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The secret to success

Every day I talk with women who are passionate about making money doing what they love, making a difference, and finding their freedom (often from corporations and institutions and sometimes their own small business). They are filled with passion and sincerely want to make their dreams a reality, which is why my heart LIGHTS UP connecting with them.

They are also filled with fear and uncertainty.

As you can imagine fear stops passion and creation dead in its tracks, which means what they feel pulled to do with their life gets put on hold, or delayed indefinitely. This causes anguish in their soul. Can you relate?

Fear Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever WillFear says:
“Who are you to do this?”
“Who do you think you are?”
“How are you any better than that other woman?”
“What if you fail?”
“You don’t know enough.”
“You aren’t ready.”
“You aren’t smart enough?”
“What do you know about business?”

The list goes on and on. Pick any of the above, swirl them around in your head long enough, and you create a state of confusion and stagnation. Since you are meant to grow, being paralyzed by fear is a form of death – not to be morbid here!

Do those sound like the words of your higher self? Do they sound loving, positive, hopeful, optimistic, or even trustworthy?

Why would you listen to your lower self? The ego self. Will that part of you get you where you want to go? Will that part of you help you reach your goals and dreams? Probably not, right?

The inner game is everything. Really… truly… everything. The person who “wins” is the one who masters their thoughts, and never gives up. It has little to do with education, a good childhood, or formal training.

You can hire 10 business coaches who give you excellent strategies to follow and even teach you how to pull it off but if you aren’t overcoming the inner battle, you have lost before you even begin. A lot of time and money is wasted this way.

This is exactly why I teach my clients how to change their inner dialogue and help them align their actions, strategies, and thoughts with what they say they want. When we reach congruency, we feel ALIVE… and we thrive.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help shift your focus in a more positive direction when fear is talking:

1)   Would I say this to my daughter? (If you wouldn’t say it to someone you love more than anything in the world don’t say it to yourself… deal?)

TIP: Replace that dialogue with what you WOULD say to her if she came to you with any of the above questions/comments. Write it down and keep it with you in a small journal you can look at throughout the day.

2)   Is this coming from my higher or lower self? If lower – ask yourself, “Why am I listening to this?”

TIP: Replace your low-level thoughts with high-level ones that feed you such as, “There is  no one else in the world like me. I come from a Source that is pure positive energy. I open my heart and mind to that loving force now and accept all that is waiting for me.” Continue to create mantras and positive statements to replace the ones that sabotage you.

3)   Are these thoughts moving me closer to a better life, or further away from it? It sounds simple but is it helping or hurting? Our thought patterns are doing one or the other throughout the day.

TIP: Listen to your emotions. If you are feeling bad, you can bet your thoughts are causing it and they are coming from an ego-fear-based place that isn’t serving you. It isn’t enough to try to force your thoughts out. You want to become more and more conscious, intercept them as they are running and replace them with thoughts that feel good and empowering. You can make dramatic shifts in your state of well being by replacing just one sabotaging thought pattern.

Being in a job that makes you miserable and feeling helpless to get out, or running a business that’s making way less money than you need, isn’t about learning a magical method. It IS about changing how you think then aligning your actions with your highest and best thoughts. Once you literally change your mind, you can’t imagine anything but having exactly what you want, and need… and frankly, what is rightfully yours – a life that’s fulfilling, FUN (remember what fun is 😉 ?!), and prosperous in every way.

If you are ready to take the first step… grab a time on my calendar here and I’ll help you gain some clarity and figure out next steps (whether that’s working with me, or not – no pressure, seriously). I also have one Private VIP Day Retreat currently available >>>HERE<<<. You can book an appointment on that page too.

How will you step into your power today? Tell me below. I’d love to hear from you! Know a friend who needs this message? Share the love with them too.

Love & Light,
Wendy ♥
SoulFUEL™ Business Coach & Your Guide To Freedom

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