Imagine knowing exactly what you are here to do and how to make money doing it

Are you an ambitious woman who wants to do work that really matters to you?

Do you want to quit your job or pivot your business or career in a new, FAR better direction?

Are you feeling the call to create a Soul-Fueled business or career that gives you maximum freedom with your schedule and location so you can LOVE your life?

Are you feeling the pull to make a change but aren’t sure what that change is exactly?

Are you confused as heck?! Perhaps you have a vague idea of what you want to do for your lifes work or possibly, you have not a clue. Perfect! Either way, you just haven’t had enough clarity to move forward.

Or maybe you know what you would do in a side gig or full time business but are having doubts about whether it will be successful? Maybe you just want to make sure you are on the right track before investing more time and money. (Smart!)

I have so been there sister – in all those places and
I’ve got your back.

I get it and that’s why I created a proven formula to help YOU get crystal clear, focused and on the right track so this never has to be a question again.

Imagine feeling the security of knowing there IS way for you to make money doing what you love – a way that allows you to live FREE and LIT UP with total control over your schedule, income and where you work.

Imagine feeling clear and confident you are on the right path – doing work that IS your SoulFUEL®, providing you with a consistent supply of FUEL, FOCUS, confidence, clarity, motivation, and DEEP rich fulfillment.

Imagine knowing your SoulFUEL with absolute certainty, making the difference you are here to make and feeling the BLISS of that every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to sleep.

This is truly possible. SoulFUEL Discovery is the process I created for myself and my friends to help us find our true purpose AND how to make a gorgeous living at it. It is how I was able to go from miserable corporate hostage to now, blissed-out entrepreneur working from all over the world making multiple six figures each year, doing work I was born to do.

Introducing SoulFUEL Discovery® – an intimate group of ambitious, self-motivated, women on a mission to KNOW and EMBODY their SoulFUEL -
changing their lives, their families lives and their corner of the world.
We begin May, 2019.

In this intimately-sized sisterhood of women, you will:

Discover Your SoulFUEL

Understand, uncover and unleash your SoulFUEL and KNOW it with certainty – learn how to embody this, making you an unstoppable force for good in the world while FREEING YOURSELF.

Understand what is REALLY right for YOU

Learn how to create a SoulFUEL-ed business or career that can make you great money and be perfectly suited to YOU even if you are massively confused right now about what that would be.

Claim Your Niche/Specialty

Get clear about what you can offer that will be VERY attractive to your potential clients and customers (or employers).

Get Clear On Your Vision

Get clear on your vision so you are no longer spinning in confusion and have the coaching and community support to stay on track so you don’t give up, flake on yourself or endlessly procrastinate.

Get Crystal Clear On Who + Why + What

  • who YOU are
  • WHY you are here
  • WHO you are here for (your ideal client, customer or industry)
  • WHAT you can do for them – problems you are perfectly suited to solve – ones that keep you in Flow every day

Get Clear On Your Online Program or Course

Create Your Ideal Client Profile And Discover Exactly What YOU Are Best Equipped To Help Them With And How To Do That Online (Inc. Offline Events Too).

Get Confident

Grow your courage and confidence about what is possible for you as you expand into your potential and step into the Light.

Experience Life-Changing Breakthroughs

Experience personal transformation that will impact all areas of your life positively. Wendy knows how to hone in on what is REALLY getting in your way.

You will be cherished, noticed and given personalized attention –
not lost in a sea of people.

What else will I receive in SoulFUEL Discovery?

  • High-level business, marketing, mindset and SoulFUEL coaching delivered personally by Wendy Collier to you, over 12 weeks
  • (2) One Hour Group Calls with Wendy per month – including Q&A and one-on-one personalized laser coaching
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Group for ongoing support, master minding, coaching, loving sisterhood, and community empowerment
  • Accountability Buddy for daily and weekly support, with someone in the program, specifically and intuitively selected for you
  • Private member area with guided self-paced playbooks, videos and audios to help you uncover your SoulFUEL and how that can translate into a business that can make you a new gorgeous stream of income
  • Spontaneous Facebook Live Stream visits by Wendy for continued motivation, business coaching, success tips, strategies and support

SoulFUEL Discovery is right for you if:

              • You aren’t crystal clear about who your client, customer, audience or industry is.
              • You don’t know what you would do instead of your current line of work and how you would translate that into a business that makes great money in a way that feels really REALLY good.
              • You are confused or unclear in any way about what you’re meant to do – whether in a career or an existing or potential business.
              • You aren’t sure which passions would make up a fantastic profession for you.
              • You are doing work that doesn’t LIGHT you up and FUEL you every day, giving you all the freedom and flexibility your heart desires, firing up your passions and FEEDING your soul. This could mean you are in a job that is draining your life force or a business that is doing the same. Either way, you feel ‘off’, misaligned, not fully yourself nor lit up like a fire fly – which is how you should (and CAN) feel every day of your precious life.
              • You need business and/or marketing coaching from someone who has been around the block once or twice, but you aren’t ready to invest long term yet.
            • You are afraid AND excited. That is the holy grail of signs pointing you in the right direction. It means deep within, you are ready for a change. That kind of intuitive nudge is telling you this is very likely your next step, even when you feel about as ready as a five year old does going to school on their first day.

You are worth this investment sister. It's your one precious life.