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  • Three Popular Myths Debunked

    Todays blog was inspired by members of my community who wrote asking for my help. Thank you, for opening your lives and extending your hand in trust. There will be more blogs to come on various topics such as; messaging/monetizing your passion, the fear & confusion trap, winning the inner game, debt, how to find the… Continue reading

  • A Two-Word Question That Could Change Your Life

    It began at a hilltop winery under magnificent trees with one of my best gal pals, ended on a really great date at a super delicious restaurant, and was met in the middle with an adventurous day in San Francisco. What a great weekend. I hope yours was filled with experiences you love too.


    I was… Continue reading

  • Are you listening to your pain?

    About a year and a half ago, I bent over to pick something up, and had a hard time getting back up. This was a first! I am young, healthy, and very active. This happened for about one week then went away (with a recurrence from time to time that passed). No biggie, right? I’ve… Continue reading

  • Who is fighting for you?

    When I was in 8th grade, I attended a private Catholic junior high school. All my friends applied and were accepted into the Catholic high school nearby… but not me… and my grades were among some of the highest. The only difference between them and myself was I declined to get “Confirmed” with the Catholic… Continue reading

  • Could This Be The Answer?

    Our relationship was unraveling by the minute. It felt very much like we were helplessly watching a train wreck.

    I sat across looking into his eyes… the man I loved for so many years… yearning for our breakthrough… still wanting us… but seeing it crash before me. We both paused in the middle of our conversation.… Continue reading

  • Private turning points to freedom

    I wanted to share something very private with you. This weekend, I accidentally stumbled on a journal entry I wrote on April 22, 2002 – 12 years ago. It feels divinely timed I discovered this while launching this years Ticket To Freedom Summit. I haven’t seen or read this since it was written. I didn’t… Continue reading

  • What stops you?

    I am sitting at one of my favorite cafés on this hot summer day. This place always inspires me to write. Honestly, I haven’t felt inspired for some time now but here’s the thing… the moment I step outside of myself, get past whatever is holding me back, and focus on who I am here… Continue reading

  • The secret to success

    Every day I talk with women who are passionate about making money doing what they love, making a difference, and finding their freedom (often from corporations and institutions and sometimes their own small business). They are filled with passion and sincerely want to make their dreams a reality, which is why my heart LIGHTS UP… Continue reading

  • Ducks not in a row? Perfect!

    Four months after making a final decision to leave corporate life, I was asked to speak to a group of 75 women about what I do as a Coach. The problem was, I had no idea what this business would be. I had coaching and consulting businesses before but was starting from scratch on this… Continue reading

  • Do you owe yourself an apology?

    In 2002, I earned my Coaching Certification while working full time as a Senior Marketing Manager at one of Forbes Top 100 Companies. I charged out there, told everyone I knew, printed a few lame brochures and waited for the phone to ring. I wasn’t entirely that passive, but pretty darn close. Now this made… Continue reading

  • Life lessons from a weekend in the wilderness

    I am going to be really honest. I know, on the outside… in my marketing, etc. it can appear as though everything is perfect. Let me just tell ya’, it isn’t perfect nor has it been – ever. Life gets messy for all of us, from time to time. What is amazing however is how… Continue reading

  • Four Powerful Decision-Making Tips (& A Personal Story)

    When I was 16 years old, I was no longer living with my Mom or Dad and supported myself. I had already been working various part-time jobs (as early as 13 or 14 actually) and continued doing so throughout high school. I was fortunate to be offered temporary places to stay during my junior and… Continue reading

  • How to cure what-makes-me-so-special-itis

    I was talking to a woman from this community recently. She has a beautiful idea for her dream business and life but has no idea where to begin. This is a very common dilemma of course and why gorgeous souls like hers want to talk with me. As we uncovered what stops her from taking… Continue reading

  • How to build your entrepreneurial muscles, at work

    It was somewhere around 2002, when I began to realize that while I was making great money as a Senior Manager working for one of Forbes Top 100 Companies, I was losing the parts of myself I valued the most. Then, I began to look around and notice others were doing the same. There was… Continue reading

  • The moment that changed everything for me

    “You need to be ruthless, Wendy.”

    The second these words came out of the person I reported to at one of Forbes Top 100 Companies, I knew that was the Universe… Life… My Guide, telling me to get out of the corporate environment for good… as in, forever. For me, that was the clarity I needed.

    I wasn’t angry,… Continue reading

  • Snakes or butterflies? Lessons From The Jungle.

    The sights, sounds and smells of the jungle are difficult to put into words. Even if I tried, it wouldn’t do nature justice. All I can say is, it felt like being in perfect harmony to be immersed in the wild. Watching monkeys swing branch to branch carrying their young… well, there just isn’t anything… Continue reading

  • Are you showing up for yourself?

    I am sipping a yummy tea latte at Peets on this beautiful fall day, and have a very strong prompting to get this blog out to you. I share a brief story about a very special young woman in my life, and offer coaching around a common problem I see amongst those not reaching their… Continue reading