Imagine knowing exactly what you are here to do and how to make money doing it

Are you an ambitious woman who wants to do work that really matters to you?

Do you want to quit your job or pivot your business or career in a new, FAR better direction?

Are you feeling the call to create a Soul-Fueled business or career that gives you maximum freedom with your schedule and location so you can LOVE your life?

Are you feeling the pull to make a change but aren’t sure what that change is exactly?

Are you confused as heck?! Perhaps you have a vague idea of what you want to do for your lifes work or possibly, you have not a clue. Perfect! Either way, you just haven’t had enough clarity to move forward.

Or maybe you know what you would do in a side gig or full time business but are having doubts about whether it will be successful? Maybe you just want to make sure you are on the right track before investing more time and money. (Smart!)

I have so been there sister – in all those places and
I’ve got your back.

I get it and that’s why I created a proven formula to help YOU get crystal clear, focused and on the right track so this never has to be a question again.

Imagine feeling the security of knowing there IS way for you to make money doing what you love – a way that allows you to live FREE and LIT UP with total control over your schedule, income and where you work.

Imagine feeling clear and confident you are on the right path – doing work that IS your SoulFUEL®, providing you with a consistent supply of FUEL, FOCUS, confidence, clarity, motivation, and DEEP rich fulfillment.

Imagine knowing your SoulFUEL with absolute certainty, making the difference you are here to make and feeling the BLISS of that every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to sleep.

This is truly possible. SoulFUEL Discovery is the process I created for myself and my friends to help us find our true purpose AND how to make a gorgeous living at it. It is how I was able to go from miserable corporate hostage to now, blissed-out entrepreneur working from all over the world making multiple six figures each year, doing work I was born to do.

Introducing SoulFUEL Discovery® – an intimate group of ambitious, self-motivated, women on a mission to KNOW and EMBODY their SoulFUEL -
changing their lives, their families lives and their corner of the world.
We begin October 1, 2018.

In this intimately-sized sisterhood of women, you will:

Discover Your SoulFUEL

Understand, uncover and unleash your SoulFUEL and KNOW it with certainty – learn how to embody this, making you an unstoppable force for good in the world while FREEING YOURSELF.

Understand what is REALLY right for YOU

Learn how to create a SoulFUEL-ed business or career that can make you great money and be perfectly suited to YOU even if you are massively confused right now about what that would be.

Claim Your Niche/Specialty

Get clear about what you can offer that will be VERY attractive to your potential clients and customers (or employers).

Get Clear On Your Vision

Get clear on your vision so you are no longer spinning in confusion and have the coaching and community support to stay on track so you don’t give up, flake on yourself or endlessly procrastinate.

Get Crystal Clear On Who + Why + What

  • who YOU are
  • WHY you are here
  • WHO you are here for (your ideal client, customer or industry)
  • WHAT you can do for them – problems you are perfectly suited to solve – ones that keep you in Flow every day

Stop Self Sabotage

Have your beliefs upgraded, unblocking you from your own success so you can stop self sabotage.

Get Confident

Grow your courage and confidence about what is possible for you as you expand into your potential and step into the Light.

Experience Life-Changing Breakthroughs

Experience personal transformation that will impact all areas of your life positively. Wendy knows how to hone in on what is REALLY getting in your way.

You will be cherished, noticed and given personalized attention –
not lost in a sea of people.

What else will I receive in SoulFUEL Discovery?


