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Comparisons, Illusions & Breaking FREE

We received news last night that a couple we know is getting a divorce. Typical I realize but they were the last I would have suspected this would happen to. They are part of a circle we are in of 8 (four couples). We call it the Motorcycle Club because we ride together and out of all of us, I thought they were definitely in the top tier of super solid couple-hood.


It is all too easy to look on the outside of a situation and think we understand what’s going on, isn’t it? Even though most of us know the surface is a very small part of the picture, it is still incredibly tempting to compare ourselves to what we perceive is happening in the lives of others.


Do you ever cruise through your Facebook news feed and feel your life is lacking in some way?
Do you compare and judge yourself based on what you see on the surface?


Here’s the big questionare you allowing it to hold you back?


Are you allowing comparisons to diminish belief in yourself because you think you’ll never measure up?


When you compare, you probably find things you feel you fall short in and this in turn causes you to question what you are capable of but here’s the thing – you are most likely comparing yourself with something that does not actually exist, in its entirety. At best, you are only getting a partial picture. That’s all I had with our friends. Clearly there was much more going on than what I had visibility into.


Perfectionism, and the illusion that others are perfect can cause us to believe something is not possible for us because we could never be that good.


I often hear from clients that they don’t understand why someone would hire them if they could hire Perfect Suzy Que (who they have only seen online). I can guarantee you Perfect Suzy Que has her bad days – like really bad days. She almost certainly has fights with her husband from time to time, bouts of self-doubt, and definitely doesn’t look like that when she rolls out of bed. How do I know this? I know these people. Heck – I am probably perceived as one of them!

Allow me to shatter any illusions that make you feel like you could never do what I do. I once had no clients or a website or money doing what I love. There was a time I had NO clue how to run a successful online business. I argue with my boyfriend sometimes, have tough days, and definitely do not look like my pictures when I wake up in the morning :). (What I do with those things is another story, for another blog.)


Why am I telling you this?


I do not want you to continue holding yourself back from living an extraordinary life (your birthright) because you are creating stories in your head about how better everyone else is, when they too have private struggles just like you. Okay, sister?


We need to break the illusions that separate and make us feel isolated in struggle and join together with the understanding we are all in this together. We also need more people making a difference and breaking free from the comparison trap that holds far too many back from lives that are rightfully theirs to live.

Please, simply…
Focus on being YOUR personal best.
Focus on being undeniably, unapologetically YOU.
Focus on maximizing YOUR strengths and bringing ALL of you to the mix.

And allow the rest to do nothing but INSPIRE you to step forward, show up, and be seen. We need your light, your genius, your brilliance – the one that cannot be compared because it has your signature on it. Your soulmate clients are waiting for you to take courageous action and rise to be their leader.

Your soul needs you to do the same.

It is time to rise Butterfly! Time to rise. 


Comment and share below in this community of sisterhood. I’d love to support you!

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