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The car accident

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It was just another Monday driving into the office during rush hour. The traffic was as thick as can be, as everyone rushed to get to their Silicon Valley jobs. I glanced in my rear view mirror and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A young woman barreling toward me during one of the very…     continue reading…

You ARE strong enough

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2017. – I turned a new decade. – Hiked for days in Patagonia. – Kissed a glacier in Argentina. – Lived short-term as a local in New York City. – Marched with 100,000 women in San Francisco – Visited Palm Desert.  – Enjoyed the beauty of San Diego. – Roamed Zion National Park with my…     continue reading…

When it’s time to let go

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Let me get right to it, I am mortified by my website. Yes, the one you are on right now. Perhaps that’s a bit dramatic but honestly, not really. I have felt this way for at least 2 years. I once loved it. That was in 2013. I continued to love it until things changed…     continue reading…

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