  • High-level business, marketing, mindset and SoulFUEL coaching delivered personally by Wendy Collier to you, over 12 weeks
  • (3) One Hour Group Calls with Wendy per month – including Q&A and one-on-one personalized laser coaching
  • BONUS “Art Of Enrolling” (Sales) Training (enroll just one client during the course as some of my clients have done and you will pay for the course and then some!) 
    (Value: $1,500)this bonus expired Sept 27, 2018
  • BONUS: TWO FREE TICKETS to The Unstoppable Event in the SF Bay Area, CA December 14-16th. (Value: $394) this bonus expired Sept 27, 2018
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Group for ongoing support, master minding, coaching, loving sisterhood, and community empowerment
  • Accountability Buddy for daily and weekly support, with someone in the program, specifically and intuitively selected for you
  • Guided self-paced playbooks to help you uncover your SoulFUEL and how that can translate into a business that can make you a new gorgeous stream of income
  • Access to a personal folder on a DropBox share drive for notes and playbooks
  • Spontaneous Facebook Live Stream visits by Wendy for continued motivation, business coaching, success tips, strategies and support

When I first reached out to Wendy I needed to get clear on the specifics of what my niche was and who I serve in my new business. I was not able to write copy for my website because I was not clear yet. Through SoulFUEL Discovery, I declared my SoulFUEL and got focused and clear about where I can best serve others. I was able to understand my personal strengths and interests in more detail.

The course also helped me to find the words I needed to reframe my story in a positive light. The play books were very well thought out and very helpful in getting things out of head. Our group calls were my favorite part – learning and getting coaching directly from Wendy. I love that she is into the law of attraction. It was also wonderful to witness other people’s journey so I did not feel so alone in my thoughts or struggles.

SoulFUEL Discovery is really well done! Wendy is an amazing mentor and coach. She is very passionate about empowering woman to become happy and successful in life. She has a special gift of awakening women to reclaim their gifts in the world and truly become a beacon of light. If you feel lost or stuck on your journey, Wendy and SoulFUEL Discovery is certain to help you find your way!”

– Anne Corrazza

When I reached out to Wendy, I was spinning my wheels on starting my own business. Through SoulFUEL Discovery I learned how to focus my energy and thoughts and discovered what drives me and truly brings me joy.

“I now have clarity and focus in my direction and am motivated to move forward with a more fulfilled life. I loved the playbooks. The video calls were very impactful for me too. I received all the support and collaboration I needed. Having a support system is so inspiring. I love the ladies I got to spend time with each week. SoulFUEL Discovery was a big success for me!”

– Peggy Ortiz

“Wendy's SoulFUEL Discovery program is truly life changing!"

"She guides you step by step through the process to finding what really lights you up and how you can turn that into a business or career path so you can stop wasting time and live the successful and fulfilling life you were meant to live."

– Melissa Hovey

I got so much out of this course!

“From the Facebook group, a sense of “being with my tribe”, a wonderful feeling of support and true connection to Wendy’s personal direction and clarity when I was confused about my niche and explained what I am passionate about – but didn’t feel qualified to specialize in. You NAILED how to market my passion in 10 seconds flat. I’ve been super excited about it ever since. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Look forward to working with you more!”

– Marcie Viezzoli

“Before I took the SoulFuel Discovery course, I followed many women who were doing the work they love, being in service to help others and supporting their financial needs.

I never thought I had a “breakthrough event” or any type of synchronistic skills to offer others. The immense detail of the SoulFuel Discovery course was wonderful and helped me to connect with my life story and my SoulFUEL! I am excited about the possibility to create a business doing the work I love and being in service to others. Wendy Collier has done a superb job of guiding us through the process and she is completely engaged with us, encouraging us to shine our light brightly!”

– Laurel Valli

"Wendy is a powerful and inspiring force for SoulFUEL success, practical positivity and fierce femininity."

“She is able to quickly transform confusion into clarity with lazer-sharp skills that she has tailored for use in a soul-fueled business, but that go much further and deeper. She helped me hone in on what is most important to me in life, work, relationships and more – so that I can use my findings as I journey through the possibilities that arise for me and also in focusing my creativity in a way that will help me stay aligned and feel fulfilled.

I am only scratching the surface of the benefit that came from my working with Wendy. At a time when my life was transforming faster than I could always keep up with – she helped me stay anchored to my higher truth and introduced me to people and philosophies that continue to support me now. I look forward to utilizing my findings further. SoulFUEL Discovery has given me a deeper level of confidence in my decision-making – very grateful! Thank you Wendy!

