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Spinner Dolphins & Hearts Desires: 12 Killer Tips To Living Your Dream

I just returned home from the islands of Hawaii where my honey and I worked, played and lived for 15 days. We stayed on Maui, Molokai and Kauai. It was extraordinary! I am incredibly grateful I can run my business from anywhere in the world without skipping a beat. I had client sessions while gazing at the ocean, meditated at sunrise, and led Half VIP Day sessions and tele-classes that were super juicy because of the inspirational energy that saturated the environment.



I often pinch myself.


Have you ever wondered how exactly you can have everything your heart desires?


On our final day in Kauai, Tony and I took the day off from all technology, checked out of our “airbnb” and explored the island. It was a Saturday and we had 12 hours before our flight back to California. We were as excited as two little kids at Disneyland. We bounced around in our rental car – pulling over at waterfalls, beaches and rainforest caves.


TIP: Find what makes you happy and DO it – in work and in play.


At one particular intersection, Tony pulled over and said, “Okay babe, we have a choice to make. We can either go up here and do a hike or beeline it to the harbor and see if we can get on one of the sunset cruises but we would have to leave immediately to get there in time for departure.”


We had tried ALL week to book one of the sunset cruises that tour the Napali coastline where many movies have been filmed due to the breathtaking cliffs (including Jurassic Park). They were booked solid and even though we were on waiting lists, no one ever called with cancellations.


We had exactly 25 minutes before the cruises departed and it would take us almost exactly that much time to get there from where we were. Tony didn’t want me to be disappointed so he said, “You need to know there’s probably only a 10% chance we’ll get on.” Well intentioned but I took that and thought, “Ha, really? Let’s see what I can do!”


TIP: Use naysayers as FUEL to prove something to yourself.


I said to him, “Let’s go! I’ll manifest it.” This was literally a bucket list item. I was determined. It was also a fun challenge!


TIP: Know what you want.


During the drive there, here’s exactly what I did:
1) I stepped into the certainty that two seats would open up. I literally convinced myself it would happen. I didn’t allow any doubt to enter in. I chose an unwavering knowing.
2) I imagined the details… We wanted a fast catamaran with a delicious dinner and the ability to store our luggage in a locked facility at their office. I got even more granular and brought all of my senses in… the salty air in my hair, the smell of the ocean, the way the boat looked exactly… the taste of the food.
3) Having brought all my senses in to the vision, I allowed my emotions to FEEL it, and then grew more and more excited as though it was absolutely going to happen. There was no question. (Remember, we had no “evidence” it would. Actually, all the “facts” – the reality of the situation – said it was impossible – peak season in Hawaii, the most popular cruise in Kauai, zero seats, 25 minutes from departure – exactly the length of the drive we had to get there, etc.)


TIP: Don’t give “reality” so much credit. It can be manipulated and is only the evidence you can see. It does not show you what you cannot see that is equally as real.


4) I amplified the feelings of doing the cruise, and played with the excitement as we drove there.


TIP: Feel the emotions of what you want before you have it.


5) At times I let go, took my mind off it and immersed myself in the sites along the way.


TIP: Trust, while taking action.


We pulled up to a long row of cruise shops. We went into the first one – no seats. I said to Tony, “Let’s try the one we already chose as our TOP choice.” It had the highest reviews, best boat, dinner, crew, etc.


TIP: Don’t settle. Go for what you really want. Why not? You have one life. Make it wonderful!


We walked in literally 5 minutes before departure. Tony says to the ladies at the front desk, “You don’t have two seats open tonight do you?” I interject and say, “You have two seats open tonight, right?!”


TIP: Watch your words. They have power.


One of the ladies says, “Wow. You’re not going to believe this. Someone just called a few minutes ago and cancelled. We have exactly two seats!”


Wooo hooo!


Was I surprised? No siree. I would have been surprised if that ‘didn’t’ happen.


TIP: Allow yourself to be so certain, you will be shocked if it doesn’t happen.


Then I ask, “Do you have a secure place where we can store our luggage?” There was a slight hesitation as they problem solved this exception but within seconds it was all figured out.


Happy dance!


TIP: Notice when things unfold as you desire and celebrate!


We stepped onto exactly the catamaran I envisioned – the one we originally chose as our top pick, and began our extraordinary journey. Tony says, “Good job girl! Now, manifest us some spinning dolphins :).” I took it on, of course! I have never seen spinning dolphins before. They sounded magical.


We cruised along the coastline at catamaran speeds. For about 30 minutes, we were in very rough waters that had us all soaked to the bone. It was like the best roller coaster you’ve ever been on! I laughed the entire time as the salt water soaked my hair and body. (Said soaked person pictured below.)




Once beyond the rougher waters, we took in break taking views of the world famous Napali cliffs, coves and sea caves. We saw the most beautiful sea turtles floating by us too, and then came – the spinner dolphins! The Captain said they almost never see them that time of the day. He thought it was so unlikely, he didn’t even mention them so we wouldn’t get our hopes up.



TIP: Ignore the odds. Create your own. Align yourself to the same frequency with what you desire.


I was in tears – the really-really-really good kind. The sun was setting. Our bellies were full of yummy food. My honey buns and I were on the stunning Napali Coast in Kauai on a gorgeous boat with wonderful people and the spinner dolphins – so many of them – were performing for us. It was BLISS. (I caught one on camera here. He’s poking out of the water on the right.)


Then, as if this scene couldn’t get any better, guess what happens next?!


More dolphins! Only this time, they were playing in the boats wake. They were swimming and diving extremely close to the boat, as most of us (50 passengers) watched in awe. Gorgeous creatures.



TIP: Watch for the unexpected. Believe that even when things are fantastic, they can actually get even better.


The cruise was the best possible way to end our time in Hawaii and I still feel incredibly grateful for the experience!


This isn’t magical thinking, I believe these principles only work when you also engage in lots and lots of massive and consistent action to empower YOU to live your hearts desires.

So, let me ask you this…

What are your spinner dolphins?
What do YOU want?

What area can you strengthen within yourself to live your hearts desires?
Tell me about it below so I can cheer you on!

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