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Are you listening to your pain?

About a year and a half ago, I bent over to pick something up, and had a hard time getting back up. This was a first! I am young, healthy, and very active. This happened for about one week then went away (with a recurrence from time to time that passed). No biggie, right? I’ve never had any issues whatsoever with my back despite the fact I have been straining it like mad throughout my life, with running, weight training, spinning classes, hiking, etc. I wasn’t concerned and figured it was a fluke.


Fast forward, and a few months ago I had an achy throb developing down my right leg. I noticed it mostly while lying in bed. This persisted for months and interrupted my sleep. I ignored the discomfort just as I ignored the warning sign a year earlier. Then, Friday August 22, 2014 – I woke up, and tried to get out of bed but could hardly move. What, had I aged two decades overnight? Pain was shooting down both my legs and everything hurt. So what did I do? Loaded up on ibuprofen, went to the gym and did squats of course! That was smart, right? Ha. After one squat, I had the most intense pain I’ve *ever* felt. I wasn’t at all sure I could even bring the weight back up to rack it. I could barely walk and had to try my darndest to hide the agony on my face, feeling quite debilitated amongst a sea of strangers. That was fun. (The ibuprofen had clearly worn off.)


I did not know what to do. Do I push through? Do I try another type of exercise? Maybe it will actually help just to keep going. I’ve never had this, ever, and was confused about what was happening so I went to another machine thinking, weeeeell… maybe leg lifts won’t be so bad. Uh huh. Famous last words. If anyone happened to be pointed in my direction at that moment, I must have looked like a 90-year old woman as the pain seared through my lower body and I struggled to get out of the machine. I felt immobile for a few minutes (this is a first!). I took a short break.


Damn it. I’m not giving up. I came all the way down here… I’m in my gym clothes… I need to get my weight training in. I know… I’ll try traveling lunges with weights! Again, sounds super smart under the circumstances, right? (Seriously Wendy.) Thankfully, I was in an empty classroom at the time because I couldn’t manage even one before I fell to the floor. Okay, gotcha… I’m out.


Here’s the thing – had I listened to the pain and discomfort sooner, I would not have ended up in intense pain and on the floor but that’s not what we do is it? We ignore the signs that we need a plan. We ignore the blessing and the lesson of the pain – the signals we are way out of alignment – and white knuckle our way through. “This is just how life is.”, “This is “normal”.” “Most people feel this way.” We allow our fears, the lure of mediocrity and frankly, laziness… to take charge and because life is on our side and has our back (no pun intended :)), the pain keeps coming up until we do something about it. The longer we ignore it, the worse it gets.


How bad will it have to get before you do something? Something different than you’ve ever done before…


I had been told countless times to get in a routine of stretching and exercises to protect my back and was warned constantly of potential consequences, if I didn’t. I never listened. I always thought yeah, yeah… someday. I never committed to a plan of action to ensure I didn’t develop a problem but guess what? I have now!


The pain became so great, and the consequences so far reaching (threatening the active lifestyle I love), I am now forced to do something different than I’ve ever done before. (The good news – this is a sports injury I was aggravating that is completely reversible as I work the plan, and you bet I will! Thankfully, it’s not anything else.)


I played the entire scenario out in my mind, if I didn’t do what it takes. When I played it all the way out – I saw more pain, limitations, and a lower quality of life if I ignored the injury and never learned how I did it in the first place. Not learning from this is unacceptable so I’m on it.


When you play out your pain, where will you be one year from now?


Are you listening to its lessons? Are you heeding the warning signs?


Do you have a plan to stop the chronic discomfort?


The doctor sent me to Physical Therapy. My first appointment was yesterday. The lovely lady there – Nancy, taught me exercises I need to do twice each day. I need to do this even after my back is healed (from whatever I did to it). It’s already better because I am doing things I’ve never done before and it actually works! I am back in action, and hardly skipping a beat :).


When Nancy handed me the stack of papers with diagrams of these exercises, I was brought back to years ago when I had whiplash from a car accident. They gave me a similar plan for my neck. I walked out of the office and literally never did them. I just didn’t believe it would actually make a difference. This time, I am committed, like never before – to listen, trust the experts, follow the plan, and stay on the right course.


Why does it take so much pain before we wake up to what we need to do?


Why do we dull ourselves and self medicate in hopes it will go away when it is there to wake us up?


What if this time, you decide you’ve been in your pain long enough?


What if this time, you commit yourself to a plan to get out of it?


What if this time, you really listen to the warning signs before you end up in a crisis?


If you would like help with a Plan Of Transition into a thriving, heart-centered business, and want to feel secure knowing you are making a good decision, I do have a couple openings for Private VIP Days (virtual or live). You can click >>> HERE <<< and we’ll talk about what’s going on with you.


We’ll see if this, or something else, is right for you. Either way, by taking the simple step just to talk, you are setting into motion a new set of actions that will change your current trajectory, which is what you really want – a new destination, clearly in sight.


Love & Light,
Wendy ♥
SoulFUEL™ Business Coach & Your Freedom Guide

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– Brenda Jensen

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  • Wendy Collier

    Hey everyone! I’ve received so many sweet emails asking about my back. I am *thrilled* to report all is very, very well. Turns out, it was an injury from weight training that just needed to heal and I was aggravating it. I now have a stretching and strengthening plan that will prevent it from happening again. Had I not sought help and listened to people who know better than me about this, I would have been in big trouble by continuing to strain and stress it which would have led to a more serious, longer term issue. This is why we need to listen early when we are in pain or discomfort (emotional, physical or spiritual). Don’t wait until you fall to the ground or are in a crisis to get the support you need, okay? Here for you. ♥

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