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From Break-In To Bliss: Key Questions To Grow Past Your “Limits”

Exactly one year ago today, I was moving out of my dream home where I shared a life with the man I loved. Honestly, it was pretty devastating for both of us. We had deeply invested our hearts and four and a half years of our lives.


At the time, I was also launching my second “Ticket To Freedom Summit” – a free online interview series, mentoring a teen, growing my business, coaching a group program and private clients, while also doing VIP Days and copy writing projects. It was a lot.

About 8 days after I moved into my new place, I had a car accident in my driveway. Yep. I actually damaged my car more than anyone else who has ever hit me – ha!

Just two days after that at about 1pm, I was on the phone interviewing one of the experts for the summit when I heard loud crashing glass and the sound of feet. I thought it was outside and continued with the interview from a back room in the house. When I finished the interview, I went into my living room and saw my front door smashed open. Someone had broken in, apparently heard my voice and then left. Nothing was stolen but I was a mess… traumatized. I ran outside in my pjs (benefit number #99 of being an entrepreneur!), called 911 and waited for them to arrive.

Even though I was mostly unpacked, I knew immediately I had to move again. Psychologically, I just couldn’t stay… so that’s what I did… I found a new place and moved my life – again.

I felt like I just couldn’t catch my breath. Have you ever felt that way?

Once the adrenalin of all these events wore off, I found myself one evening slumped down on the kitchen floor in the dark crying and seriously considering closing my business… which isn’t a “business” in my heart. It is my dream… who I am… what I am here on this earth to do. This wasn’t just a project, a nice “option”, or an “attempt”.

Here’s the thing… most people at this point would slow way down, and back off from their goals and dreams. I was tempted on that kitchen floor, believe me. I had seriously hit my limit. At least I thought I had.

You probably think you have limits too but you know what those really are?
Walls you keep hitting up against but just haven’t broken through yet.

It is simply a place that when reached feels incredibly stressful… so you begin to remove things from your life in order to wiggle your way back into your comfort zone.

Around this time I had a call with my Coach. Seriously deflated, discouraged and once again slumped over (but on the phone this time 😉 ) I told her I did not know what to ask but I needed help. This series of events was getting the best of me and my ability to give and serve was quickly declining. Everything was at risk.

She said, “This is exactly when you need to keep the tension on. Don’t back off. Push past where you’ve stopped before.”

She was right. That was when I would have normally stopped in years past (aka: give up) yet doing that would have meant forfeiting years of investment and growth not to mention my purpose and passion (which also meant not helping the people I am here for). Pretty high stakes, right?!

The question I then asked myself was:
“Okay Wendy – what barrier have you been unable to get beyond your whole life, and what do you need to do that you’ve never done before to get where you’ve never been? Who do you need to BE to fill the shoes you are here to fill?

When we are in these moments, we are unable to see our patterns but you can count on the fact… they are in full play. I was seeking to understand the pattern… the undercurrent I was still falling victim to within myself that was perpetuating very unpleasant situations.

What I uncovered in the weeks that followed was a secret I had a hard time truly believing until I put it into daily, active practice. At first, I simply acted on faith. Then, the break-throughs happened… nearly every day.

Everything changed.

I found the missing piece that had been absent my entire life.

My life began to improve, rapidly. My spirit soared higher and higher. My income – doubled, tripled, and quadrupled doing more and more of what I am here to do. Five figure months became the norm. Opportunities came my way again and again.

The change was astounding, my trajectory completely shifted and…

It was easier than you can possibly imagine.

In fact, all these events were the catalyst for me to realize the more relaxed we are, the more we are able to live in our uniquely designed flow.








Because of how dramatic my life (and I) changed – especially considering the circumstances, my Coach asked me to speak on her stage in front of hundreds of people. My talk was on the power of focus and perseverance. I could never have imagined this was ahead when I was on that kitchen floor but that’s the thing about life

When we choose to listen to what it is telling us, realize it is for us, cultivate a state of allowing, act in faith and step into our flow – anything is possible.

By the way, the keys to what I discovered during this season of my life are taught in The SoulFUEL™ Adventure Business Academy. I can’t keep this success formula to myself. Check it out >>> HERE <<< and tell your buddies.

Share your thoughts about this post below. It is always a hoot to hear from you!

P.S. For those who made it all the way to the end… My guy and I reunited ten months after I moved out and because of the secrets and formulas I discovered… we are in BLISS :).


  • Virginia Reeves

    Wendy – that was quite a roller coaster ride you were on. So glad that it all came out at the peak ! Acting on faith, relaxing, and allowing positive flow into your life are definitely steps to finding your own ‘good life’. Everyone I know has gone through hard times, persevered, and come out better for it. Attitude and belief in yourself is really important.

    • Wendy Collier

      Thank you Virginia! Yes, how we respond to our circumstances is what will determine the quality of our lives and that is always a choice. Love & Light, Wendy

  • Diana Seidler

    Loved this nugget of wisdom and perseverance. Thanks Wendy!

    • Wendy Collier

      Glad it struck a chord Diana! Having a compelling, colorful, soul-fueled vision makes all the difference. xoxo

  • Paula Johnson

    Wendy, thank you for that story and your fortitude to push on. What hit me was “Don’t back off. Push past where you have stop before”. That gives me some opening to work from. Blessings, Paula

    • Wendy Collier

      Hi Paula! My pleasure :). Yes, isn’t that a great one to remember?! It’s very expanding. You will have the perfect opportunity to practice this a lot, when we begin the SoulFUEL™ Adventure Business Academy in June. Sending you love!

  • Devani Freeman

    LOVE this post!!!! Such wisdom. Thank you Wendy. 🙂

    • Wendy Collier

      Happy you gleaned some gold nuggets Devani!! xoxo

  • Isabelle

    The state of allowing …yes , to let the trial be your friend and teacher , thats progress . That’s victory right there .

    • Wendy Collier

      Yes Isabelle – yes! Good to see you here :).

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