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The car accident

It was just another Monday driving into the office during rush hour. The traffic was as thick as can be, as everyone rushed to get to their Silicon Valley jobs.

I glanced in my rear view mirror and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A young woman barreling toward me during one of the very rare moments when there was actual space between cars.

I had enough time to swerve slightly onto the shoulder but didn’t quite make it. At 45+ miles per hour, she slammed me from behind, swerved and hit other cars. It became a multiple car pile up.

This woman hit me so hard all my hair flipped over my head and on to my face as I was thrust forward. I immediately felt a hot rush on the back of my neck and was very dizzy.

In the end, no one had major injuries but I did suffer whiplash and a concussion (followed by post-concussion syndrome lasting a couple of years).

This was one of many wake-up calls I had during my time in corporate.

Here I was driving to a job to do work I did not care about (marketing smartphones) surrounded by others who felt the same, and who knows what could have happened that day.

In fact, my discontent had grown to the point where every time
I drove into the office I felt nauseous.

The body speaks.
It knows.

To make matters worse, I was so accustomed to the hamster wheel that after the police arrived and the report was made, I proceeded to still go to work.

That day there was a very ‘important’ meeting happening. Even though I was feeling very dizzy and unwell, I still went. I was dedicated! (… but to what?)

I walked in late and the moment I did, I saw an organization chart on the screen announcing new roles and titles. On that chart was my name. It was a promotion – a different role, leading a new team. This was the very first I had heard about it and even though the ego was flattered, I did not want it.

In that moment, I did not feel in charge of my destiny.

I felt angry.

At the time, the powers-that-be were easier to be angry at but really, I was mad at myself. Mad that, at this point, I had dedicated 18 years of my life to a line of work I had zero interest in, and wasn’t making the difference I wanted to make.

Mad I had ‘sold out’.

Mad I hadn’t figured out my “purpose” yet.

Mad I opted to go into the office after a car crash when I needed to be home healing.

I did end up going home that day (I couldn’t keep my eyes open – a sign of a concussion) and in my reflection I wondered what would have happened if I had taken a different path in life.

What if I had followed my heart earlier in life? I was seeped in regret and then I realized there no time like the present, to begin.

I used that regret to FUEL my commitment to changing my course – to doing WHATEVER it took to find what I was really here to do and follow that no matter what (even if it meant making half the money I was making).

I wanted to be happy
and the car accident was a poignant reminder that life,
is delicate.

I was also FUELED by the desire to help other people find their perfect work too because it was all-too-painful to be surrounded by all the precious souls who were also miserable.

I knew there was another way and I found it. Eventually I quit corporate and now five years later, I have a solid SOUL-FUELED business that far surpasses the income I made in the hay-day of my career (there was always a question of whether I could do that), doing work perfectly suited for me, showing others how to find theirs.

You can too.

Let me ask you.

Are you open to thinking an entirely new way if it will help you create a life you jump out of bed to start each day?

Because Love, that’s what’s required and the great news – it’s very learnable.

How many years and how much money have you spent on your college education, or other training,
to have the career you are in now?

Likewise, if you want to learn a new way to earn AND have that way be perfectly suited for you, it takes time and financial investment.

It’s simply an education you were never taught.

You just need to learn how and what.

Here’s a different kind of “college education” – the kind that satisfies your soul unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

SoulFUEL School is the bridge between how you’ve been earning money TO how you want to earn it:

It’s the path you long for,
making a difference in your life,
your families lives, and in the world.

We start Monday, February 5, 2018 with our Virtual Kick-Off Party, Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

This is your opportunity to discover EXACTLY WHAT you are here to do (SoulFUEL Discovery™) and build the bridge to that inside of just 9 months, within a loving, alive sisterhood. (If you already know what you are meant to do, great! This is perfect for you too.)

Inside the highly supportive sisterhood of SoulFUEL School, at your own pace, step-by-step, one building block at a time, you:

  • Discover EXACTLY what you are here to do (your SoulFUEL) and learn how to embody and commit to that with great determination (SoulFUEL is your reason for being on this earth – your “assignment” if you will)
  • Learn exactly which of your passions and skills are most monetizable in a business and how to roll that out without wasting any more time, money and energy
  • Declare your niche and specialty with confidence and determined focus
  • Clear space for the new and bring in spiritual practices and powerful daily routines that support you in fulfilling your Calling
  • Get clear on your message and learn how to articulate it in such a way that attracts your soulmate clients
  • Create your Soul-Fueled transformational program even if you have no idea what that would be right now (my speciality is to help you get clear and confident in what you have to offer)
  • Build your online audience/following (a must in this day and age, not a nice-to-have) and enroll clients into your program
  • Heal your relationship (and sometimes shame) with money and therefore truly become the Force For Good Leader, you have within you
  • Practice taking bold and courageous action in a loving, safe community of fellow sisters with exactly the same fears but getting out of their own way anyway. Together WE can do it. Alone, we struggle.
  • Align your heart, soul, mind and actions – consistently connecting to the deeper meaning behind your work
  • Apply Law Of Attraction/Manifesting/Co-Creation principles to become more conscious of what you are creating instead of living a reactive life.

