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The moment that changed everything for me

“You need to be ruthless, Wendy.”

The second these words came out of the person I reported to at one of Forbes Top 100 Companies, I knew that was the Universe… Life… My Guide, telling me to get out of the corporate environment for good… as in, forever. For me, that was the clarity I needed.

I wasn’t angry, or upset. I liken it more to feeling like someone was asking me to be a car. It’s simply not possible. I just don’t have the right parts to be a car nor do I want those kinds of parts :). I was being asked to be someone I’m not and even the idea of doing that was incredibly painful. I had already been vacillating on where to invest my life/passions, and this comment made it really easy to make that choice. That moment began what I call, “The Escape Plan”.

I had many moments like this in the corporate world… many… but there are times when the signals from life are particularly strong. This was one of them. I actually smiled on the inside. I felt free… released… given permission to be me. And ruthless… is so clearly not me. (I mean really, do I look like the ruthless type to you?).

Sometimes we are on the fence about a relationship or a job because we aren’t yet aware (in a blatantly obvious way) that we’ve been faced with a choice that is in direct conflict with a value we hold near and dear to our hearts. That value for me in this case, is kindness. I wholeheartedly believe you can be kind and still get the job done. You can be kind and speak the truth – even the “ugly” truth. You can be kind and outrageously successful. After all, I had already proven that to myself having won numerous awards for my accomplishments at some of the most sought-after companies in the Silicon Valley, and there wasn’t one day when I was “ruthless”, not even close.

Here’s the thing – it isn’t easy to always be honest with ourselves, is it? Especially when we have a lot at stake. In other words, when we believe there are very few, or no, choices left for us – it can feel as though we are trapped. These beliefs are simply perceptions we have about a situation that’s often difficult to see from any other angle when we are entrenched in it.

Can I ask you something? What are you sacrificing to stay in a situation that basically betrays who you are? (Assuming that is the case for you of course.) This is a tough question, I know.

This could be a job or a business that isn’t working and you aren’t sure why. Something just doesn’t feel right.

For me, the line I could not cross was to be ruthless. That was a deal breaker, and ultimately, that was ‘the truth that set me free’. It was a blessing! I was also asked to lie, deceive, manipulate, and hide information. I never once agreed to do any of those things of course but it sure did give me a yucky feeling to be in an environment that considered that a requirement on the path to “success”.

What is your environment requiring of you that you honestly don’t feel good about?
free woman learned how to change careers
Let this year be the year you not only recognize what you are really all about but also honor those gorgeous aspects of you by making choices that are in alignment with your core values.

Let this be the year you set yourself free from anything that isn’t allowing you to be 100% yourself – unencumbered. In fact, you should be celebrated for what you uniquely bring to the table, and have the freedom to express that – every day of your life. Seriously, when did we grow to accept anything less than that?!

Why is this important? Because you can’t shine your light when it’s being snuffed out by the dark, beloved. When your light isn’t shining, this world just isn’t all it can be (nor are you), and we need you. We really need you. Also, you have a purpose that until it is fully expressed, will nag you day and night. Trust me on this.

This doesn’t mean you quit doing what you are doing tomorrow… not at all. You want to be smart (I know you are!) and strategic by creating a transition plan with someone who has ‘been there, done that’. You want to set an exit date that sings to your soul, and create something that excites you so much… you can hardly sleep!

You want SoulFUEL™ coursing through your veins and you want to create a foundation for a real business from that deliciously fulfilling place coupled with predictable, steady revenue streams, and systems that free up your time.

Designing something that fuels your heart, stimulates your mind, honors your values and makes you great money is an extraordinary way to live, and everyone around you wins when you do, including YOU. If you ask me, it’s the only way to live. (By the way, if you want to join us in the SoulFUEL™ Adventure Business Academy to do just that, find out more >>> HERE <<<.)

I hope this post made a difference for you today. Leave a comment below. I LOVE reading and responding to them. 

Wholly devoted to your freedom,
Wendy ♥
SoulFUEL™ Business Coach


  • Virginia Reeves

    Wendy – “to thine own self be true”. It’s hard to stay with our integrity sometimes but we betray our inner core when we don’t. You offered good examples. Thanks.

    • Wendy Collier

      You are most welcome! We often don’t look at how hard it is to deny our Truth. When we live in our Truth, we step into the natural and abundant Flow of our lives and everyone wins. That is much easier. Keep living your Truth sister. Love & Light, Wendy

  • Gladys Diaz

    Great article, Wendy! For me, it was having to choose between being on the road 80% of the time and having time to be with my family. I walked away and am soooo glad I did! 🙂

    • Wendy Collier

      Gladys, fantastic that you identified the value conflict and took the courageous step to align your life with what is most important to you! That takes a lot of strength. I am sure you have inspired many! Delighted to see you here :). ~Wendy

  • Danette

    Right on Wendy. Great article.

    • Wendy Collier

      Happy to see it hit a chord for you Danette!

      Wendy ♥

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