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6 Tips To Overcome Obstacles & Take The Reigns Back On Your Life

When I was 16 years old, I began supporting myself independent from my parents. Those close to me had doubts I would get my college degree. The cards I was dealt before I was 16 left me with “dangerously low self esteem” (that was actually what one of my counselors wrote in her notes) and that dilemma didn’t make for a promising future – or so it seemed – haha 🙂 !

I overcame incredible odds, dug deep within myself, created my future (literally) through sheer will and determination, realized dreams many did not think were possible for me, learned how to think differently (THE key), and blew everyone away – including myself! (Happy dance!)


I paid my entire way through college while working two and three jobs (waitressing up the wazoo!), studied one semester abroad in the United Kingdom through an exclusive program in Cambridge (magical!), and earned my Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Communications. I built a very successful marketing career in corporate inside some of the best companies in the world, worked with abused kids as a volunteer (still do) and founded four businesses (real estate, coaching, writing, consulting).

I tell you this not because I like talking about myself (I really don’t!) but to encourage YOU. I tell you this so you may find the courage within you that says no matter what obstacle you feel is currently preventing you from getting where you want to go, YOU CAN overcome it and come out of it even better on the other side.

In fact, I believe that hurdle is there intentionally, to make you stronger and wiser so you CAN fill the shoes you are meant to fill and live the life you want to live, be free, and make money doing what you are meant to do.

To get there, you need to learn how to; problem solve like a pro, trust yourself, make quick decisions, keep at it, AND realize you are deserving and worthy.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1)   In order to change your life, you must change how you think. Whether that change includes leaving corporate for good to launch a business and life you love, or to continue to build a profitable passion-based business. To change how you think, you must learn from those who think and problem solve differently than you do. (By the way, you can start by talking with me without any pressure, by going > here <.)

2)   Ask yourself:
What is it costing me to not take action?
What is it costing to live in confusion?
What is it costing to ignore my heart?
What is it costing me to be unfulfilled and unhappy?

If this… whatever is stopping you… were no longer an issue…
Who could you be? What could you do? What could you have?

Write all your answers down.

3)   Take ownership. There is a small part of all of us that thinks someone will come in and save the day (thanks, Disney!). That someone is actually YOU. You, Butterfly, are the hero. You can make the difference in your life but you must do things differently than you have been. You will need to step outside your comfort zone to create change but oh… when you do – that’s when it gets REALLY interesting and juicy!

Then you will realize that comfort zone… wasn’t so comfortable after all.
Remember that opening_Wendy_REV2

4)   Trust yourself to make the best decisions for your life. While it is very important to seek mentors to learn how to train your mind, learn new skills/strategies and develop new habits – no one can ever tell you what to do with your life. Good mentors and coaches raise the mirror and show you how to listen to and act upon your truth. Then, they teach you the skills and the knowledge to get there. The trick is learning to trust yourself and the messages you receive, act upon those and then watch the magic unfold.

5)   Realize you are worthy of whatever it is you want. Why not? Really, why not?!

6)   Get it in your mind right now that this is a marathon, not a sprint 😉. This will save you a lot of frustration, trust me. Those who make it, don’t quit… no matter how difficult it gets. The rewards are as SWEET as it gets when you stick with something, and see it all the way through to the end.

In my programs, I use my “Feel-Believe-Trust” model. That is because I have learned we must feel our way (hint: good feelings are your personal sign posts to your best life – follow them!), believe we can do it (at least on some level), and trust our inner guide.

We feel from our heart, believe with our mind, and trust from our soul. The three work beautifully together to take us where we long to go. That means, you already have everything you need within you to begin to pursue your dreams and live a kick ass life. How cool is that?!

I hope this blog was helpful. Tell me below what you will do with this today. I’d love to hear. Feel free to share this article too!

Love & Light,
Wendy ♥
SoulFUEL™ Business Coach







  • Meghan Miller

    Awesome, thanks Wendy!! 🙂

    • Wendy Collier

      You got it Meghan :). Great to see you here! xoxo

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