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Why you may not reach your goals this year & what to do about it

I have a wonderful client who hired me privately to break through the internal blocks that have been preventing her from growing her gorgeous business. Since we have been working one-on-one together she has experienced very significant energetic shifts that have exploded her business. Her schedule is completely full with clients right now and the money is flowing steadily in as she does what she absolutely loves to do. (When she first came to me she was broke and panicked so this is huge.)




The other day we were on a phone session talking about the boulders that block our path to success, and full potential. These are the bigger more pervasive patterns in our lives that literally prevent the flow of what we want to come our way.  You can imagine it like a river. Your BIG boulder is the thing blocking most of the water from flowing freely. That water is your natural flow – it is where all good things in your life originate. It is your access to the open channels of abundance that are trying to flow freely to you.


You may have some success but it’s often a struggle and not giving you the results you deeply desire.


As we got more into this, my client recognized a very deep pattern in her life. It is the “I don’t want…” boulder. That’s the one where you find yourself saying either in your head or in conversations “I don’t want to be on my computer all of the time.”, “I don’t want to do [fill in the blank] strategy to build my business.”, “I don’t want too many clients.” (yes, many women actually say this), “I don’t want to do [xyz task].”, “I don’t want to [fill in your blank].”


You can probably feel that the energy around that won’t get you very far right?


When my client recognized this pattern she began to simultaneously cry and laugh all at once. Knowing laughter, tears of grief that she had held on to this so long, and tears of relief when she realized the awareness alone presented her with the opportunity to now let it go – to allow that boulder to roll away.


Now her work is to change that habit into much more empowered “I want…” statements instead. When your energy is focused on what you DO want and not what you don’t want, you are harnessing powerful creative energy and through your aligned action with that positive creative energy you will begin to draw the wanted thing into your life – money, passionate work, sisterhood, support, love, freedom-based business, etc.


That was her boulder. What is yours?


Goal setting is awesome. I am doing a ton of it right now for the year and LOVING it (Leonie Dawson’s gorgeous workbooks). It is imperative to success actually but here’s the thing, if you are not aware of the blocks that typically prevent you from reaching your well intentioned goals – you’re flying blind, will very likely not get there (sorry Love), and you’ll wonder why.


It doesn’t have to be that way. This year can be different for you, really.


Here’s what my client brilliantly said, “Being in sync with coaching is one way I’m inviting figuring this out. I am opening myself up to problem solving by not doing it the same way. I am figuring out how to get in touch with me, and the spaces that are blocking me. I wouldn’t understand and own these principles if I weren’t holding myself responsible for my life work. I can see more clearly already how it’s possible to move forward with this new awareness and perspective.”


Yes! She nailed it.


W1editOnce we open to the answers and recognize them when they come, THAT is when we can choose to be free.


You can begin with awareness of your fear – the biggest fear that is driving your decisions and your life. If you don’t know what that is (we’re usually blind to the real one), hiring a coach or mentor is an excellent next step. Often we need someone else to help us see these things. I know that’s been the case for me. Seriously girlfriend, you will get a lot further with a coach.



Once we bring these shadows into the light, they lose their power. We simply must face them, look them in the eye (give a wink 😉 ), grieve and let it go. What once served you (for survival) is likely now keeping you from you want but you can do something, just like my client did. 

Did this blog make a difference for you? I’d love to hear your ahas, below. I am always delighted to answer your comments :).

Love & Light,
Wendy ♥
SoulFUEL™ Alignment Business & Freedom Coach

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