– Katie Fabel

Very grateful for this journey! For many years I have carried the question ‘why am I here, how can i make a difference?’ My goal for this course was to find my SoulFUEL and it happened, beyond thankful for Wendy and her SoulFUEL. I am so thankful you come from a space of love and that you encourage us to do the same (awesomeness!) – serving and loving others in and through our business as our ultimate goal feels so much better.

“I have tried many different approaches and trainings and now I realize that my soul has been speaking to me all these years and my purpose is MUCH clearer. I have learned to listen to my soul, it carries much wisdom and it comes from a space of love. Thank You Wendy! Much love and respect!”

– Michelle Hill

"Wendy’s process helped me to uncover my WHAT, that what that truly lights me up, makes me come alive at my fullest potential to be able to serve my people at my highest vibration."

“I was circling and circling around that until I went through Wendy’s SoulFUEL process. She helped me get clear on my WHY which motivates me and pushes forward in joyful effort. I created a heart-centered business touching the lives of amazing individuals and vice versa. Every client session makes my heart expand and I come alive that much more. Having clarity alone moved me forward tenfold! Put on top of that Wendy’s programmatic approach (so necessary for me) and her loving but firm guidance got me to launch my business!”

– Genna Mori

“I have felt driven and motivated throughout my life, but it wasn't until I discovered and put into words my SoulFUEL that I found the thing that would unceasingly source me, unceasingly motivate me, so that I could share with the world what I came here to share. My SoulFUEL declaration is the armature I'm using to build my entrepreneurial business. Thank you, Wendy.”

– Cammy Williams

This program has been life changing in the best possible ways. The tools provided by Wendy enable us to create the lives we desire. With the unwavering support of Wendy and the other fantastic women, anything is possible.

– Lisa H.

“I now have a focused desire to connect with who I am and where I am going. I am jazzed about the future instead of wallowing in confusion. I feel deeply supported by Wendy. "

"Her insight and ability to super-charge and inspire her followers is remarkable. It is hard to put into words but SoulFUEL is profound on so many levels. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us, truly a gift! I am really fired up. I feel freer because I have focus. It is such a relief to finally use my life experience to Fuel something positive. I knew in my heart I needed to do something but spun around in circles for years trying to figure it out on my own…I guess things happen when you are lined up and ready. Thank you Wendy for making it happen!”

– Sue Parker

You can do this but you are not meant to do it alone.
Will you take my hand and allow me to support you?

I’ve received the motivation, enthusiasm and practical insight to launch and start my business. I feel like Wendy has made the difference between my success and just dreaming.”

– Sarah B.

I am still trying to find words for what happened to me during The SoulFUEL Discovery Course! I have an unmistakable energy shift in believing in my ability to narrow down all of what I can do into what I really WANT to do and make it happen.

“The feeling that my wise self and the Universe really does have my back in creating this clarity, has been profound. The Discovery playbooks, Wendy’s approach, the support from the Facebook group, my putting skin in the game of upleveling, and the opportunity to share my fears, struggles and be witnessed created a marked change in my confidence in this possibility for myself. Thank YOU to you, your guides and to the collective we all called in to co-create this happening. Much love!”

– Raven Lakins

“Having been aware of this nagging little voice inside of me for a long time, saying that I must have something more to offer, but not knowing exactly how to deal with this or to find the correct door to open, I was so glad to find Wendy and her program."

"It helped me to finally find my SoulFUEL and now I have a clearer path to follow. Wendy’s approach felt really genuine to me. I highly recommend her SoulFUEL Discovery program for those trying to find their purpose. I am so happy I have given myself permission to work even more with Wendy in the SoulFUEL School and I am beyond excited for the year ahead!”

– Joyce Van Der Lely

I have learned so much about myself, my SoulFUEL, and what does not fuel me.

