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When it’s time to let go

Procrastination. When you know you are ready for the next level – you can feel it in your bones – but you put it off. I get it. It is damn scary to change our lives – to break free from the comforts of the familiar to expand our horizons and YET that is what we all yearn for – that is what we all need.


When we delay upgrading our lives after we have clearly outgrown a chapter or space, we suffer. The more time that passes, the more painful it gets.


Sometimes, we just need to take baby steps.


One thing is certain in life, nothing stays the same and that includes who we are. We are constantly evolving. When we release our resistance and act quickly and decisively to embrace the next level us, we find ourselves lighter on our feet, more agile, happier – free. Whether that be to leave a job, end a project, de-prioritize an outgrown friendship, transition out of a romantic relationship, clear out the closet or revamp our website, it’s worth our attention.


Otherwise, we limp around in Size 4 shoes when we are now clearly, a Size 6.


And the truth is, we know when it’s time. We just allow our excuses to get in the way. Then we wonder why we feel stuck, confused, restless or embarrassed.


We need to move through things faster. Because on the other side of where we are is what we’ve always wanted. After all, whether it’s energetic or physical, what we are holding onto is a type of anchor. The moment it feels even the slightest heavy, it’s time to let go.


How does this topic strike you?! I’d LOVE to hear from you below.

Love & Light,
SoulFUEL Business & Freedom Mentor


  • Rosemary

    This message is timely. I am at a crossroad with my job/career. I have been offered a contract/commission position as an assistant to a real estate rep/friend. It allows me to work from home, go to network meetings and build my other businesses. I am currently unhappy in my current job as a sales associate (part time) for a high end women’s fashion store. I know it’s time to move on and the routine of being there and the $1200/month guaranteed is causing a bit of fear and anxiety to make the move. I am 66 (soon 67) and physically can’t do the retail job.
    My husband isn’t supportive in the move because he is in the comfort zone for me to be there.
    I know I need to move but taking that step is a bit scary! I know what I need to do, but just doing it requires some extra strength and confirmation.

    • Wendy Collier

      Happy to hear this message was timely for your Rosemary. Keep following your heart, get clear on the vision of what you want and allow others to support you through this journey. I’m glad you dropped by! xoxo

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