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5 Decision-Making Questions That Lead To A Very Fulfilling Life

I was in my early 20’s when I discovered the man I loved was having multiple affairs with several women. Naturally, my reaction was to immediately leave the country (haha). Actually the way it played out was I learned of an opportunity to study abroad in Cambridge, England in the UK just as I was whirling from the discovery about my boyfriend. It was the perfect escape.


I had three weeks to plan living abroad for 4 months. I had no money and there was a waiting list a mile long. The odds were against me. In the end, I made it happen (have talked about the power of your mind and emotions to create and beat the odds in prior talks). It was one of my greatest accomplishments.


It was my first time over the Atlantic Ocean and that was the seed that grew my deep appreciation for travel as a form of self exploration amongst many other wonderful things such as connecting to people of different cultures, renewed perspectives about world issues, and the expansion of possibilities that inevitably happens when you leave your local region.


wengenI write this blog to you from Wengen, Switzerland – a small, car-free village that hangs off the cliffs of the Swiss Alps. Tony and I traveled here from France as part of our two-week vacation in these two gorgeous countries.




Today, we head to Paris.


To get to Wengen, we drove by car through the French and Swiss Alps where the peaks are so high and stunning, they silence your voice with their majesty.  At one point on our journey, we were lost. Our GPS said we literally needed to drive our car down the railroad tracks to get to the village. Since this was impossible, not to mention dangerous, we didn’t believe it so we ignored the instruction and carried on down the road trying to find out way.


When it became clear we were about to get stuck in a valley, we turned around. We went back to the place where the navigation told us to drive down the tracks, saw an older man in a car and asked him how to get to Wengen. He pointed to the train tracks. Again, we were confused. Why is GPS AND this man telling us to drive the tracks! Our brains just could not compute the situation. Then we looked up and saw cars driving onto an open-air train with the drivers and passengers still in them.


cartrainWe had a good laugh and drove on. The train was much like a ferry that carries cars. It took us to a town where we had to leave our car to take a train into Wengen.


We have been using a GPS app since we arrived in Europe one week ago. It has not once led us astray yet we questioned it. Because it didn’t seem logical to us to drive on the train tracks, we ignored its instruction and almost got very lost in the Alps.


Have you ever found yourself lost even though your inner GPS knew the way?


Have you ever ignored it even though when you’ve listened you have always arrived safely at your destination?


Each of us has an inner compass that knows which way to go but somewhere along the way, we lost trust in it.


Often, it isn’t “logical”. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense or seem familiar (like driving the car onto the train) and we dismiss it.


I know one thing for sure, the road to what we want is not found through pure logic, practicality or our current reality.


I would venture to guess you have a decision to make regarding your career or business that would make a very big difference for you yet you have been putting it off . You likely know deep within what to do but are doubting yourself because it isn’t coming through as the most logical, practical or “realistic” choice right now.


You don’t trust your GPS – the Inner Guide within you that is wiser than your years. It is the wisdom of your soul and intuition.


The decisions we know we need to make and put off are often the ones that will lead to the greatest positive change, and that is what scares us. “What will change? Can I handle it? Am I ready? Who will I lose if I do this? Who will I become? What will happen? Maybe it won’t work out.”

Here are 5 hot decision-making questions I use that have proven to point me in the right direction and have led to the incredibly fulfilling life I have now:


1.     When I get still and silent and ask myself what my heart truly desires, what does it say?

2.     If I weren’t afraid, what would I do?

3.     If I weren’t so concerned about what other people think, what would I do?

4.     When I look back on this time in my life, if I don’t do what I feel deep within I need to do, will I regret it? Will I regret not at least trying?

5.     When I have followed this kind of intuitive nudge in the past, how did it work out? (The answer to this is usually, very well.)


Try these on for yourself and see what magic unfolds in your life.


When we slow down long enough to hear the whispers from within and learn how to discern between the voices, fears and worries of others and what we know deep down is possible, we can achieve what we set our minds to.


You have an internal GPS that is wiser than you may know and more trustworthy than you may give credit. It is the source within that leads you to everything you have ever wanted.


It is your time sister. Really, it is YOUR time. May you step through your fears, use them as FUEL and follow the call of your heart. All it takes is more belief and courage, to take the next step.


Please share below what has stirred within you. I always love to hear from you!


  • Maggie

    This is wonderful and GREAT questions to ask! Thank you!

    • Wendy Collier

      You are so welcome Maggie! Glad it was helpful! xoxo

  • Virginia Reeves

    I stepped through my fear and excuses earlier this year and began published my (short read) series of eBooks. Up to 34 right now ! I feel proud of me for actually doing it, for sharing, and for having a bigger dream (intent) of what I want to do with them. Yes, I would have regretted not doing this. I’d talked about it for 10 long years. So – don’t give up hope. You can do what you want anytime. I know – I’m 65.
    Good article Wendy. Glad your inner GPS is working most of the time!

    • Wendy Collier

      Wonderful Virginia! Keep busting through fear and living your legacy. Cheering you on! Love & Light, Wendy

  • Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage

    When I have those quiet moments You asked about and ask Myself what I desire most and what the whisper I hear Myself say is…. to be close to God. If I weren’t afraid I would get an RV and live all over the woods, and this would be what I do no matter what people would say too.No, of course I would not regret it, My gorgeous sweet 3 Year old Granddaughter needs Me more to take care of Her while My daughter works.She looks so much like My daughter and She loves Me so much.She means more than My own selfish desires.The last question….When I’ve done those deep desires in the past they are usually bigger than I can chew.Maybe if I live a long healthy life My Grandaughter will grow up and I will go WILD in the WOODS or I can always just wait for HEAVEN,nothing wrong with that. Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage

    • Wendy Collier

      Denise, how can you begin “living” in the woods today and bringing your grand daughter along? Even for short visits… How can you begin bringing nature and the forest into your every day or at least your every week? Cheering you on! Love & Light, Wendy

      • Denise of Imagine Joy

        Thank You for Your reply. I don’t take it for granted that someone will reply and I appreciate it very much. Yes, I can do that Wendy. I still have the a desire to be paid to help others. Blessings -Denise

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