“Delighted with the day to day connection and awareness that has shifted for me. I feel hyper aware of things I really didn’t experience before, details of thought and action that are part of being more in balance/flow, and which cultivate validation daily right now. I’m loving life!!! Wendy, thank you for being such a tremendous part of this positive growth for me. I am seriously so happy about where I’m at right now, and the future is bright.”

– Cameron Thompsen

I have learned so much about myself, my SoulFUEL, and what does not fuel me.

“I gleaned a tremendous amount of beneficial information from this. Thanks so much Wendy Collier and all of the ladies who participated!I feel MUCH more positive and MUCH better equipped to continue moving forward in happiness and fulfillment.”

– Barbara Jones

“When I first came to Wendy, I was confused about what I wanted and needed next as far as guidance and support in creating my business. I felt very stuck in what I was doing, with no real passion for it and I didn’t want to blindly jump into another year-long program with a coach whose program wasn’t feeling like a good fit for me.”

“Wendy helped me identify the foundational piece I had been missing – the vital, core passion that must support the strategy and actions needed to create and run a successful business. I started my first business because it seemed like that’s what I should do. Wendy was integral in helping me identify the deep, soul-level purpose that drives my passion to support moms and children. She walked me through her process of uncovering that SoulFUEL, that deep, intangible source from which I can forever draw to build the business and life I can and will have.

I also grew my email list by 1,600. I experienced HUGE internal transformations from my time with Wendy. I uncovered fears that had been stopping me from making myself visible in the online space. I learned to steer any unsupportive thoughts and emotions instead of allowing them to drive me into procrastination and perfectionism.

Wendy met me exactly where I was with each and every call. She supported ALL parts of me, not just the business mindset/strategy piece. She nurtures the WHOLE person and that’s what supports us in becoming successful in life and business – to nourish, nurture and heal all the aspects of who we are.

My biggest fear was being seen online. Putting my face out there for all the world to see and potentially criticize. Wendy helped keep me focused on all the moms I would help by sharing my gifts with them. Wendy has such a gift of helping women draw out their gifts and shine.”

– Sabrina Marasovich

“My SoulFUEL declaration is the armature I am using to build my entrepreneurial business.”

“I have felt driven and motivated throughout my life, but it wasn’t until I discovered and put into words my SoulFUEL that I found the thing that would unceasingly source me, unceasingly motivate me, so that I could share with the world what I came here to share. My SoulFUEL declaration is the armature I am using to build my entrepreneurial business. Thank you, Wendy!”

– Cynthia Bryn Williams

“When I first came to Wendy, I was feeling stuck, inadequate and a lack of courage but with her help I realized I had everything I needed within me, and that I was more than enough. The truth is my biggest fear was that I was going to waste my money and my time. I felt I would find the work irrelevant; or that I would not “be enough”; but immediately upon starting the work Wendy opened up the doors that led me through a place within myself where I found all I needed to regain courage and confidence, and my spirit soared.”
Working with Wendy helped me regain my confidence, joyfully move forward and realize my dream of being a full-time artist. The toolkit I now have, thanks to the work with Wendy, helps me figure out what needs tweaking in my life and projects and how to approach obstacles. My life and work feels more centered, happy and balanced.

One of my mantras became “I have what it takes; I am what it takes”. I’ve accomplished so much through my work with Wendy. In the year I have worked with her, we moved from Massachusetts to Texas, where I wanted to be doing my artwork full-time with warmer winters and closer to family.

I opened and started running Rio Claro Studio within weeks of arriving in San Marcos. We were the first gallery to open up in town. My partner, Stevie and I are now considered leaders in the arts because we have created opportunities for others and ourselves. I was chosen to art direct the exhibit at the first “Mermaid Ball”. My work has been chosen for a variety of projects around town, including covering of electrical boxes in a public beautification initiative, also as an award (my first piece to be cast in bronze), a trophy (my first work in ceramic) and an enormous art cloth tryptich, where each piece is 5×21 feet (my largest-scale project to date), among other projects and triumphs. It’s been a great year!

Since working with Wendy I was able to sell my old home in record time (5 days), have an open studio weekend that made us $10,000 in 10 hours. We opened up our studio/gallery and became artists full-time (my life’s goal). We have become more involved in ecological causes and I am now a valued member of my community. We also bought a house with a studio. It was exactly what I was dreaming about and right in the area where I wanted to be. We have new projects in the works and wow! Life is really, really good!

I always like to tell Wendy that – thanks to her – I got my spine back. Now I feel strong, confident and capable. I have been meeting challenges head on without losing optimism, even when my partner and I were dealing with two strokes he suffered last December. I became more resilient and trusting in the Universe’s wisdom and my internal compass than ever. Stevie and I manifested his quick recovery. It has been a humbling and miraculous experience.

Magic and synchronicity are apart of my daily life now. Dreams come true, manifesting occurs like a natural thing. Sometimes I have to pinch myself. Now, instead of finding these things to not be believable or feeling undeserving, I have an authentic and heart-felt sense of the deepest gratitude.

