Here Is What I Know About You

You are either in a job and have that nagging feeling you are meant for something more or you have a business but are struggling to make ends meet or are working too hard for the results you are getting. Either way, you feel off track – off center – as though you are performing a role rather than moving, breathing and acting from who you really are, and living in the full abundance of that.

You hear it is possible to make real money doing what you love and you dream of living that way but part of you doesn’t fully believe it or you just do not know exactly how. The days, weeks, months, and years are passing and you are wondering when you will have a breakthrough that will make all the difference and you know, deep down, this is your destiny.

Here are a few gorgeous options to get you there

Private VIP Retreat

A One Day In Person Private VIP Day Retreat with Wendy to step outside the hustle and bustle of your daily life to re-evaluate, dream bigger and create a customized SoulFUEL® Business Breakthrough & Client Attraction Plan with actionable steps to take over the next 90 days+.

This option is best for you if want my undivided attention for an entire day and evening. You may be considering leaving your job to have our own business (side gig or full time) and need a smart transition plan OR you are already in business and want to make changes that result in greater alignment to who you are, more revenue and a wider impact.
Private VIP Retreat

The SoulFUEL Private Diamond Program

A 12-month high-level, high-touch, customized mentorship program with Wendy with enrollment based on availability. Wendy specializes in helping women identify their unique skills and purpose while teaching them exactly how to thrive financially, through what they are meant to do.

She shows women how to get clear and confident so they can profit from their passion and make a difference in the world.

Wendy is committed to equipping women to make money online by teaching effective high-integrity marketing and sales, messaging and mindset strategies so they can take a quantum leap in their business and attract a steady flow of clients without ever, compromising who they are.

She has been known to help clients double, triple or even quadruple their business revenue in just one years time.

To inquire, feel free to complete the Contact Request below sharing your interest.

Contact Wendy

Client Attraction Academy™

This is a 12-Month Business Intensive Unleashing Your SoulFUEL® & Creating Your Own Economy

Learn the most effective marketing and mindset strategies to take a quantum leap in your business and attract soulmate clients doing exactly what you are meant to do so you can have recurring revenue, without sacrificing what is most important to you. Learn how to understand exactly who your ideal client is and how to speak to them, create your; messaging, programs and pricing and enroll more clients into your gorgeous work as a coach, consultant, healer, guide, creativity mentor or teacher of any kind.

Learn more and get on the waitlist using the button below.

This option is best for you if you want a bridge from a job you don't like to a freedom-based business that can replace or surpass your current income or, if you are in business already and want to make more money, work through the flow of your SoulFUEL®, and create a bigger impact with your message.
Client Attraction Academy™


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