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You ARE strong enough


– I turned a new decade.
– Hiked for days in Patagonia.
– Kissed a glacier in Argentina.
– Lived short-term as a local in New York City.
– Marched with 100,000 men and women in San Francisco
– Visited Palm Desert.
– Enjoyed the beauty of San Diego.
– Roamed Zion National Park with my Mom.
– Lived my SoulFUEL™ every day, empowering soulmate clients
– Bounced around a tiny island in Croatia for my nieces wedding events.
– Floated on a boat through the Adriatic Sea with 90 of the best people on earth.
– Danced all night at an old fort (and many hill tops over the summer).
– Watched a volcano, up close, spew lava into the night skies of Hawaii.
– Traveled through the United Kingdom by train with my bestie.
– Had my skin peeled off by the wind at the Tor in Glastonbury. (Well at least it felt like it!)
– Walked through a lava tube.
– Doubled my business growth.

It truly has been an extraordinary year and I am incredibly *incredibly* grateful.

With all that fun (and it has been!!!), I have also had moments of grief, anger and messy emotions. I share this with you because life isn’t perfect for any of us and there is beauty in ALL of it. Sometimes that’s very hard to see during the cold night. I understand – I really understand.

As we commit to expanding the Light in our lives (and I am), we are also committing to seeing the Truth. After all, when we finally have the courage to turn the lights on and LOOK, we can actually see and that sight holds the keys to our complete freedom (even when it’s hard to view at first and it almost always is friend).

When we insist on living in the dark, we are committing to walking through our days unconsciously and then wonder why we experience suffering and confusion.

It is time to live awake beloved.
Eyes wide open.
And yes, you are strong enough to handle it.

Life has seasons. There are times when you will feel your branches are barren and you may wonder if they will ever be full again. It can feel so vulnerable out there, I know. I really know.

The spring is near. It always is. The time will come when your leaves will grow back again and your flowers will blossom. It is a law of nature and always remember…


You are as extraordinary and strong as the trees.

Sway you may in the wind but you will not break.

You have roots that go deep into the ground.

Nourish yourself Love. Keep your roots strong.
Allow yourself to dream.

Give yourself permission to release your grip on worry – the worry of things not in existence and likely not to be.

Give yourself a CHANCE to grow.

A tree cannot grow in the shade of fear.
We are the ones weighing ourselves down.

The more we need to control (which is an illusion anyway), 
the more we imprison our boundless spirit.

Instead of feeling the fear of the unknown, can you feel curious or excited instead?

What is the new that is trying to be born through you?

Have you forgotten how supported you are?

What can you release to prepare to blossom?

Old, worn out ideas of what your life can be?
What is your heart crying to let go of?

Your fears do not serve you.
They stop you.

It is time to let them go.

Surrender to the beauty that is trying to unfold through you.

What are you willing to lie down as you go into the new year?
What are you willing to dream?

I know it’s scary AND are you willing still?

Please comment below and tell me what you are willing to let go of in 2018. I’m cheering you on!

Love & Light,
SoulFUEL™ Business & Freedom Mentor


  • Ayrica Williams-Powell

    Hello Wendy
    I’m willing to let go of my fear of failure my fear of never being able to be better do better the fear of my ideas not going through the fear of me not being the best giving the best to the public my future potential clients fear of failing fear of no money coming in stable enough for me to branch off on my journey of being a business woman/owner
    Thanks for listening

    • Wendy Collier

      That is fantastic A.P.! You might want to listen to my podcast that came out just today. I talk about the fear of failure and how to deal with it. I also give you the TOP four reasons we hesitate to commit and what to do when you find yourself there. It will help you become more confident and decisive, and grow your business (and life). You can check it out here: https://inflowradio.com/12-whats-our-problem-with-commitment/. You can also find my podcast on iTunes under, “SoulFUEL®”. Cheering you on to let go of your fear of failure so you can realize success as the CEO of your business and life. XO

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