Wendy’s contagious sense of optimism and magic infuses my life. It may sound silly, but it does feel like actual magic. Jump in! Do the work and you will see the world and yourself through a different, magical prism. Wendy Collier, you have my sincerest gratitude. At nearly 55 years old, I feel unstoppable and unlimited for the first time in my life!”

– Adriana Gigi Mederos

“I was at a time in my professional life where I needed some outside perspective. I choose Wendy to be that outside perspective because of her professional background, along with her nurturing demeanor and ability to listen and offer support while still challenging me to move forward. Wendy’s professional attitude and polished communication style is impressive, but it was her warmth and empathy toward my current situation and future desires that immediately made me feel at ease – I just knew she was the perfect coach for me.”

“Through my work with Wendy, I’ve stopped second guessing myself and I have become more in-tuned with and excited about my core values and future goals. I feel more self-confident each time I step out of my comfort zone and am able to trust that any discomfort along my journey is a natural part of the learning process. Essentially, I’ve earned a greater respect for myself and a better understanding of the importance of following my dreams.

Wendy is dependable, organized, and someone that values an honest and lasting relationship with her clients. For me, Wendy’s ability to ask the deeper questions and to assign exercises and strategies to work through all areas of my life have been key. There was a time when I needed to veer from the career-centered conversations and talk more about the obstacles I was facing in my day-to-day life – Wendy was gentle and patient, but did not let me lose sight of my larger goals, She showed me how the obstacles in my personal and professional life were related and helped me find ways to change my negative patterns and combat my fears.

In addition to our conversations, Wendy provided incredible networking opportunities and many valuable recommendations for continued perspective and growth – this went above and beyond what I could have imagined. She provided meaningful dialogue, sensitive support, and realistic goals for me to work toward. She’s always honored my ups and downs and is someone I completely trust. As a result of our work together, I am much calmer and more decisive. I’ve been able to focus on what I want rather than what I don’t want, which has allowed me to better manifest opportunities in my life to reach my goals. I am much better at taking care of myself and avoiding negative self-talk, and I have seen a positive shift in my views of myself and the world around me. With Wendy’s guidance and support, my light is shining much brighter these days. I highly recommend her program.

— Jennifer Hull

Wendy helped with taking crucial initial steps towards starting my own business. Because of her support I was able to move past epic levels of fear and improve my inner game. Simultaneously, at our VIP day she helped me find clarity around the proper actions steps I needed to take in order to make my business dream a reality, thus improving my outer game. With her help we created an initial 90 day plan that really works for me and my business. Without Wendy’s help, I may have still been in law school instead of running a business that fuels my heart + mind.”

– Alba Creales

“Wendy has been amazing in helping me jump start my coaching practice. She helped me take the idea of starting my own business and gave me the tools and support to actually make it happen. Whenever I would hit a mental wall she would listen, guide, and advise me to help me get past my blocks and turn them around to keep moving forward. Wendy has been a wonderful business coach and it has been a great experience working with her.”

– Rachelle Lopez, Life Coach

“My VIP day with Wendy Collier was nothing short of A-MAZ-ING!”

“I started the day with a desire to begin building my own dream, along with a lot of confusion, fear and self-doubt. We ended the day over a delicious dinner, toasting to an exciting vision and transition plan into a life that makes my whole body tingle! As soon as Wendy walked into the room, I knew I had made the right decision. Her warm, calming, and intuitive energy, along with her laser-focus on ME, my dreams, and my intentions, resulted in an alchemical day that turned fear and self-doubt into opportunity, and my vague dreams into a clear roadmap. A month later, I have achieved every 30-day goal I set, and when fear starts bubbling up in my body, I tune into my affirmations that were grounded deeply into my being that day with Wendy’s support. For anyone wanting to turbocharge your business, your dreams, your life, I highly recommend saying YES to a VIP day with Wendy. Thank you, Wendy Collier, from the bottom of my heart!”

– Brenda Jensen

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“I wholeheartedly recommend Wendy Collier’s coaching services to friends, family, and clients. Her professionalism, dedication to my success, and knowledge make working with her a pleasure. Being her client was a great experience.”

“I wanted to do better with my business but didn’t have the self-discipline, and could not maintain the motivation on my own. I simply was not able to accomplish my goals. I wasn’t even sure what my goals were. Wendy’s focus and follow-through were an inspiration and motivation to stay the course.

Her coaching has shown me new ways to achieve even more of what I want out of life, and with her expertise, I made more progress than ever before. I grew my business by leaps and bounds. I needed the support, guidance, and professional business and marketing experience Wendy provided. Through working with her, I got serious and got down to business. We identified what I needed to do and developed an individualized program to reach my goals. Wendy kept me on track through regularly scheduled coaching sessions. It was exactly what I needed. I was able to achieve much more with her than I would have otherwise, and renewed our 6-month agreement to continue our engagement for a full year.

With the focus she helped me find, tapping into her professional skills, and our ongoing sessions, it came together easily. It was exciting, enjoyable, and gave me a renewed sense of clarity and drive. I highly recommend Wendy, and encourage others to maximize their potential with her expert help.”

