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Ghosts That Haunt You: Answers To Your Top 10 Fears

Have you forgotten who you are and what is possible? Have you gazed at the stars recently? Taken a walk through the woods? Looked into the eyes of your child… or lover? Reveled in the miracle of life? Watched a hummingbird up close? Looked at a photo of the earth from space?

If this universe can exist with all its astounding beauty, what is possible for you?

You are a miracle.

You are magnificent.

You are creation and as such, carry within you the power to shape your reality – really.

What if you embraced this? What if you took it on faith that you have access to Infinite Truth, Infinite Beauty… Infinite Love. How would that change the game for you?

Did you hear me the first time? You are magnificent.

When you begin to believe that… you find the shackles open up and fall away. When you see that the limits are illusions, you will realize you’ve been held back by nothing but shadows.



“I can’t make money doing what I love.”
Really? How do you explain the countless people who are?

“Well, they are different than me.”
Yes, precisely why you CAN. You are different (thank goodness), and can make your special mark.

“But they are more talented.” You’d be surprised. I know 7-figure women doing what they love, and find them to be very much like most of us. It’s shocking actually, and definitely a relief. What is different about them is their mindset but that isn’t “talent”. It is learned.

“Well, they have business smarts.”
Yes, and they learned those smarts from their coaches, and continue to.
(My 7-figure coach has several mentors.)

“I have no idea how to make a consistent income doing what I love. I’m not even entirely sure what I would do.” Been there – totally get it. That’s why I hired coaches to teach me. Guess what? It’s working!

“What if I fail?” Possible yes but not because it’s impossible to succeed ;). It’s entirely up to you… as in 100%. The only thing holding you back is you, truly. Even more importantly… and here’s the secret… “failure” is necessary to succeed.


It begins with belief.
It begins with expanding your heart and mind to what is possible.
It begins when you are tired of living your life halfway and unfulfilled.
It begins with doing something different than you’ve ever done before.
It begins with knowing that failure is also an illusion. Everything we do teaches us, and those who succeed are those who “fail” until they win.


“I don’t know how.” Everyone you see who “knows how” didn’t know how at one point either (and they still have a lot more to learn). Don’t allow someone’s 5th year in business be the measuring stick from which you compare your first year, or your haven’t-even-begun year.

“I’m scared.” I feel that too sometimes. That’s why we gather in community and find our strength together. That’s why we get coached, surround ourselves with people we trust, and open up when we are feeling afraid. We walk through it. We do not allow it to stop us. There’s too much at stake. People need you. You need you. Your children are watching and learning what’s possible from you too.

What is possible?

Where do I begin?
Grab this opportunity while it’s still available. Set up a time to talk with me this week. Don’t be afraid ;). Just do it. I’m just a regular ole’ person, I promise. Do it for YOU. We’ll chat and see if I can help during our time together. It won’t cost you a thing.

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“I want you to know, our 30 minute call was completely life changing. Your insights and wisdom were spot on! Thank you for showing up graceful, sweet and encouraging.” – Jill, October 19, 2014

From my heart to yours,
Wendy ♥
SoulFUEL™ Business Coach & Your Anything-Is-Possible Guide

P.S. If not now, when?

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