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What Kind Of Business? 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

It all started on the living room floor with scraps of paper and notepads. I was on a mission to find my purpose and help my friends do that same. “Mission” is saying it lightly. I was OBSESSED.


I knew I was NOT meant for the cubicle (or employee) life. I needed to be free to travel, to express myself creatively, to have no cap on my income, to choose my projects and team, to do things that fired me up and be outside as much as I wanted. In essence, to LIVE.


Most of us followed a similar path as our parents, in terms of work. It may not look identical but generally speaking we tend to pursue at the level that was role modeled to us. Our parents showed us what was possible for our lives, and work. For some of you that means fantastic things!


My best friend in high school, Lisa for example. She had parents who were both opera singers and lo and behold she became one too – in Rome, Italy nonetheless and she LOVES her profession. For others (most), this may mean you now find yourself on a path that just doesn’t do it for you. You may not feel fulfilled or free and that doesn’t make your daily life too much fun does it?! (Remember fun?!)


If you’ve been feeling that nudge to do something more with your life, if you’ve been feeling restless, stuck or confused about how to make money (or more money) doing something you LOVE, I’ve got your back. I will give you three questions to help you get started on what kind of business could be right for you, whether you are already in business (full time or side gig), or just playing with ideas.


When I started out after college, I had no intention of going into the corporate life. I wanted to help adults who were abused as kids to heal and thrive. I thought I would become a therapist but after graduation, I was weighed down by student loan debt so I accepted a position for a very well known company in the Silicon Valley. My goal was to pay off the debt, get my masters degree and then hang my shingle out as a therapist.


Weeelll, 20-ish years later and I was still there. There were lots of positives about the experience of course – I learned how to be a real professional and work on a team. I also learned all about business and marketing and was mentored by some of the best people in the Silicon Valley, high-tech world. All of this I use in my work today to help my clients grow their work in the world.


YET, I felt completely empty about the work I was doing. I felt deeply unfulfilled, restless and unhappy not to mention incredibly restricted by the schedule and demands. I tried desperately to drown out my angst with coffee, shopping, office gossip, TV… but that darned voice inside of me would not go away.


And here’s the thing, the bigger the call, the higher the resistance we have to it and Love, we can’t run from our soul. We can thank it for that because it always always, always knows best.


That inner voice knows what will set us free.


When I was toiling away each day in corporate knowing I was meant for more, I had a BIG problem and that was, I had NO clue what else I would do if I weren’t Miss Senior Marketing Manager. I had a million ideas but could not narrow them down so I began to dabble on the side. I tried my hand at real estate investing, small business marketing, copywriting, life coaching, organizational coaching and marketing consulting. At one point I had a business card that literally had three different businesses on it. Hello!


Perhaps you can relate to this level of confusion or maybe right now, you are drawing a blank on ideas. That can happen when we have denied our desires so long, we don’t even know what it feels like to feel good and LOVE what we do.


I spent 10+ years on the trial-and-error train starting and stopping side gigs, reading every book under the sun about what my strengths were or what color my parachute was, going to life purpose workshops etc., and even then I didn’t come to find IT. In fact I was even more confused than ever if that was possible – until…


I created a simple discovery process for myself and my friends. For a series of weeks every night, I laid on my living room floor playing with ideas on scrap pieces of paper. This eventually led to what I now call the SoulFUEL Discovery® process. Not only did this process help me and my friends discover what exactly we were meant to do but it also defined what kind of businesses (or careers) we could have that would unleash our SoulFUEL and set us free. (By the way, SoulFUEL is the reason you are here on planet earth walkin’ around being your sexy self.)


The journey really begins when you open your mind to more possibilities – more options and more choices that you give yourself. I hope you will give yourself permission to not only entertain greater things for your life and work but to also PURSUE them with all your heart no matter what your circumstances are right now.


When I was on my own at 16, it didn’t look too good for what was possible for me. And to that point, life had not been a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination. My current circumstances were pretty rough.


I was independent from my parents and was burdened by how I would graduate high school let alone college (I did both – yay!). Instead of looking at the present, I looked to what I wanted to create for my future. I wrote in journal after journal what I wanted, where my heart was calling me and I planned backward from there.


When we look to our present circumstances to predict or plan the future, we are not actively creating our lives from a place of unlimited possibility, we are severely limiting what we can do by what we have believed is possible for us, to that present point in time.


What you have right now in your life is old news, from a creation standpoint. You already imagined the life you have right now into being through your thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings caused you to take actions (or not to act at all) and all that produced what you currently have.


What you have right now is simply what you’ve believed is possible for you to this point. It ALL comes down to what you believe. What we believe is always proven right, no matter what that belief is (unless is something like ‘the world is flat’ 🙂 ).