— Wendy Holmes, Entrepreneur, Cosmetic Nurse Specialist

“Wendy is for me, what Carol is to Mr. Yudall in the movie, “As Good As It Gets” – she “makes me want to be a better [wo]man.”

Wendy’s coaching has inspired me to live the life that most people only dream of. She has challenged me to take risks and set goals that seemed impossible. She has provided me with tools in life purpose and business that are pivotal to my life. She does this in a highly personalized way. When I stand up one day to give my “thank you speech”, her name will be at the forefront of my presentation.”

— Tiina Ripatti, Leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry

“I worked with Wendy to help me find and articulate my voice for my new coaching business. Wendy has an amazing gift for zeroing in on what blocks your potential.”

She is a master of listening and posing empowering questions that enable you to move forward and realize your message. What attracted me to Wendy is that she “get’s” how difficult it is to move from one career path into a “soul fueled” business model. I had been transitioning from a 20 year sales and marketing business into coaching business serving Pilates and movement professionals. My confidence is on a wild roller coaster ride. Wendy has helped me stay connected to my strengths, acknowledge my weaknesses, and take fearless action. Wendy helped me to trust that by staying connected to my “soul fueled” mission I am making inspired decisions. If you want to change your voice to represent a new mission, this is the woman to help you.”

-Sue Horwitz Business Coach

“Wendy is an extremely effective Coach. She has an amazing ability to assist others – in their goals and lives. This is demonstrated in that I exceeded my goals as her client. I was only able to accomplish this with her faithful encouragement, and consistency.”

“I would not have had the strength to do what I needed without her expert help. Wendy’s guidance and knowledge were instrumental. She increased my awareness, and assisted me in choosing better for myself. Had I not had this I would not have been able to make better choices. She also did a wonderful job challenging me to continually set weekly goals that weren’t necessarily easy, but enabled me to accomplish more than I would have otherwise. I gained confidence in my ability to take control of my life.”

— Andrea Duchin

“Wendy is a leader of leaders— gifted with people and in motivating others. She aligns people with fluidity to fulfill the vision ahead. Above all this is her character which is able to handle the demands of reality with all integrity.”

— Joe Schimmels, Entrepreneurial Pastor

“Wendy did phenomenal work on the marketing material for my service packages.”

“Sometimes you get so close to your work that it’s difficult to write copy that clearly shows how you can help your client. She understands my business and what I want to achieve and rewrote my content to be very benefit driven to my clients. We all get stuck sometimes in this area. When you do, don’t continue to struggle. Hire Wendy. She really knows how to help you position your business offerings.”

-Lisa Huening www.theshiftingpath.com

“Wendy is incredibly in touch with all aspects of a professional woman’s angst in not feeling and living her true/whole self. She provides insight and relief and practical ways to transition.”

– Rachel Chapple

“Wendy Collier has been outstanding in helping me articulate my strengths and competencies to potential clients as I launch my new Life Coaching business. As a gifted writer, she extracted and expressed who I am in way that will help me attract my ideal clients. I highly recommend her work and expertise.”

— Paul Gerlach, Founder and Owner of Total Potential Coaching and Consulting, LLC, San Jose, CA

“When attending one of Wendy’s talks, you can clearly see that she’s a fully heart based woman, on a mission. She’s amazing at empowering women entrepreneurs to remember who they are and what their heart-based mission is about. I left her talk excited and inspired to come even more alive in my business (bli$$ness), and I think you will too.”

-Dr. Amanda Noelle www.aphroditesapprentice.com

“Wendy is a sparkling dynamo with a wealth of experience to draw on in heartful, effective coaching. She is great fun to work with, and will boost you into the thriving, heart-centered, business you’ve been longing for!”

-Ariana Lise Newcomer Transformational Voice Coach

“Wendy’s insight into the role of heart connection and heart passion for what we do in the world is the right starting point for women seeking renewal in career life. Her program packs power to empower!”

– Nancy Burnett www.nancyburnettcoaching.com

“Wendy is an absolute delight to work with! She brings experience, passion, deep marketing knowledge and mounds of enthusiasm to her projects. She is a master of creation, insightful and original. Can’t wait for the second round!”

– Karmen Reed www.kickofftopic.com

“Wendy helped me to understand how to unleash and keep my heart in the game, and to never deny my true feelings and strength.”

– Teresa Wright www.teresawrightcoaching.com

“Wendy speaks straight from her heart and soul to your heart and soul. She connects our deep needs as women to feel fulfilled in our lives, and business. I love her intention and message.”

– Ann Richeda www.nourishingvitality.com

“Wendy did an exceptional job. She is extremely organized and passionate about marketing messaging. She is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her.”

— Anna Zappettini Strategy Consultant

“I hired Wendy as a Consultant. Wendy made an immediate positive impact on our business. She provided me with great insights as to how to improve the way we were operating. Wendy is a consummate professional and I highly recommend her.”

— Scott Hancock Vice President of Marketing at Plex