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Who do you want to be?

Today I woke up before sunrise on a beautiful lake in the Sierras of California to write this blog to you because that’s who I want to be. There was a time when this was a far away dream and now, it is real.

My sweetheart is making coffee and the sun is rising from behind the mountains, lighting up the sky with the most gorgeous colors. Tony is up with the sun too working on his freedom-based business because that’s who he wants to be.

We have created a loving, supportive, playful relationship where we can work from anywhere in the world because that’s who we want to be.

In every moment, we have a choice about who we want to be and all those moments form into decisions we make about what we believe is possible for our lives.

Last night we finalized our vacation details to Switzerland and France. We are flying into Nice and out of Paris with a road trip through both countries in between. We had just booked our flight when the terrorist attack in Nice happened and we all know about Paris.

Did I feel fear? Absolutely. Do I still? Yes but this is where I have a choice.

This is where we all have a choice.

Who do I want to be? Do I want to be the woman who caves into fear and cancels a magnificent trip with the love of her life? Do I want to be the woman who frets and worries about what may happen while we are there? Hell no. OR do I want to be the woman who not only goes on the trip but does so with JOY, excitement and faith that all will be well – the woman who does not allow fear to run the show.

We choose which will win – love or fear and we make these choices every moment of our lives, many times a day. These choices make up our actual experience of life – our “reality”.

When I was in corporate, I didn’t like who I was becoming. I became more miserable over time. I lost connection with my heart and my light within grew very dim.

One day I decided who I wanted to be.

I wanted to be the woman who had the guts to take the road less traveled – the woman who has no regrets and lives a life taking the bold steps that lead to living a rich, full, free life. I wanted to be the woman who wasn’t afraid of risk and in fact, took on the risks as a challenge. I wanted to be the woman in complete authenticity to who she is, in every moment of every day.

That’s who I chose to be and that’s who I have become.

We become who we choose to be.

NewDirectionsI’ve had to clean up my life to get here. I’ve had to let go of relationships that kept me small. I’ve had to heal the wounds within. I’ve had to face my shadows. I’ve had to let go of the old stories I was repeating to myself. I’ve had to shift my focus away from the unwanted and grow the wanted.

Because you see, it’s impossible to have something new and extraordinary in your life if you aren’t willing to renew yourself from within.

It’s about choosing, and knowing you have the power within to do that.

I am here to tell you, you have the power to create what you desire and need in your life.

You can choose who you want to be and step more and more in that direction, each day.

It’s up to you.

Who do you want to be Love?

Tell me below. I would love to hear.

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