With that in mind, let’s dive into your first question to help you get clear about what business could be right for you. (By the way, this can apply to a new career too although I admit to being completely biased to the fact that having your own business is the only way to be truly free.)


1. What would you do if you won the lottery and money were not an issue? Woo hoo, let’s all go to St Barts! But really, what would you do? You don’t want to overthink this, what comes to your mind FIRST.


Most people say they want to travel the world, spend more time with family/friends and maybe buy lots and lots of adorable shoes but let’s take it one step further.


At some point you’ll feel a need – a tug, to contribute (it’s wired in us as humans) so after you’ve run off and traveled, worked on that gorgeous tan, danced in those shoes and hung out with family and friends – what would you do with your life, if you could do anything in the world? Think about something that feels really good – something that completely excites you!


About this time, the naysaying mind kicks in, ‘…but HOW can I do that?’ or ‘Who am I to do that?’. Feel free to insert your favorite dream killing thought here ;). We want to put that voice to rest right now sister and instead explore what’s possible okay? Hint: What is possible is what you decide is.


Again, what would you do if you won the lottery and money were not an issue? Go ahead and jot down your answer.


Alright, now look at what you wrote and consider what it says about you. What does it tell you about what is most important to you? What does it tell you about what you truly LOVE doing? What does it reveal about your deepest desires? Or what you are naturally wired to do?


Next question!

2. WHO are you here for? Who would you serve and help, even for free?


Most of the women I work with are coaches, consultants, mentors, healers, spiritual guides – people who have a heart for other people. Think about who you have the biggest heart for.


Sometimes what will come up is actually yourself carefully disguised as someone else. For example, for one of my SoulFUEL School clients what came up for her was women who want to get out of corporate to start businesses but she hasn’t done this for herself yet (that’s why we are working together. That’s okay, it tells us where she is feeling led in her business but you also want to consider what you’ve been successful at in your OWN life too.


With my client, we explored how she can help this person from where SHE is now (which will change as her business grows and she’s able to quit her corporate job). We came up with a coaching program that is perfectly suited for the successes she’s had to date so she can lead her clients from a place of total integrity.


If you’re thinking you aren’t sure you are equipt to help anyone, I beg to differ my friend. If you’ve lived any number of years, you can help someone else.


I have clients in their 20’s who are working with clients much older than them. It comes down to knowing your SoulFUEL, anchoring into that every day AND taking an in-depth assessment of ALL you are right now at this stage in your life to package, pull together and position as a business. Once you have clarity and certainty around this, you will have much higher levels of confidence – enough to get rid of the ‘I’m too young, I’m too old, I’m not pretty enough, smart enough or extroverted enough’ lies that may be rolling around in that beautiful head of yours.


So again, WHO are you here for? Who would you serve and help even for free? Think about someone as though as they are sitting across the table from you right now. Who can you NOT help but to help and in an area where you have had success?


Thinking of one person or type of person will give you a deeper feeling of connection to your potential clients. It will also give you insights into how they are feeling in their struggle and how you can help solve those problems for them. This is an essential to having excellent marketing that draws in your perfect clients.


Alright! Last but definitely NOT least…


3. What message do you want to gather people around? What movement do you want to create? What can you really get behind?


Another way to ask yourself this question is – what fires you up!? This could be something that makes your blood boil, makes you happy, gives you chills or makes you cry.


There is SOMEthing for each of us that when it comes across our path, causes us to RISE UP. It starts with a feeling inside and when nurtured and grown, it can become a movement in the form of your own business.


And you know what? It will scare the hell out of you because as I said, the bigger the call, the bigger the resistance or, the bigger the fear.


Allow that fear to compel you. Allow it to FUEL you – to be that Force For Good. Fear is just excitement without breath – so breathe.


If what comes up for has some strong negative feelings, we have a way to process that. I call that ‘flip it’. For example, if you want to help people stop the self abuse of overeating, you can reframe that to something like, guiding people to greater health and longevity. Keeping it upbeat and positive will give you the FUEL and inspiration you need to grow your dream.


These three questions are a great start to what I call, SoulFUEL Sparks – clues that lead you to the bigger picture of what you are meant to do but by no means is it the whole picture. If you want to take this further, check out SoulFUEL Discovery – a 90-day journey into YOU and how to make a gorgeous living without compromising anything.


I hope these questions open up something for you. I invite you to get curious about the boxes you might have built around you and to pop your head up and start looking around. There’s a whole lot of world and LIFE out there and the options are endless!


Love & Light,
SoulFUEL® Business & Freedom Coach

I’d love to hear what came up for you! Please comment below.

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