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When should I quit my job?

I have started and stopped this blog several times. In fact, I was almost done when I trashed it. Perfectionism? Surprisingly not!


Have you ever started something and then held back?
Have you ever wanted to say something from your heart so badly but couldn’t quite tap in as deep as you desired?
Have you ever felt like you were on autopilot?


It’s not that what I want to write to you is scary – not at all. It’s simply been a struggle between heart and head.


When we are operating strictly from our head, we are disregarding a VERY significant part of who we are and when that happens, everything falls flat. It feels very BLAH, vanilla, grey. It doesn’t have the juice we need to feel ALIVE.


We are multi-dimension beings – heart, head, soul/spirit and body. When we disregard even one of these, we suffer. All need to be at play to bring LIFE to our existence – our every day, and our lifetimes as a whole.


Earlier, I was creating strictly from my head. It was a “good” blog. I could have sent it but it felt very drab to me and you deserve more than that.


You deserve more from you too.


When was the last time you looked at a picture of you or caught yourself in the mirror and saw you staring back truly lit up from the inside out?


When we are LIT UP, we are living in synchronicity with all our dimensions – heart, head, soul/spirit and body – all interplaying – each in service to the others.


Last weekend, The SoulFUEL™ Adventure Mastermind ladies flew into California from near and far to attend their two-day retreat. What a blast and we got tons of shizzle done!


What I saw transform in the mastermind crew over our two days together was truly remarkable.


Hour by hour they grew more tapped IN and turned ON, like light switches that were flipped. Each dimension of their being came into full engagement one at a time. It was a gorgeous and profound experience on so many levels.


Life, pressures, the limited things we think are possible for our lives (a belief only btw) can quite easily render one only partially alive.


So I’m curious, when you are at your job, do you feel you have to leave your heart and soul at the door?


If so, you’ve probably come to realize you are sacrificing WHO you ARE for a paycheck. Ouch. I know. Been there, in spades.


My guess is, you are seeing others live passionate, purpose-driven lives and feel a deep tug to do the same but just don’t know how and you’ve allowed the ‘how’ to stop you. (I did once too.)
Perhaps you have an idea for a business but don’t understand the ins and outs of making money at it or aren’t sure what kind of business you would create yet feel the DEEP yearning to start, now. Maybe you’ve even tried before but it didn’t work.


I feel ya’ girl.


I was in exactly that place about three and a half years ago and now, I am one of those living that passionate, purpose-driven life. I could not be more grateful for having made it to the other side.


Here’s the thing…


When we are unhappy where we are, it is easy to want to run from it but here is something very important to consider before you do.


MyQuoteReRunVPull“When we are running from something, we are acting from Fear. When we are running toward The Call Of Our Soul, we are acting from Love and THAT is worth committing absolutely everything to. Love brings forces into play that draw more good into your life than you can possibly imagine and that good will make it possible for you to live your dreams.” – Wendy Collier

(Feel free to quote me on this!)


Your most empowered place and therefore, the way you will most likely succeed making money doing what you love is to be pulled toward bliss rather than being pushed away by pain.


When I was in corporate, I heard a mysterious call deep within and THAT is what inspired me to do whatever it took to figure out what I was here to do on this earth.


If you aren’t sure how you would make money being beautifully you, consider thinking of your job as your angel investor whilst you figure out what your SoulFUEL is, and how that can translate into a viable business.


You do need money to invest because the ROI on all things free is what? Zero. Nada. Zippo.


The best business investments are those that create a level of commitment within you that inspires you to step UP in a way you never have before, for yourself. That in turn creates greater results than trying to do things on your own (understatement).


It is important however not to wait to get into forward motion. The longer you wait, the longer you suffer because you are denying an innate and essential part of who you are.


Your soul needs to know, you are actively searching for the home where it can be truly FREE.

Can I be honest with you sister?
There will never be a time when you feel ready.
There will never be a time when it feels comfortable. (Oh my, no.) 
There will never be a time when you are no longer afraid.


I wish I could say there was, I really do.
You can however get into action now and invest while you are still in your job. That’s your seed money. Use it. Use it to build your dream. Use it to fulfill the call of your soul.


I toggled the two worlds for a time before deciding to leap and really go for it. I did not wait until I was making money in my business (I wasn’t) because for me taking the leap was an act of courage I needed to grow the trust and commitment to myself that I knew I would need to be successful. That proved to absolutely be the case.


I only waited as long as it took to discover my SoulFUEL™ and how that could translate into a business that could make me money. I also needed to see this other universe of successful entrepreneurs that would become my support system. I figured all that out while in a coaching program and still working in my job. I also grew my savings to support me during the ramp up phase.


In the end, this is very much an individual choice. No one can tell you when to quit your job and go for your dream all-out, no holds barred, full time. It is entirely up to you. I will say this, if you are serious about being in business for yourself doing something so aligned to you it renders you unstoppable then you at least deserve the inquiry about what that could be, for real.


One such inquiry could be this…


If you are tired of waiting to live your life, worn out working from a single dimension within your multi-faceted fabulous self, want to come ALIVE through your SoulFUEL and understand how that can translate into a business that makes you money, a Private VIP Day Retreat might be absolutely perfect for you right now.
I just opened one in July for someone who is reading this.


Flap those gorgeous butterfly wings over >>> HERE <<< to explore how this experience can serve, transform, and inspire you into massive action. If you feel the pull, feel free to click on one of the little blue phones to set up a chat with me. We’ll discover whether it is a good fit for you.


“My VIP day with Wendy Collier was nothing short of A-MAZ-ING! I started the day with a desire to begin building my own dream, along with a lot of confusion, fear and self-doubt. We ended the day over a delicious dinner, toasting to an exciting vision and transition plan into a life that makes my whole body tingle! As soon as Wendy walked into the room, I knew I had made the right decision. Her warm, calming, and intuitive energy, along with her laser-focus on ME, my dreams, and my intentions, resulted in an alchemical day that turned fear and self-doubt into opportunity, and my vague dreams into a clear roadmap. A month later, I have achieved every 30-day goal I set, and when fear starts bubbling up in my body, I tune into my affirmations that were grounded deeply into my being that day with Wendy’s support. For anyone wanting to turbocharge your business, your dreams, your life, I highly recommend saying YES to a VIP day with Wendy. Thank you, Wendy Collier, from the bottom of my heart!”   – Brenda Jensen, Certified Coach

My warmest and best wishes for a beautiful 4th of July to everyone in the United States!

Here’s to the freedom and independence of ALL.

Love & Light,
Wendy ♥
SoulFUEL™ Business & Freedom Mentor
P.S. Please, feel free to comment below. I am always thrilled to personally answer anyone who shares.

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