SoulFUEL™ Business & Freedom Mentoring for ambitious, purpose-driven women
ready to make money making a difference, and live free from the inside, out.

Here is what I know about you…

You are either in a job feeling incredibly unfulfilled and have that nagging feeling you are meant for something more or you are within the first few years of your business and struggling to make ends meet. Either way, you feel off track – off center – as though you are performing a role rather than moving, breathing and acting from who you really are, and living in the full abundance of that.

You hear it is possible to make real money doing what you love and you dream of living that way but part of you doesn’t fully believe it or you just and simply do not know exactly how. The days, weeks, months, and years are passing and you are wondering when you will make the major shift that will make all the difference and you know, deep down, this is your destiny.

Here are a few gorgeous options to help you get there

The SoulFUEL™ Adventure Mastermind (now called SoulFUEL School™): A 9-month adventure led by Wendy where you uncover and unleash your SoulFUEL, launch or refine your online business, understand who your ideal client is, create your messaging, packages, programs and pricing and enroll clients into your transformational work. Doors close: March 5, 2018. > Apply here.

SoulFUEL Discovery™: A 10-week adventure led by Wendy where you uncover your SoulFUEL, get crystal clear and learn how you can translate your SoulFUEL into a business that can make you money within an intimate community of loving sisters. Next enrollment: May, 2018. To inquire, feel free to complete the Contact Request below sharing your interest in SoulFUEL Discovery™.

The SoulFUEL Private Diamond Program: A 12-month high-level, high-touch, customized mentorship program with Wendy to empower you to make money doing what you LOVE. Wendy specializes in working with women who have no idea of what they want to do (or are confused about it) to actually launching and making money. To inquire, feel free to complete the Contact Request below sharing your interest in the Diamond program.

SoulFUEL™ Private 1×1 VIP Days: A One Day VIP Day Retreat with Wendy to create your own custom SoulFUEL Freedom Plan. To inquire, feel free to complete the Contact Request below sharing your interest in VIP Days.

To explore the experiences of Wendy’s clients, feel free to visit the links above and/or peruse her
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