Over the course of 9 months, these women transform from being shy (okay some – terrified) about stepping out and declaring what they want for their lives, to boldly getting their work out there carving a new path of massive fulfillment.

​​​​And… because they are doing it together, it’s far less scary.

They learn to stand for themselves and their dreams.

(2017 School above)

Even if you can’t quite reach trust in yourself right now, maybe you can trust in a process that’s been honed over the last 5 years to help you learn to trust yourself. That’s so much of what this is really all about.

SoulFUEL School includes:

– Step-By-Step Playbooks to discover what you are here to do, create your coaching/mentorship/consulting/transformational program, develop your messaging, create your marketing, set up your process to receive clients and build your online audience
– Live video group sessions
– Private coaching sessions
– Two Day Live Retreat in the San Francisco Bay Area, California
– Virtual Retreats
– Ongoing Live Coaching with me
– Private Facebook Community
– Accountability Partnerships with other awesome women on a mission
– Mindset mastery
– Money healing
– Feminine leadership
– And lots of other fabulous stuff

Above are those who were able to travel to California to attend the two day 2017 live retreat for SoulFUEL School (others in the program not pictured). Some came from as far away as Japan, New Zealand and Canada.
If this is calling you, just go > here <.

“Working with Wendy has changed my life.
When I first signed up for her SoulFUEL Adventure Mastermind (now called SoulFUEL School), I had no idea what my business would look like. All I knew was that I wanted to guide and support others to make a difference, and I was excited I could potentially make money while doing this. 
In working with Wendy, I was able to find my SoulFUEL, claim my niche and client profile, create my messaging and offer, learn how to sell with love, create a Signature Program and enroll clients. I also increased my confidence and feeling of empowerment and became more aware of my limiting beliefs and patterns. 

Not only did 
I far surpass my expectations for myself in this program, I’m THRILLED to be continuing on to work privately with Wendy so I can really start to GROW my business. With her support and guidance, I know I will grow my business to not only replace my current income from my full time job, but surpass this which will allow me to do so many other amazing things in my life, like go on more travels/adventures with my soulmate! 

One of my favorite things about 
Wendy’s approach is she supports you with such a perfect balance of both mindset and strategy work. What we often don’t realize is that it’s OURSELVES who are stopping us from realizing greatness, not that we don’t have access to the right strategies. What’s great about Wendy is that she makes sure you have both.”

– Laura Kennedy (Non-Profit employee turned CEO as a Soulmate Attraction Coach and Assistant Coach in SoulFUEL School

This experience is right for you if you are a woman who wants to:

  • Start or grow an online Soul-Fueled coaching, mentorship, consulting, healing or spiritual guide business that also gives you 100% location independence and ridiculous amounts of fulfillment (even if you have no idea what that would be right now).(P.S. Most online businesses have some kind of offline component too – e.g. retreats and workshops.)
  • ​​​​​​​Master your fears and grow your confidence.
  • Stop the struggle of trying to do this on her own
  • Get clear through high-level guidance and action-taking.
  • Trade your excuses and fears for your destiny (even those that
    ​​​​​​​feel very very real).
  • Make a difference in your life, your families lives and in the world.
  • Create financial security doing work that FIRES YOU UP every single day.
  • Come together with other women to be part of an incredible adventure building your visions out together.


“When I first spoke with Wendy about joining the SoulFUEL Adventure Mastermind (now called SoulFUEL School), I knew immediately she would push me to be better and accomplish what I wanted to do. She has been so supportive of me and my efforts while providing me top-notch advice that has helped me to create a business that is authentic to who I am and what I want to do. I will be forever be grateful to her!”

– Liz Carter (Corporate marketer turned CEO as a Bad Ass Digital Strategist for female entrepreneurs doing transformational work)

SoulFUEL School is for a very special group of women. If you have a hunch it’s right for you, just go > here < to answer a few questions and we’ll be in touch.

Your destiny awaits and sister, I’ve got your back.

Love & Light,
Wendy ♥
SoulFUEL™ Business & Freedom Mentor
P.S. I love seeing your comments so feel free to post one below and I’ll answer. Feel free to also share this with anyone you think it will be of value to, thanks!

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