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When it’s time to let go

Let me get right to it, I am mortified by my website. Yes, the one you are on right now. Perhaps that’s a bit dramatic but honestly, not really. I have felt this way for at least 2 years. I once loved it. That was in 2013. I continued to love it until things changed – I changed – and then it didn’t feel like me anymore. I kept meaning to overhaul it but became so busy with clients and my mission, it took a back seat.


And the thing is, when we delay upgrading our lives after we have clearly outgrown a chapter or space, we suffer. The more time that passes, the more painful it gets.


I took massive action a couple of months ago to take care of this – to have this official website match more of who I am today and then there was a project set back. I’m still working on it. In the meantime, I have slowly begun to make some changes on other web pages such as what we did for my latest project Ticket To Freedom so at least, there’s that.


Sometimes, we just need to take baby steps.


One thing is certain in life, nothing stays the same and that includes who we are. We are constantly evolving. When we release our resistance and act quickly and decisively to embrace the next level us, we find ourselves lighter on our feet, more agile, happier – free. Whether that be to leave a job, end a project, de-prioritize an outgrown friendship, transition out of a romantic relationship, clear out the closet or revamp our website, it’s worth our attention.


Otherwise, we limp around in Size 4 shoes when we are now clearly, a Size 6.


And the truth is, we know when it’s time. We just allow our excuses to get in the way. Then we wonder why we feel stuck, confused, restless or embarrassed.


We need to move through things faster (myself included).


How does this topic strike you? Comment below. I’d LOVE to know.

Love & Light,
SoulFUEL™ Business & Freedom Mentor

P.S. You will see a fresh new website here by the end of year. It will be gorgeous, modern, easy to navigate and a spacious warm place for you to visit. I cannot wait to unveil it and allow this ship to sail to new horizons. After all, whether it’s an energetic or physical one, it’s still an anchor and the moment it feels even the slightest heavy, it’s time to let go.

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