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The rocky & delicious road to paradise

We set out over the holidays on a trip to Barbados and Grenada, without any real knowledge of either. We went to shake things up, for the adventure and surprise. This is how most of our trips are.

GrenadaBeach3All we knew was our destination – paradise, but the journey itself with all its unknowns and “risks”, was the core attraction. With that being the spirit of things, we saw and did things most will never see or experience.


We bounced around in a car cruising all over both islands, mingled with the locals, hiked through the rain forest, walked some of the most gorgeous private beaches, and saw the ins and outs of daily life in both cultures. Along the way, I grew.


We were also in some tricky situations on our trip – a remote road that as it turns out, wasn’t actually a road with extremely deep pot holes then dropping off randomly with very little room to turn around, prescription sunglasses that decided it would rather be in the ocean than come home with us, a deceptively innocent looking monkey who caught me off guard and yanked hard on my hair (sneaky thing!), a rain forest hike miles deep in slippery thick mud, and a few areas where our chances of being mugged increased considerably.


When we set out to accomplish any goal or dream, having a crystal clear vision of our paradise destination is essential to getting there. However, we can never really know the twists and turns the universe has for us along the way and more often than not, that’s where most of the beauty is to be found.


And you wouldn’t want it any other way. Often, what is required of us to reach our peaks (goals or dreams) is something out of our current view. The powers-that-be seem to know far better than we what we need to experience to reach our next level in order to be a good steward of the destination we seek. Until we grow (and yes, struggle) we just aren’t equipped for what is there for us when we arrive.


But here’s the thing, you only live once and if some of those things are part of the deal to get to (and be in) paradise, I’m in. The secret is, it IS part of the deal. Once we embrace that, we can enjoy the journey knowing it is *always* working in our favor.


At the same time, we saw sunsets and views that would take your breath away, ate some of the freshest and best food I’ve ever tasted, went to a bond fire and fire works party on the beach on New Years Eve’, looked into the eyes of the most beautiful native children, gazed at the stunning colors of tropical nature, walked through lush, gorgeous forests and beaches and heard the loud ocean waves and jungle sounds as we slept.

GrenadaGrandAnse NYEFire MeAtDistillary GrenadaSchoolChildren BarbadosSunset2 Distillary



The tricky parts are the aspects that stretched and grew me (except for maybe the monkey – that just made me laugh!) and I find the more willing I am to get uncomfortable, the more beauty I experience in life. The two are intricately connected. The more we are able to accept that, the better off we are.


There is no greater example of this than the life of an entrepreneur. Discomfort, twists, turns, and fear are a given but you get to have some of THE most beautiful experiences and views one can ever hope to have in this life.


So, what about you?
What peak do you want to climb this year? (What is your big goal or dream?)
Where is your paradise?

What struggles are you willing to embrace to get there?
Who will you allow yourself to become to BE the person you need to be to reach your destination?
*Share your dreams for this year below. I’d love to hear from you ( ! ), and know others will be inspired by your story.*


Love & Light,
SoulFUEL™ Business & Freedom Coach

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