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Sunrises, Self-Trust & Choosing Life

It all started when William, my beautiful white Persian cat, began scratching at my bedroom door at 4am. To dothat, he had to break through another door that was supposedly closed. The little guy was determined.

Since Tony and I could not get back to sleep after Williams furry intrusion, we decided to bundle up and head over the hill, driving 25 minutes to one of my favorite beaches to watch the sunrise. It was a refreshingly spontaneous moment on a random Tuesday morning. (We captured this stunning picture, to remember it.)






About a month ago, Tony lost his very best friend in a tragic motorcycle accident that happened right in front of him. His friend was doing one of his most favorite things in the world, when it happened. He was not following all of the traditional rules. He was not accepting the limits other people had. He was 29 years old, married, and on a two-week adventure in Mexico. Even though he was building his business and career, he didn’t wait until he was retired to LIVE. He always chose life! (It was actually this desire for myself that led me to quitting corporate.)


Tony and I have had a mounting fervor these last few years to choose life more and more… to watch more sunrises, create more spontaneity, build freedom-based businesses, go on frequent adventures – near and far, give back, grow connections with family and friends and deepen our love and intimacy.


In this endeavor I have discovered that truly living requires one critical component – self-trust because you need to know what living means for you and trust you will choose those things to design your life the way you want it to be. You also need to know what it looks like when you are saying no to life even and especially when it appears completely “rational” or is what you think you “should” be doing.

Here’s the deal butter cup…

Age does not matter.
Having kids (or not) does not matter.
How much money you have (or don’t have) doesn’t matter.
The past does not matter.
What your family thinks does not matter.
Your current circumstances do not matter.


You can always choose life.


Trouble is, you may not trust yourself enough.


How do you know that? You hesitate – often. You say you want one thing but do another and as a result, find yourself in the same place year after year. You might tend to blame circumstances or other people for the situation you are in. You may feel you have betrayed yourself in the past by making attempts that have gone unfulfilled so now you postpone decisions indefinitely and stay in a state of inaction for fear of repeating past mistakes.


There is no shame in any of this. We have ALL been there, especially as women. You have likely been taught to question yourself and what you know is best for you. You have probably also been taught to ultimately relinquish your power to the ideas and limitations of those around you rather than trusting your own heart, strength and abilities. Perhaps you have seriously downplayed the power of your intuition and the wisdom you already have within you or find yourself giving into people pleasing.


Recently I offered nine free Confidence & Clarity Breakthrough Sessions. All of them were snatched up very quickly. Here’s what I noticed. Even when some of these women became clear on what they desperately wanted to do to change the direction of their lives – predominately their work, they denied themselves. They pulled back, said no to what they defined as truly living, and stopped themselves from receiving the very solution they have been praying for, even when they said it was perfect for them.


Their actions did not align with what they knew in their heart and said in their words, they needed and genuinely wanted.


They didn’t trust themselves and as a result, proved to themselves the very thing they fear – that they cannot (or will not) make a decision FOR them, which really is – FOR life and therefore cannot trust they are on their own side. (By the way, when you are lit up everything else around you lights up too!)


The women who DID take action chose to use the moment as an opportunity to learn how to develop self-trust by aligning their actions and decisions with their hearts desires. What happens when a decision like that is made, is astounding.


The Universe rallys in your favor when you release resistance to that which is trying to make its way to you.


When you honor who you are, magic unfolds and the solutions you are seeking – rush in.


I get the most passionate emails and messages about the work my clients are doing. I received another just this morning. She said, “I feel my spirit filling and my soul saying “yes!” as I create content for my webinar. THANK YOU!!!”

Which kind of woman do you think will get further in 2016? Who will LIVE more? Who will have fewer regrets? Who do you sweetness, want to be?

I choose LIFE. Will you?

Feel free to share below what you are committed to doing in 2016 to LIVE more. What decision do you need to make about your lifes work that will set you freeeeee? Let me cheer you on!

Love & Light,
SoulFUEL™ Business Coach, Courage & Confidence Coach, Freedom Guide

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