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3 Essential Steps To Living A Courageous Life

Believe it or not, there was a time when I wasn’t truly empowered and freedom = empowerment, empowerment = freedom – so to say I wasn’t empowered is to say I wasn’t truly free.


The funny thing is, at the time, I actually thought I was. After all, I began supporting myself at age 16, graduated from and paid for, college, had a successful career and even started businesses. Sounds pretty free, right?


I did make all my own choices yes. I did take responsibility but the course I selected – the path, the trajectory, was someone else’s idea of what was possible. It was someone elses definition of success, not mine.


Good things, yes. (I am grateful.) Was my heart in it? Not at all. My passion? No ma’am. Soul food? Not a drop.


I was taught those things could not be found in my work life.


How much of our lives is spent working? That’s a lot of time not to have those things isn’t it? Ouch.


To live the life you are here to live – you need to have the courage to make the choices that are right for you and express yourself openly.


And as with everything, it begins within.




How can you begin to set yourself free today? Free from circumstances that are no longer serving you, free from beliefs that are holding you back, free from fears that are keeping you caged in, free from choices you’ve already made, free from the shadows of the past, free from someone else’s idea of the kind of life you are capable of living.


Today is the perfect day to set yourself free. Let’s do that by first recognizing you are ultimately the designer of your life. With that in mind, I will give you three great starting points to uncover your Truth, find your voice, and discover your SoulFUEL™.


1) The first step to uncovering your Truth is learning to deeply listen to yourself by tuning into what you really want and believe, and how you honestly feel. You can do this by setting aside time every day to get quiet with yourself. Allow whatever wants to emerge to come forth and breath. Tune into what your body is telling you and notice any places you feel out of alignment or tense. What are those physical sensations telling you? Try writing in a journal each morning for 5-10 minutes where you can begin to express your thoughts and feelings.


Consistency is key so every day, tune into your heart and create the space for your soul to express itself and experience the freedom of being heard, by you. If you feel inspired, why not start right this moment.


Close your eyes. Place your hand on your heart. From a place of complete nonjudgmental toward yourself or others, think about a decision you want to make in your life right now. I am going to ask you three powerful questions and allow yourself to see what comes up for you around this choice or decision.

1) If I didn’t care what others thought, what would I do in this moment, today?

2) If I embraced the idea that there are many solutions to my challenge, what choice would I make?

3) If I wasn’t afraid, what would I do next?


Take notice of what is stirring in your heart. Feel into that. Give yourself permission to allow it to breath and find its life within you. Okay, now open your eyes and immediately write down what came to you.



2) The next step is to have the courage to share your Truth. Think about a time in your life, it may even be now, when you were afraid to speak up for what you knew was right for you – a time when you couldn’t find the courage to say you deserved that promotion. Or the courage to quit your corporate job and step into the unknown as an entrepreneur. Or the courage to say you need more love in your life and let go of a relationship. Or the courage to forgive someone who has hurt you. Or the courage to walk away from something that sounded really great but your heart wasn’t in it.


It takes courage. That fear is real. Honestly, I would love to give you the perfect step-by-step formula to have more courage but in reality you just have to do it. Sometimes, you have to jump and build your wings on the way down.


The crazy thing about life – the wings always seem to pop out just in time!


What helped me during those times when I was not living as courageously as I do today, was to play out the situation if I continued business-as-usual.


How will you feel in one year if everything remains the same?


Very often, you need to choose to love yourself more than you are, care deeply about your well being and have the courage to make decisions that bring more light, love and happiness into your life.


So here is a question to ask yourself – What if I don’t? What if I don’t make the choice that is right for me?


Then ask yourself – What will I gain in making the decision that feels best, deep inside?


I am here to tell you – you deserve to feel FULLY alive. You can take action in the direction of your dreams, right now, today.


There is no office cushy enough to make up for feeling empty inside. There is no amount of money or apparent stability to make up for the feeling of loss or regret that you didn’t pursue your passions.


I want you to see your life as one big GREAT adventure because, it is. That is how it is meant to be and why we are so drawn as a society to those who lead adventurous, courageous (even “outrageous”) lives.


It is meant for YOU too.  


I had the corner office with the accolades, benefits and high salary. I couldn’t ignore that nagging feeling inside anymore so I took a leave of absence and sat on a beach in Hawaii for 2 months until I figured it out but it took time to gather my courage to follow through on what I discovered there. In fact, in wasn’t until many years later that I finally found it within me to live with courage and create my soul-fueled life.


Even though we may get to a place where we understand in our heart what we need to do, we still need to find the courage to voice and then LIVE that.


Once you have uncovered what is true for you and found the courage to voice it, it’s time to explore Step 3: Finding your SoulFUEL – what you are really really meant to do.


