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Can you be talked out of your dream? Never be dissuaded again.

It was Thanksgiving. We had just eaten A LOT of turkey and I was cornered by three extremely well meaning, loving women in my family concerned I was not making enough money in my business to survive, let alone thrive. They even suggested going back to corporate as I ramped up. (For those of you who know me, you know they may have well been telling me to move into San Quentin State Prison!)

Even if they had not said a word, the worry on their faces and the mere fact they were performing something eerily close to an intervention, was enough to spiral pretty much anyone into self-doubt.

Whether they were “right” or not at the time did not matter. What mattered was the internal dialogue rolling around in my head as their words floated through the air and into my ears.

In that moment, I was faced with one of the most important decisions I would ever make as an entrepreneur.

I could allow their fear to stick to me like cat hair and walk out with it all over me or I could use it as FUEL.

I must admit, for the first few seconds of that conversation I felt that undeniable shiver of fear run through my veins and the truth is, some of what they were saying was based on things I had actually said.

After all, life is only reflecting back what we are really feeling inside.

And the truth was – I was getting scared at that point in my business. Could I really make it happen? Would I have to “go back to corporate” with my tail between my legs and my heart waiting for me every day outside the door?”

Somewhere around second 10 into this super fun conversation, I began to vividly see that my beloved ladies were only mirrors. I recognized The Universe was delivering a HUGE gift by showing me what my internal landscape REALLY was in order that I might self correct and quick ( ! ) because if I wanted my fears to become real, I needed only to continue entertaining them.

I saw the reflection for what it was, thanked Life/The Universe for the feedback, and chose to take it on as a TEST, of my fortitude.

I chose quickly and decisively.

I re-committed.

 I took each of their concerns and translated it into a positive declaration.

   “Well, you’ve been working on this awhile now. It seems really hard.”

Translation: “Yes, it takes tremendous effort and the time spent means I am that much closer to finally popping. Next month will be my biggest yet!” (And, it was.)

   “Can you really keep this up?”

Translation: “Keep up living a freaking awesome life, making a difference and being free? Uh yes. Yes, I can. Not only can I but I WILL.”

    “Are you sure you are doing all the right things? Maybe you should try something else?”

Translation: “I have gathered mentors and coaches who are where I want to be. As I listen and follow their guidance, I see progress. I trust I chose the right people to take me there and will stick to my plan until I reach my goal.”

The more questions came at me, the greater my resolve. The longer we talked, the more impossible it was to dissuade me.

When you have a vision and FEEL into it to the point of deep emotional connection and you KNOW it is where you need to be – all you need then, is an all-out COMMITMENT to get you there.

Commitment – a nearly-insane-madly-in-love kind of commitment.

The kind that is not only confirmed when you are cornered by your fears but grows EVER stronger in the face of them.

So let me ask you this – can you be talked out of your current life’s work? Can you be easily deterred from it? Do you know your purpose so deeply, you are an unstoppable force?

If you can be talked out of it and currently don’t feel blessed-out unstoppable… here’s what I suggest:

1)   Find your SoulFUEL™. (The world will not be as bright until you have unleashed it.)

2)   Get clear on your VISION. (<<< Click, if you want free support to help get you there.)

3)   FEEL so deeply into your vision that you create a strong emotional connection to it.

4)   COMMIT to the point that no one who corners you can mess with your resolve nor can his or her fears stick to you like cat hair.

You are not here to just exist and get by. You are here to uncover your Truth, find your voice and LIVE – here, now, today. You are here to flourish and SHINE.

No matter what your circumstances… you always have a choice. No matter what you may feel is keeping you from truly living – you have the power to live your life your way, starting today.

You ARE far more powerful than you think Love.

You CAN have the life you want. You CAN be who you want to be. You CAN be happy from the inside out.

Now is the time to choose to be free. Now is the time to choose and live what LIGHTS you up from deep inside. Now is the time to act on what is true for you.

It really is your choice.

Share below the choice you are willing to make today. I’d love to offer you a few words of encouragement.

Love & Light,
Wendy ♥
SoulFUEL™ Business Coach & Your Freedom Guide

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