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  • How To Know When To Let Go

    As humans, we aren’t all that great at letting go. In fact, we tend to hold on much longer than we should sometimes. We are creatures of habit and that can keep us stuck in situations we have long since outgrown. We may even find ourselves hanging on for dear life!For better or for worse, we… Continue reading

  • We Are Not Here To Fit In

    A few admissions:
    In kindergarten, while everyone else was taking a nap, I kept my eyes open watching the hamster in our classroom, wondering if he was alright being confined to a cage.
    In third grade, they moved me into 4th grade early saying I was gifted but all I felt was odd… like I just didn’t… Continue reading

  • The Tale Of My Cancelled Wedding

    My $4,000 custom-made Lazaro wedding dress was hanging in the closet. It was just 8 weeks to our perfect wedding. My family had booked their flights and hotels. They were over-the-moon I had finally found The One.

    We had just bought a gorgeous fairytale house in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

    My fiance’ was,… Continue reading

  • “Beam me up, Scotty!”: A Special Message To Light Leaders

    Well I think it’s safe to say, some people would rather be somewhere other than Planet Earth right now. When Captain Kirk gave the command “Beam me up, Scotty!” in the science fiction TV series Star Trek to his chief engineer, Montgomery Scott (“Scotty”), he was asking to be transported back to the Starship Enterprise in… Continue reading

  • My Greatest Lessons From 2019

    I’ll just admit upfront, one of these is a little embarrassing. That won’t stop me though because I know someone, somewhere, will relate to this so let’s get to it!
    I don’t know about you, but I am VERY excited the year has turned. It wasn’t the easiest one I’ve ever had, and I know that was… Continue reading

  • Top 6 Takeaways From 2018

    I don’t know about you but I am still reflecting on last year even though we are already in our 9th day of January. Why? Because taking the time to reflect and learn from experience, is how we grow. I learned this the hard way – way back when, allowing year after year pass with hardly any… Continue reading

  • Yo, what’s our problem with commitment?

    Last week my Private Diamond clients flew in for their retreat (those who could make it at least). Twice a year, we meet up for about 2-1/2 days at a luxurious private home in California, and do a deep dive. Everyone stays in the house so it’s one big slumber party, only we get a… Continue reading

  • Extreme Confidence & How To Get It

    Extreme confidence – I use the term ‘extreme’ loosely here. What I mean by that is, the kind of confidence that is solid, stable, consistent and real as opposed to the kind that is dependent on how many likes you get on Facebook or what other people think of you, in general. I want you… Continue reading

  • What Kind Of Business? 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

    It all started on the living room floor with scraps of paper and notepads. I was on a mission to find my purpose and help my friends do that same. “Mission” is saying it lightly. I was OBSESSED.


    I knew I was NOT meant for the cubicle (or employee) life. I needed to be free to… Continue reading

  • The car accident

    It was just another Monday driving into the office during rush hour. The traffic was as thick as can be, as everyone rushed to get to their Silicon Valley jobs.

    I glanced in my rear view mirror and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A young woman barreling toward me during one of the very rare… Continue reading

  • You ARE strong enough


    – I turned a new decade.
    – Hiked for days in Patagonia.
    – Kissed a glacier in Argentina.
    – Lived short-term as a local in New York City.
    – Marched with 100,000 men and women in San Francisco
    – Visited Palm Desert.
    – Enjoyed the beauty of San Diego.
    – Roamed Zion National Park with my Mom.
    – Lived my SoulFUEL™ every day,… Continue reading

  • When it’s time to let go

    Procrastination. When you know you are ready for the next level – you can feel it in your bones – but you put it off. I get it. It is damn scary to change our lives – to break free from the comforts of the familiar to expand our horizons and YET that is what… Continue reading

  • The bright side of jealousy

    It was Christmas 2015. I was scrolling through the email inbox on my phone when I opened a message from someone I just started following whom I considered a peer. She was promoting a beautiful program similar (but different) to the work I do. Her email was perfectly written.


    When I clicked through to the promotional… Continue reading

  • Why I cried in spin class

    I walk in the room. It is dark. The music is pounding. One by one, we shuffle in and get set up on our Spin bikes. Each of us climb on and sluggishly start peddling. It’s a full house. For the next hour, we will push ourselves and fight against our lazy human nature.

    The teacher… Continue reading

  • Are you equipped to get where you want to go?

    Conversations began months ago about my big birthday. Right away, I knew I wanted to spend it outside of the U.S. but where? I travel a lot but this trip was to be extra special. It marked a very significant turning point and thus deserved a crescendo.


    Ideas came and went, many were weather related decisions… Continue reading

  • Your business, your movement

    You’d have to be in outer space not to know we are living in a time when emotions are high, opinions are strong and personal wounds are being regularly triggered. It’s been intense. This kind of intensity while painful has historically been the birth place of much needed, positive change. This is the raw stuff… Continue reading

  • Meet my Dad

    My Dad just published his first book (500 pages!) at age 77. He did this while being the full time caretaker to his ailing wife, volunteering his time helping drug and alcohol addicts to stay clean and running a business that matches cancer patients to clinical trials. I am so proud of him!

    It is never… Continue reading

  • No ordinary trip to Good Will

    As I drove down the road getting closer to the Good Will truck, my sense of relief and excitement grew. I pulled into the driveway, drove over the gravel and parked. The man approached my car and I opened the trunk. As I grabbed the huge garbage bag filled with clothes and handed it over to him,… Continue reading

  • The last banana

    The other day I found myself asking my boyfriend of 7 years if it was “okay” I ate one of the bananas in his kitchen. He said, “Of course!”. Now I know that is a fairly normal and considerate question but here’s what was behind it – fear.  I actually felt fear about eating it without… Continue reading