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Are you equipped to get where you want to go?

Conversations began months ago about my big birthday. Right away, I knew I wanted to spend it outside of the U.S. but where? I travel a lot but this trip was to be extra special. It marked a very significant turning point and thus deserved a crescendo.


Ideas came and went, many were weather related decisions based on time of year, yet throughout these discussions Patagonia kept coming to mind – a place I knew nothing about, literally nothing. I wasn’t even sure where it was! (It’s in Argentina by the way 🙂 ). Thus began the exploration but not much research or inquiry whatsoever. I went with my intuition.


Then one day while cruising through InstaGram, I was hit over the head by a “Naked Planet” image that took this idea from vague to booked in just a matter of days. This is the picture that sent me there (you can probably see why!)

Unseen Cordilleras. Lago Torre, Cerro Torre and Mount Fitzroy massifs. Andes, South America. Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, Patagonia, Argentina. Panoramic aerial capture. www.mikereyfman.com.

I have no idea why I was so moved by this but there was no point in questioning it. I just knew this was the place that would mark the turn of this chapter and I would be on or very near these peaks on my actual birthday.


The most magical experiences of my life have all began with the end in mind. These were times when I saw the end point, became obsessed with getting there and made a decision without necessarily knowing how I would do it or whether it would be “successful”.


When we act on VISION, we allow extraordinary experiences to come to LIFE.


During the months that followed, I regularly envisioned myself on the peaks and in the valleys of Patagonia. I imagined all day hikes that went into the evening. I saw the sites in my mind, smelled the fresh mountain air and could practically taste the food we’d eat after working our bodies all day. (This is how we manifest.)


Like any dream (and prior trips I’ve taken), we need to think ahead about what will make it successful. We need to consider the conditions, our weaknesses, and the formula that will make the ride worth taking.


Have you ever heard the saying, “There is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes!” Well, aside from some rare situations, I believe you can do almost anything when you are well equipped and guided.




The weather in Patagonia in March is fairly unpredictable. We needed to prepare because when you are on a trail for 9+ hours, you definitely want to have the right gear for any change in climate.


When you live from VISION, the rest takes care of itself and when you trust yourself, you bring the certainty that you can handle things along the way. In the end, things just aren’t as a big a deal as we make them when you know what you want and GO FOR IT.


That’s the perfect formula – vision > preparation > trust > action.


Needless to say, we had everything we needed, were completely comfortable and as it turns out, the weather was perfect 95% of the time (not one drop of rain and just a few clouds). Check out these iPhone pictures I took – no filter, no color enhancements. These are for real folks. It was amazing! I still can’t believe it.


So, what gear do you need to set yourself up for success in your soul-fueled business?

Do you know what your SoulFUEL™ is?

SoulFUEL is your map and compass all rolled into one and – it is an absolute necessity.




When we are in unfamiliar territory, we can often find information on how to do it, where to go, etc. However, how do we know that information pertains specifically to us? It is likely geared toward the masses or could be right for someone entirely NOT like you or both.


Dedicated rock climbers LIVE to come to Patagonia to conquer the peaks but I’m not a rock climber per se (although I’ve done it). There is an entire culture of climbers who have their own trails and maps, different from hikers like myself.


While others who come to this area are back packers who have camps to get to by a certain time. They probably need to veer off the trails at some point.
We all have different goals and it’s important we create a plan and have a guide to show us the way that is best for US.


Enter Daniel – 37 year old born in Buenos Aires who lives in El Chalten, Argentina (Patagonia) and a total sweetheart! We hired him for two days to custom create two of our hiking treks, to ensure we saw what we wanted to see and did what we wanted to do. Again – BIG birthday ;).


Just like any good coach, he got to know us and made recommendations accordingly. At one point, I inquired about how to get to the peak that would overlook the exact view in the Naked Planet picture. In the end, that specific trek was not for us but we did the absolute next best thing which was to get up close and personal to everything in the image that brought me there – Laguna Torre, Fitz Roy, the valleys, mountains and other lagoons. (And as it turns out that was an aerial shot 🙂 )


Without his guidance, we may have attempted something we couldn’t do at this point. We may have even felt like failures trying to do things we weren’t equipped for just yet.


I tell my clients all the time that the order in which we do things in business is VERY important. What you need to do in year one is very different than what you should do in year three or five. Doing things out of order sets you up to fail or best case, struggle like crazy.


We all have limitations – whether perceived or real. This could be a limitation in knowledge, skill or experience – all of which can be grown or strengthened with the right inner and outer game strategies.


The greatest tragedy is to have an eager heart and set out on a path without the proper gear or guidance, fail to achieve what you want and then give up thinking you aren’t good enough, smart enough or talented enough when it’s simply a matter of getting the proper guidance and the right tools for where YOU are. (Both of which require financial investing in yourself to get the return you are looking for.)


Some things work out just fine when we wing it (including travel) but business is not one of those.


In the end, the trip to Patagonia FAR surpassed our expectations. I saw THE most stunning natural beauty, connected to nature in a way I still can’t put to words and ate some of the yummiest food ever. It was a fantastic adventure that has me thirsty for more.

So Sugar Snap, what is missing from your success formula on the road to your thriving soul-fueled business? Is it your gear (the tools you need for the growth stage you are in) or are you lacking a guide who knows the territory well?


Want to know if you have what you need? If you do, you are actually getting where you want to go. Simply look at the fruit or the result of your current approach and ask if it’s working.


Please feel free to share your thoughts below. I love hearing from you.


Love & Light,
Wendy Collier

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  • grace-shanti

    Hi Godgeous Wendy

    what a magical looking place! your photos are truly mystical for me. enJOY your Big Birthday travel analogy with Business 🙂

    Glorious Belated Birthday and Year Ms Lovely.

    Have set aside Quiet one hour to experience your Audio with 5 SOULFuelled Steps, thank you in advance.

    Continued blessings

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