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Could This Be The Answer?

Our relationship was unraveling by the minute. It felt very much like we were helplessly watching a train wreck.

I sat across looking into his eyes… the man I loved for so many years… yearning for our breakthrough… stillWomanWithHandOverMouth wanting us… but seeing it crash before me. We both paused in the middle of our conversation. Fewer words came forth. My hand gently covered my mouth. Strangely, in our final days, I began to notice I was unconsciously doing this more and more.

What wanted to be said?
What needed to be said?
Could it have made all the difference?
Could it have turned our ship around?

We were stuck… really stuck.
We did not have the answers, and I was simply too tired to find them.
Could it have been right beneath my hand?
What was under my breath?

The Truth.
Apparently so scary I kept it quiet but what was to fear that much, really?

Sometimes, we are just fighting shadows beloved.

I didn’t realize how much I was containing until I was outside of the relationship. Isn’t that often the case?

Unfortunately much of that containment had powerful, game changing stuff in it. Could it have made a difference? Honestly, I’m not sure. I was only half the equation. Regardless, I do know it cost me a lot to stay quiet about what really needed to be said and more importantly, felt.

There isn’t one person I have ever met who doesn’t have a difficult time admitting their truth fully, completely and consistently… to themselves first, then to those around them. This isn’t just about the ugly stuff either. This is also about the pretty, sweet things we are afraid to share. Either way, it’s the real and often vulnerable parts we fear won’t be accepted let alone… embraced and adored.

Frankly, I’ve been removing layers for years. With each one that falls away there is an even greater freedom to be found and you know what…

Even when we don’t speak it… it remains true.

That’s the beauty of truth. It just IS and dagnabbit, it never lets us go! Thankfully, right?!

That’s our True North.
We need it.

We need it to tell us how far off, or on, the path we are.

So, the question is…
What is your hand covering?
What needs to emerge?
What truth, were you to admit it, could turn your ship around?
How can YOU stand in your Truth, without needing hindsight to give you the clarity available to you right now?

You see, the Truth is always speaking.
Are you listening?
Are you acting on it?

What if you were to decide today it is safe to speak your Truth and that it is in fact, conspiring in your favor to bring you into your greatest joy?

What if today you were to decide simply to admit it to yourself?
In all its boldness and passion.
This could be something you share in your journal, with your best friend, or if you’re like me – you might record it into the voice recorder on your phone in the solitude of your car.

This one step beloved, is half the battle.

You may discover you don’t believe enough in yourself to pursue your dream or you have always wanted to own a flower shop but have been afraid of what others might think. Or perhaps you are just now realizing how much you truly love someone.

Whatever it is… give yourself a calm space to allow the Truth to come forth. Release the hand covering your words, and listen for the voice that wants to be heard… the words that must be said to finally set you free…in whatever form that makes itself known.

Let go.
Allow it to come forth.

Your freedom and possibly your very best life… awaits.

Love & Light,
Wendy ♥
SoulFUEL™ Business Coach & Your Guide To Freedom

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  • Meghan

    Beautiful Wendy! I can so relate… Thank you! <3

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  • Jennifer Nelson

    Wow. Super brave and authentic and beautifully brutal!

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