When one of my clients Alice, first came to me she wanted to get out of her corporate job and start a passion-pumped, soul-fueled business that gave her loads of freedom, flexibility and creative expression.  She walked in the room for her VIP Day, handed me two vitamin bottles and asked me to help her figure out how to make money selling them. Had that actually been her SoulFUEL, I absolutely would have but alas, I knew in my heart, it was not.


Through a proprietary process I created, we uncovered her SoulFUEL and designed a beautiful, viable business concept for her as a Flirtation Coach! Yes – from vitamins to flirtation. Fun, right?! She quit her corporate job and is currently creating her programs and growing her business. Alice’s SoulFUEL is much deeper than it appears. Your niche is not your SoulFUEL. Why you are doing it, is.


Or check this out, another client, Toni – a lawyer and single mom, wanted to transition to a business of her own but had no idea what she would do. Now she is growing her business helping women (including minority women) reclaim their power and break through glass ceilings in traditional male-dominated careers. Her SoulFUEL comes from a deeply personal experience around coming into her own power (and freedom).

So, what is SouLFUEL and how do you know if you are living it?

SoulFUEL is what you were placed on this earth to do – really do. It is an assignment of sorts, if you like to think of it like that. It is much deeper than your passions. SoulFUEL is the undercurrent beneath and beyond specific roles you take on in your life.


It is the most powerful, renewable and sustainable resource within the human spirit. It guides, strengthens and enlivens you. It gives you the courage to do whatever it takes to make your difference in the world. When you plug into its power, you are energized in a way that feels completely natural to you.


It is like going home.


Your SoulFUEL™ has been speaking to you for many years – possibly since childhood. It is the dull ache that says you were designed for something more. It is that nagging feeling you have been ignoring. It is the inspiration within waiting to be born through you.


It is not to be feared, but to be absolutely trusted.


Once understood and unleashed, it is where you find your greatest joy and where the world will benefit the most from your gorgeous presence here. It is also your best source of income because money loves to come in through channels that expand you, and everyone around you. Money generated through purpose, passion and change making is money that lights you up when it comes in and is a wonderful source to make an even greater difference toward causes you are crazy about.


When you are fueled from your soul, and live from this greater vision, everything you touch has a special spark. That spark transforms into Light that spreads with every action you take.


Your SoulFUEL is for you as much as the creations birthed from it are for others. It is THE fullest expression of who you are and can be translated into many forms of your beautiful life’s work.


With my definition in mind, can someone talk you out of your current life’s work? Can you be easily deterred from it? Do you know your purpose so deeply, you are an unstoppable force?  


If you can be talked out of your work and if you don’t currently feel unstoppable, you need your SoulFUEL. You deserve your SoulFUEL – and you and the world will not be as bright until you have unleashed it.


To find yours, I will ask you two questions to begin the process.


Regardless of whether you think you can make money doing it, or are even good at it, if you could make only one change in the world, what would it be?


The next question to consider is, if you won the lottery today, what fired-up passion would you most want to do?


Now, give yourself some time to consider these questions and begin answering them openly and honestly with yourself first – perhaps in a journal. This will bring you one step closer to finding and living IT.


Right now in this moment, you may feel your back is up against a wall, like I did years ago. Please be reassured, LIFE and FREEDOM is on the other side. The Truth is, you have a choice – far more choice than perhaps you can imagine at this moment. I am living proof sister.



To live with courage – it is essential to uncover your Truth, find your voice and discover your SoulFUEL. You are not here to just exist and get by. You are here for a specific purpose. You are here to LIVE, flourish and SHINE. You are here to liberate yourself and in doing so, your light will spread like wildfire, giving others (including your precious children) permission to do the same.
Go for it girl!


Are you ready to step into who you are truly meant to be and live a most magical life?! Tell me about it in a comment below Love!


  • Virginia Reeves

    Wendy – this is a powerful punch of things to ask and do. WOW ! I began fueling my soul back in March by publishing a series of books on Kindle (currently at 21). I needed a viable way to validate myself for the hundreds of articles I’ve written over the years on personal growth. They are now becoming chapters! I am proud of me! Not pushing for a business with them at this point. Maybe someday. I’m doing other fun things since I’m 65.

    This paragraph is so true: It is the most powerful, renewable and sustainable resource within the human spirit. It guides, strengthens and enlivens you. It gives you the courage to do whatever it takes to make your difference in the world. When you plug into its power, you are energized in a way that feels completely natural to you.

    • Wendy Collier

      Way to GO Virginia! Keep up the positive momentum doing things that make you proud, delight your heart and make a difference. Much love!

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