“I gleaned a tremendous amount of beneficial information from this. Thanks so much Wendy Collier and all of the ladies who participated!I feel MUCH more positive and MUCH better equipped to continue moving forward in happiness and fulfillment.”

– Barbara Jones

“This group has taught me about resistance and how to hit it head on! The support and encouragement from Wendy has been fabulous as we take big and little steps along our individual journeys.”

– Diana Seidler

“Wendy has been amazing in helping me jump start my coaching practice. She helped me take the idea of starting my own business and gave me the tools and support to actually make it happen. Whenever I would hit a mental wall she would listen, guide, and advise me to help me get past my blocks and turn them around to keep moving forward. Wendy has been a wonderful business coach and it has been a great experience working with her.”

– Rachelle Lopez, Life Coach

“Wendy is for me, what Carol is to Mr. Yudall in the movie, “As Good As It Gets” – she “makes me want to be a better [wo]man.”

Wendy’s coaching has inspired me to live the life that most people only dream of. She has challenged me to take risks and set goals that seemed impossible. She has provided me with tools in life purpose and business that are pivotal to my life. She does this in a highly personalized way. When I stand up one day to give my “thank you speech”, her name will be at the forefront of my presentation.”

— Tiina Ripatti, Leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry

I fall in love with my clients and become their greatest advocate for their dreams and desires.

SoulFUEL Discovery is right for you if:

  • You are confused or unclear in any way about your work in the world – whether that is in a career or business.
  • You need business and/or marketing coaching from someone who has been around the block once or twice, but you aren’t ready to invest long term yet.
  • You don’t know what you would do instead of your current line of work and how you would translate that into a business that makes you money in a way that feels really REALLY good.
  • You aren’t crystal clear about who your client, customer, audience or industry is.
  • You aren’t sure which passions would make up a fantastic profession for you.
  • You are in a line of work that doesn’t LIGHT you up and FUEL you every day, giving you all the freedom and flexibility your heart desires, firing up your passions and FEEDING your soul. This could mean you are in a corporate job that is draining your life force or a business that is doing the same. Either way, you feel ‘off’, misaligned, not fully yourself nor lit up like a fire fly – which is how you should (and CAN) feel every day of your precious life.
  • You feel afraid AND excited. That is the holy grail of signs pointing you in the right direction. It means deep within, you are ready for a change. That kind of intuitive nudge is telling you this is very likely your next step, even when you feel about as ready as a five year old does going to school on their first day.

You are worth this investment sister. It's your one precious life.

“I worked with Wendy to help me find and articulate my voice for my new coaching business. Wendy has an amazing gift for zeroing in on what blocks your potential.”

She is a master of listening and posing empowering questions that enable you to move forward and realize your message. What attracted me to Wendy is that she “get’s” how difficult it is to move from one career path into a “soul fueled” business model. I had been transitioning from a 20 year sales and marketing business into coaching business serving Pilates and movement professionals. My confidence is on a wild roller coaster ride. Wendy has helped me stay connected to my strengths, acknowledge my weaknesses, and take fearless action. Wendy helped me to trust that by staying connected to my “soul fueled” mission I am making inspired decisions. If you want to change your voice to represent a new mission, this is the woman to help you.”

-Sue Horwitz

Business Coach

“Wendy is a sparkling dynamo with a wealth of experience to draw on in heartful, effective coaching. She is great fun to work with, and will boost you into the thriving, heart-centered, business you’ve been longing for!”

-Ariana Lise Newcomer

Transformational Voice Coach

Questions: Feel free to email: with the email subject title "SoulFUEL Discovery". She will personally answer you.

About Wendy

Wendy Collier coaches ambitious, purpose-driven women to live free from the inside, out. She mentors entrepreneurs and those stuck in corporate on how to win the inner and outer game to design a business that IS their SoulFUEL so they may always live from the space of light and love. She shows women how to find the guts, smarts and confidence to profit from their passion and make a difference.

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