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What are your I am’s?

Stories. We love to hear them… so much so, we tell ourselves stories about who we are all day!

Your life is a story… a beautiful one. It’s sometimes messy, sometimes tidy… but always and forever, yours.

When we come into this world, we are blank slates. We enter this gorgeous ball in space, unabashedly ourselves – free and wild.

And then things happen that rein us in. At first, it’s others being protective but often… eventually… we begin to feel suppressed. Our joy gets held back…and then, our souls feel a bit shy about being known and seen. Not to mention, fully expressed.

I was recently at a winery with my tall-drink-o’-water of a man and we were soaking up the sun, chewing on grapes and doing a bit of tasting. There was an adorable little boy about a year and a half old who didn’t hesitate one bit to get a running start and come at us with his arms completely stretched out like he was flying, giggling like crazy and crashing into us, repeatedly. He didn’t know us. He was in his bliss, sharing that with us and I am quite certain there was no wine involved! We couldn’t help but laugh with him nor could anyone else watching.




That’s who most of us were when we were little.



Then, we began to take on other people’s stories – not the least of which were our parents. Some of those may have been great, and others might be the birthplace of something that is still holding us back.

Recently I’ve been talking to a lot of you personally (love it!), and here is what I am noticing. There are a lot of “I am [fill in the blank]” negative statements (aka: curses on yourself) that are keeping you stuck. You are actually reinforcing the reality you are unhappy in, with your words. It’s like trying to walk forward in wet cement.

There is absolutely no shame or blame here. I want to help you… because here’s the deal – I’ve been there! Oh boy have I been. My old favorites once were; “I’m not that smart”, “I am broken.”… “I am sad.”. Over and over again… Real empowering, right?! I can’t even imagine thinking those things now.
Here’s a quick strategy to move you from feeling not-so-hot to a whole lot better so you can get on with living from a place of premium grade, turbo charged SoulFUEL™!

Try writing (unedited) what is going on in your head and see how it looks and feels in black and white…

WomanWritingI am in debt.
I am not ready.
I am not sure I’d be good at that.
I am afraid I won’t [fill in the blank].
I am sad.
I have doubts.
I am unclear.
I am stuck.
I am not good with money.
I am alone.
I am a procrastinator.
I am [fill in your favorite curse about yourself 😉 ]

Not so pretty is it? You wouldn’t let anyone else talk to you this negatively all the time, right?

Now, flip ALL of that on its head:

I am capable of creating more than enough money.
I am ready!
I am good at [fill in the blank with your wonderful qualities and talents].
I am a woman who makes incredibly courageous decisions.
I am happy!
I am trusting – in myself and in others.
I am getting clearer each day.
I am moving forward with enthusiasm and optimism!
I am always improving my skills with money, business, [fill in the blank].
I am smart and learning how to create wealth and happiness in my life.
I am surrounded by support and willing to receive the help that is offered.
I am going to take action on what is most important to me from now on.
I am….

You get the idea.

How does that feel?

Now, put those on post-it notes all over your house, and see what begins to happen. Align your new thoughts with the new emotions that accompany them, take action as-if you are there right now today – and you have a good shot at creating a new “reality” for yourself.

You should feel considerably better in doing just this short little exercise. Why? You believe what ‘you’ are telling you. That belief sets everything else into motion. This is so simple but incredibly powerful. When you introduce positive words you get good vibrations running through you (literally), increase your emotional frequency, energize your cells, and in turn – attract what you want – not what you don’t want.

The reverse is also true. Consider the impact of that for a second.

What you focus on grows.

So beautiful, why continue wasting your time repeating, reinforcing, and living your old story? Stop believing it girlfriend! Today can be THE day you change that.

All it takes is a decision.

The old story was yesterday.

You can start your new one today.

Tell me your new, rock-your-life story below. Let me cheer you on!

Love & Light,
Wendy ♥SoulFUEL™ Business Coach & Your Freedom Guide

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