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A Two-Word Question That Could Change Your Life

It began at a hilltop winery under magnificent trees with one of my best gal pals, ended on a really great date at a super delicious restaurant, and was met in the middle with an adventurous day in San Francisco. What a great weekend. I hope yours was filled with experiences you love too.


I was thinking about what it was exactly that made this weekend such a blast. Sure, it included a glorious afternoon with a sweet entrepreneurial German friend in the fabulous neighborhood of Pacific Heights in San Francisco, an evening with my bubbly mastermind partner and beloved soul sister sipping wine under oak trees, and ended on a giggly date… but really, what makes us happy inside? Yes, it is absolutely about real connections. That is critical to our happiness. I would venture to guess for many of you, it is also about freedom – the kind we feel deep within, and that begins with a belief about what choices we have in our lives.




Knowing I have the choice to spend my time as I wish, with whom I wish, doing things that light me up and, woman-on-the-beach-with-her-laptop-2771give where I give best – every day of the week feels like true freedom to me. When Sunday night came and I thought about Monday, there was no sense of dread. There was only excitement about the “work” ahead.


The reason most people live for the weekends is because it isn’t until then they feel free, and the saddest part – they accept this as “just the way it is”. That means most everyone only feels free a couple days a week… that’s 48 hours out of 168 hours each week, and potentially 120 hours per week where they feel very much UN-free, or rather – let’s be honest – in some form of bondage. Not to get too heavy here but it’s an important point. Life is short, right?


When we have inner freedom, paths we were unable to see before suddenly make themselves known. It’s as though the scales that were once on our eyes have fallen away and we have sight for the first time. We see things the way they really are, and not how we were conditioned to believe they are.


BeingYouWhat the heck is inner freedom anyway? Well, I see it as a state of being – an untethered spirit, a mind cracked open – receptive to new ideas, and a heart – released. This kind of freedom literally shapes daily reality because you see all that is around you differently. An entire world of possibilities opens up. Rather suddenly, you are able to make decisions you felt previously you were unable to make.


And… why not?


(Note: In corporate I wasn’t allowed to start any sentence with “And”. Now, I have the freedom to. 🙂 )


Back in the day, when I was at Fortune 500 and Forbes Top 100 companies (blah, blah, right? 🙂 ), I often noticed how defeated almost everyone felt. It came through in their language – in almost every sentence they spoke and in their demeanor – mostly, downtrodden. Pretty much everything they said sounded like they were without choice, and these were situations directly impacting their life and well-being.


It wasn’t the company holding them hostage. It wasn’t their boss, their job, not even their wife ;). It was them. Really, it boiled down to what they allowed themselves to think is possible. I fell into that funk too at times but it sure did help to know I would someday leave. Having an exit strategy was the light at the end of my tunnel, for sure.


What about you? What do you think is possible for you?


It’s true I help women leave jobs they (quite honestly) hate to make money doing what they love. I also empower female business owners to do the same but you know what this is really all about… empowering YOU to take charge of your life, create your destiny, and literally re-shape your reality.


It is about actually knowing this is possible.


In turn, you model this to your beautiful daughters (and sons). In doing that, we (together) help eradicate the victim and fear mindset pervasive in our world. Imagine a world where everyone felt empowered and full of LIFE? Okay – off my soap box, for now :).


Ladies, please hear this – YOU are free, the moment you realize you are.


You are far more powerful than you think.


It begins within by asking one of the most important questions you can ever ask yourself…

Why not?
Why not me?


Then, when your inner naysayer immediately begins buzzing in your ear saying, “I’ll tell you why not!”, you say in return:

“I choose freedom.”
“I choose… choice.”
“I choose joy.”
“I choose to look for the alternatives.” (Hint: They are endless.)
“I choose to figure it out. Why not? Others have.”
“I choose to believe it CAN happen for me.”
“I choose to see reality as moldable and changeable.”
“I choose LIFE.”


Is it possible there is a part of you somehow being served or appeased by staying small and living only a fraction of your potential?


Is it possible you are afraid to lose the approval of others, or be seen differently than you’ve been comfortable with?


Is it possible you are afraid you can’t handle it if your dreams really do come true?


I don’t know the answers for you but I do know long ago, I answered yes to each of those questions and that is exactly why I was stuck (amongst other ways I held myself back). (By the way, did you know the moment an excuse comes to your mind, you lose your power?)


The late Joan Rivers said to her daughter, “Life is a movie.” She understood we create our lives, literally. We choose the characters, the set… the plot points. With that frame of reference, she created an amazing life she loved (she said) and by following her bliss, she brought much joy to the world. That’s what happens when we go after what fills us up. We just can’t help but overflow, and make the lives of those around us better. That’s what it’s all about – being in a position to offer more of the best of you to the world… and we definitely need more of that.




What would happen if you embraced the fact you have the power to change your life, no matter what your situation?


Or you simply decided to believe it for a while?


What difference could that make?


I’d love… love… to hear from you below. Share the love with those you love too.


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Love & Light,
Wendy ♥
SoulFUEL™ Business & Freedom Mentor

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