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What to do with a life quake? (large or small)

Last Saturday family and friends gathered to surprise my niece with an engagement party in San Francisco shortly after her boyfriend proposed to her on the beach. It was one of THE best moments EVER to see her beaming and crying with joy when she saw all of us greeting her as she walked into the swanky lounge we gathered at. She was floored.


The group that gathered were all the people that are the closest to her. As with these kind of occasions, bringing people together to celebrate someone we all commonly love creates closer connections. It was a night full of JOY, love, light and peace.


Fast forward 7 days later and this Saturday, my sweetheart and I will be at his very best friends memorial service. He was with him when he died tragically two weeks ago in a motorcycle accident at only 29 years of age. My guy was only two seconds behind him when it happened.


While my niece’s party was a celebration of a different kind, so will the service be this Saturday – a celebration of the life of an extraordinary man yet, it will also be heavy or dark on some level as his wife, family and close friends say goodbye to their husband, brother, friend, nephew and son who left this world too soon.


As much as we’d like to think we can escape these contrasts in life,
we cannot.


Until we are in the center of the unwanted, the wanted cannot come fully into focus.

Therein lies the rub for it requires us to accept on some level the unwanted in life and USE it to gain greater clarity about what we want, and who we want to be.


Deaths and engagements. Starts and finishes. Dark and light. There’s nothing more clarifying.


LightAgainstDarkDo you listen when the contrasts come? What are they telling you? How can you navigate the dark and light in such a way that draws out MORE of you?


Because the tsunamis of life are unavoidable, we must challenge ourselves to rise when they come.



Even if you haven’t had a life quake of this magnitude in your life of late, what is the general contrast in your life saying about what you want for yourself, and those you love?


All of my clients have had a significant awakening event of one kind or another in their lives. Each has chosen to allow those experiences to help them clarify what they want AND go after it. They chose not to dwell in the dark but rather to come into their courage and leave old situations behind to embark into new, fresh… hopeful territory. They realize life is precious and brief and Now. Is. Their. Time.


9/11 was this for me. I was working for Adobe Systems as a Senior Marketing Manager in my high flutin’ office in the center of Silicon Valley when that day came. I made a decision – a full-on commitment – to plan my exit strategy, transition into work I LOVE and make my unique mark in the world – no matter what it took.


Contrast – big or small. It clarifies – when we open to it, allow the experiences to be heard, and actually make different decisions because of it.


What is your life saying to you?

What do you want to change in 2016?

WHO do you want to BE next year?

What kind of life do you want to LIVE?

What is the MORE that you want?

More love.

More joy.

More fulfillment.

More money.

More fun.

More friendship.

More space.

More spontaneity.

More adventure.

More curiosity.

More peace.

More freedom.


The time is now. It is not someday or one day… but now friends.


Tell us (below) about “the more” you will create in 2016. Allow me to GIVE you a few words of support and love for whatever you feel COMPELLED to create next year. Embrace and adore your life!

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  • Kay

    Great thought provoking blog. Thank you for your words… you always write with such clarity of mind. 2015 was a year of change and challenge for me . I re-tooled my life as a solopreneur. It has not been without its challenges, but I welcome them as they ignite growth in me. 2016 I will dive deeper into my journey of brilliance. At first my goal was to be empowered and to empower women, but when I looked up the definition of empowerment,the core of the definition is about giving or enabling power. We do not need to be given power or need any sort of permission… I am, you are, we all are powerful.. My quest is to help each of us realize that power and brilliance that already resides inside of us. Each of us has our own brilliance to shine out to the world.
    Live Your Life Fully,
    …with Brilliance

    • Wendy Collier

      Glad to see you grabbed some gold nuggets Kay. Sending you love as you dive deeper into your brilliance and empower yourself while empowering others. Go sister, go! – Wendy

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