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Who is fighting for you?

WC-018-facebookWhen I was in 8th grade, I attended a private Catholic junior high school. All my friends applied and were accepted into the Catholic high school nearby… but not me… and my grades were among some of the highest. The only difference between them and myself was I declined to get “Confirmed” with the Catholic Church. I was literally the only one in my class not to do so. I guess that was the rebel in me ;). Honestly, I just didn’t feel comfortable declaring Catholicism as my religion and declined out of integrity but I did see a huge benefit to going to a private high school. I felt I needed that kind of environment.

It broke my heart not to be accepted, and lose all my friends. I had a choice to either accept the “reality” of the situation or fight for it. Guess what I did? Yep! I chose to fight. Shocking, I know ☺. Even at that young age, I had a groundswell within me to advocate on my own behalf when I felt no one else would. I knew if I wanted to reach my dreams, I had to go after them. Any sense of opposition (perceived or real) only fueled this.

I went first to the principle of my junior high. She had little sympathy; probably because it was an insult to her I didn’t go through with Confirmation. Then I tried teachers, my Mom, the local grocery store clerk… the neighbor’s dog. You get the idea. In the end, no one could really help me… but me.

So I did what people do when they want to change their reality… I got my feet moving. That summer, I jumped on the public bus for many, many days in a row and sat in the principal’s office lobby of the private high school. I wanted to talk with her, get a reasonable answer as to why I wasn’t accepted (with my excellent grades), and convince her why I needed to be there. No one could ever tell me why, and she refused to ever see me. Again, I feel it was due to my not getting Confirmed but I would have appreciated them telling me that, for some degree of closure.

Even though I never did get into the high school – I now know the situation was put before me so I could prove something to myself. That summer, I uncovered a part of me I hadn’t seen before… a belief within I needed to know I had to move forward with greater confidence in my life. I had no idea what was ahead (turned out, it wasn’t pretty) and I needed that courage to see me through.

My ‘warrior spirit’ was rising. What about yours?

I give that spirit the credit for propelling me through high school, college, an exclusive study abroad program at Cambridge in the U.K., a very successful career, work with abused children, and the birth of several businesses – against far too many odds.

I talk to a lot of amazing, talented women, and here’s what I see missing in most of them – the fight for themselves… their dreams, their purpose, their fulfillment. This breaks my heart. Not only for them but for the world who is missing out on their incredible, life-changing gifts.

I don’t fault them…

Men are typically taught from birth to grab and claw their way through the world. Women are taught to let them do it for us. We either unconsciously or consciously outsource our lives into their hands… because typically they are the ones fighting the hardest for what they want, and riding their coat tails feels easier. I believe this is why (typically) more men than women are financially savvy. Of course, this is a gross generalization and there are tons of exceptions but it is one fairly common set-up. I call it a set-up because it sets women up to feel they don’t have enough power to change their circumstances, well being, or financial health… and that’s a lie.

It also reinforces the belief most women have that they are not good with business or money when really, it’s something that is fairly easily learned. Past mistakes or a lack of results means nothing. It’s in the past. Every day is an opportunity to make life changing shifts – of whatever size… and here’s what I really want you to hear…

You DO have the power within you to change your circumstances. I don’t care what has happened in the past. It doesn’t have any say in your present or future unless you allow it to, right?

You – gorgeous… are a bright, shining soul waiting to burst through and LIVE… THRIVE… be all YOU can be.

You DO have a choice in the matter. You only lose your power the moment you think you don’t have it.

You are the creator of your life. I know this can be difficult for the mind to grasp but I believe intuitively, you know it’s true.

Most importantly, you can be the hero of your own story.

  • Who have you given your power away to?
  • How can you reclaim it?
  • What event or circumstance (past or present) have you allowed to take control?
  • Are you willing to liberate yourself?
  • How can you stand up and fight for yourself, your dreams, and your values?

If you’re ready, I’d love to hear what this stirred up! Feel free to comment below. I would love the opportunity to support you.

Love & Light,
Wendy ♥

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Again, feel free to comment below. I’d love to answer your questions, or just simply offer my support.

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