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Why I cried in spin class

I walk in the room. It is dark. The music is pounding. One by one, we shuffle in and get set up on our Spin bikes. Each of us climb on and sluggishly start peddling. It’s a full house. For the next hour, we will push ourselves and fight against our lazy human nature.

The teacher is hyper focused and begins by saying:

“Don’t cheat yourself today. Decide right now how much you want it and then, commit to it. It’s your choice.”

None of us have to be there. We are choosing this.

The class is filled with every body type imaginable and ages ranging from teens to 70’s (and everything in between).

And then, we begin.

“Leave all your worries outside this room. It’s just you and the bike.”

The room is quiet, except the music and the teacher. Everyone is focused and intent. I’m questioning how well I will feel today and hoping for the best. The mental warfare has already begun.

As the ride gets more difficult, people start battling with themselves (myself included). You can see it. At the perfect moment, as if the teacher can hear our thoughts, he says loudly, “Keep going. Give it everything you’ve got. Leave all of it on the bike today. Don’t you dare give up on yourself.”

And with those life-giving words, I pedal harder.
I push further.

Every time I get on the bike, it is a challenge I create for myself. I don’t have to be there so why do I do it? Maybe I have something to prove. Maybe I want to see how far I can push myself physically. Maybe I just want to torch some calories so I can eat more that night or maybe I want to defy my own odds so I have the strength to do the same outside this space.

I look around and see that everyone in the room is facing their own internal battle. Some people are undoubtedly beating themselves up for not doing better. Others are comparing themselves and coming up short. And there are others who feel like rock stars today when they felt like crap just yesterday. Perhaps some are so in flow they are performing well, without much thought or struggle but all of us have at least one thing in common.

We are in a constant dialogue in our head about how committed we really are (whether we are aware of it or not).

How much do we really want it?
What are we willing to do to get it?

Do we want to surpass the gear we did last week and sustain that level longer or just coast, maintain and stay comfortable but not grow?

In every moment, we are deciding how far to take ourselves. We do this outside the Spin room too and that’s the point. How we think inside this room when faced with a challenge is exactly how we will think about another one we face that day.

I have a poignant moment this day when it strikes me just how much everyone is fighting their own battle and how INCREDIBLE it is when we voluntarily CHOOSE to push ourselves to GROW. Whatever mental warfare we can conquer inside this room, we can also conquer outside of it and THIS is the power of the human spirit.

The teacher’s voice gets more insistent to the point where he is almost yelling (actually I think he IS yelling) – “Do NOT give up. Keep at it.”

And then I remember how many times I desperately needed that voice in my ear and realize it’s entirely possible those words could be saving someone’s life right now, or their marriage, or their relationship with their son or their business. In that moment, my eyes fill with tears.

We are in this together.

And then I send as much love as I can muster up to everyone in the room.

Sometimes we are at the front of the race, sometimes we are in the back and other times we are out of the game all together watching everyone else from the sidelines but guaranteed, every winner has fallen out at some point, every sprinter has been injured and everyone has wanted to give up at one time or another.

The question is, are you in the race at all?
Are you challenging yourself out of your comfort zone so you can see what incredible stuff you are capable of?

Are you on the bike or watching the class from the hallway?
Are you ready to come off the sidelines?
Are you ready to really be IN it as opposed to watching those who are?

A concept that has helped me increase my athletic and professional performance significantly is the knowledge that we will always want to quit long before we EVER should. Our bodies and our minds tell us to stop ALL the time. What does it look like to ignore it?

What does the energy of commitment look like?

It looks like the 70-something year old man who just had heart surgery giving it his ALL on the bike.

It looks like the severely obese woman not getting off the bike when everything in her wants to quit but instead, she is listening to the voice of her teacher telling her to never EVER give up. She is tired of giving up on herself and wants to see what she’s made of.

It looks like the 45 minutes out of the hour feeling seriously nauseous from pushing myself so hard but sticking to it, to GROW. As a result, feeling the sweet relief of the final 15 being absolute BLISS and reaching another level.

And it REALLY looks like Wonder Woman saving the world against her mother’s wishes, her lovers belief and EVERY opposition imaginable. (Please, PLEASE, see the movie. More later on that.)

Dreams require BIG effort and beloved, it is SO entirely worth it but you will not know this until you get and stay in the race – and the only way to do that – is to receive support.

That particular spin class was extraordinary for all of us. Most of us broke our previous riding records. Do you think any of us would have performed at that level if we were riding by ourselves in that room?

The other day my client Cameron broke down in tears of joy when it finally hit her that she crossed a finish line in a race she has been in, for what feels to her like a VERY long time and now, she is winning because she invested in her professional and personal growth and she did NOT give up.

Yes, it is amazing she built her email list to 3,100 with just one strategy, has 160+ people who have booked calls with her, made $40,000 in her business in just two weeks time (and is on the path for a multiple 6-figure year) but here’s the thing, it isn’t necessarily about that.

It is about the EXPANSION she has come to realize in the process of getting there.

It is about the CONFIDENCE she has now that she can create whatever she wants in her life.

It is about her coming into her full potential through the power of commitment and her SoulFUEL™ and seeing how MUCH further she can go with her dreams.

And that’s a bike she never wants to get off of.

If you want the kind of 1×1 undivided private attention Cameron has received from me and get that for a full day ending with a gorgeous celebration dinner, consider giving yourself the support of a Private VIP Day Retreat.

I am the teacher who will stand for you, fight for your dream and never ever let you give up on yourself.

Talk to me sister. Comment below and tell me where you’re at. I LOVE to hear from you!

Love & Light,
Wendy ♥

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