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Top 6 Takeaways From 2018

I don’t know about you but I am still reflecting on last year even though we are already in our 9th day of January. Why? Because taking the time to reflect and learn from experience, is how we grow. I learned this the hard way – way back when, allowing year after year pass with hardly any reflection and what a shock, back then, very little growth.

How do you know you’ve stopped growing? Your life today is about the same (or possibly even worse) than it was 5 years ago. That can be tough to admit I know. I’ve been there.

On that note and with deep gratitude for the year, I’d like you to benefit from the Top 6 Lessons 2018 brought me so you can leapfrog and get where you want to go in 2019, faster.

Here we go!

Lesson #1: Trust, jump and then figure it out.

This isn’t a new one for me by any means. It’s the life of any good entrepreneur after all but it could not have been more poignant than when Summer McStravick (the co-founder of Hay House Radio), personally invited me to host my own show on InFlow Radio. I was incredibly honored. She knew my work and I had also been recommended to her as a potential podcaster by someone who never even knew I had the slightest thought about it.

I had zero plan for starting a podcast in 2018 (ZERO) let alone any experience whatsoever doing a radio show. When I started the SoulFUEL® show, it was live on the air every Thursday at noon. That’s how I started – with live listeners, live callers – LIVE. That’s where most podcasters graduate to and you know what, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It pushed me into real commitment and that was gold. Sometimes we need a push.

One of the reasons I chose to do the podcast was to show up more consistently to make a difference for you. I knew if I committed to a weekly show and publicly announced that, you better believe I’d make it happen. It created a structure for content creation, even more than I had before.

Every week, the podcast begs the question ‘What can I offer that will make a difference for my listeners?” and from that, I tap deep within to pull out the best nuggets I have to pass on to you. Without that commitment, much of the wisdom I have acquired through decades of life and professional experience is left silent within.

Our words are a gift. When we use them wisely, we can literally alter the course of someones life for the better and isn’t that why we’re here? When we stay silent, when we hold our lessons inside, we miss out on the deep fulfillment sharing brings and those who benefit in the hearing of them, miss out too.

As it turns out, the show has steadily grown in downloads and subscribers every single month.

Just the other day while having brunch with my niece and her husband, she shared that her friends are quoting my podcast. For some reason, that made me laugh – literally laugh out loud at the restaurant. I feel like you must be doing something right if the millennials like your show!

Had I waited to learn more about podcasting or to feel ready, I would not have started it last year, and I’m absolutely thrilled I did. Now I have many months of podcasting under my belt and all that practice. I’ve been able to impact people I’ve never met and I LOVE doing it!

I’m so glad I never tried to talk myself out of doing something that is making a difference.

I trusted, I jumped and I’ve been figuring it out. You can too – whatever it is. We never feel ready for our destiny Sugar Plum.

As a side note, this takeaway could just as well have been called “Follow your intuition” because the second Summer invited me, I was a yes – a terrified, excited yes but a yes nonetheless. The reason my yes came so quickly is because if this last year taught me nothing else, it taught me to trust and FOLLOW my intuition which leads us to…

Lesson #2: Follow your intuition.

You’ve heard “trust your intuition” a million times and I have too but until we are willing to step out on a limb in the FULL trust of our intuition and FOLLOW it, we’re all talk.

In 2017, I felt a strong urge to move 75 miles north which doesn’t sound like much but given the differences between these two areas and all the friends I was leaving, it may as well be another state.

I got a very clear hit while on a yoga mat to pack up and go. It was a combo platter of intuition and falling in love with one of the most beautiful counties in the United States. That strong urge quickly turned into a chronic, throbbing pain when by the end of 2018, I still hadn’t found a place, after looking for nearly 2 years. That’s a long wait to see if your intuition is right. YET, I knew it was. I knew I HAD to be there.

Longest-story-ever-short, under the most serendipitous of circumstances, I not only found a place where I wanted to move but it is FAR beyond my wildest imagination – one of those crazy rare finds that only seem to happen to someone else. That someone else was me this time, and my intuition KNEW.

I could not be happier I persisted in trusting this gut feeling by taking action in the direction it told me to go even when doors were constantly, discouragingly, closing around me and several influential people close to me tried to talk me out of it. I’m convinced they got together and started a campaign. 🙂

Trust your body wisdom.
Trust your gut.

All the magic of life is on the other side of those seemingly small intuitive hits.

Every cell in my body, every daily experience, every person I meet, every moment that passes confirms this move was by far one of THE best decisions of my life. Thank you, Intuition.

She’s there for you too, and you can trust her.

Lesson #3: Find where you shine and go there.

In 2018, I finally admitted, I’ll never be a YouTube star and I’m (legit) totally cool with that.

This takeaway was about coming into fuller acceptance of who I am and where I shine best, without caving into resistance and calling it “out of alignment”.

There’s a distinction between the things we resist that according to more experienced mentors, will help get us where we want to go – the necessary things versus knowing when to choose another path that can produce the same results (you want to get advice on this of course).

For example, you cannot expect to attract clients and make money doing what you love when you are hiding. There are many ways to be visible but you need to be visible, and consistently. In this online coaching/consulting/service-based universe, in addition to email and other forms of writing, you also need to appear on video, for people to trust you. How often and where, is another story.

I learned my sweet spot is on Zoom, I’m working on my Facebook Live presence and I’m definitely warming up to InstaGram stories yet for a good chunk of 2018 I thought I might be at risk not having a YouTube channel worth speaking of. That was coming from fear of course – never a good place to come from unless you are running from an actual tiger. It also didn’t help that I have a good friend who is a YouTube star. Can anyone say Comparison Trap?

Here’s the thing, there are a thousand different ways to be on video whether it’s pre-recorded or live; Zoom, FB Live, InstaGram Stories, IGTV, FB stories, Periscope, YouTube, Live Stream, and the list goes on. The most important thing is, to get out of hiding. It’s uncomfortable for almost all of us and yet, that doesn’t change the fact that it is, in this day and age, necessary.

So if you don’t see yourself as a YouTube star, consider other ways to produce the same result that may be more suitable to your personality.

This applies not just to video but to all the ways we are doing business right? Find your sweet spot. Make sure your audience is also hanging out there (or will come along with you) and shine baby, SHINE.

Lesson #4: Never underestimate the power of having a long-term coach. That is, a coach you pay to help grow your mind, and business.

At the end of 2017 and first part of 2018, I was without a coach. I was in that in-between state. While I was searching, I grabbed things here and there from various mentors.

It was not helpful.

When we have real “skin in the game” and an actual plan, we step up in a whole new way. Making the payment alone, signifies our real commitment. For me, it wasn’t about commitment, I was on the path to finding my next coach as quickly as possible. I know how essential it is. I had actually been with one, for about 4 years. She, her team and my mastermind crew, helped me grow my business to multiple six-figures and I am deeply thankful.

It was time for me to learn from a new mentor and so I began the search. In July 2018, I made a decision, hired my new coach and joined a new mastermind. Almost immediately I had renewed momentum in my business. Before that, I was a bit stalled. We ALL need support and none of us see our blind spots.

This decision marked a pivot in my work that continues to unfold today and each time I make a payment, I am very aware, I am re-committing to my growth. The more I take advantage of everything my coach has to offer and take full ownership of all I do or don’t do, the more progress I make and the happier I am.

It’s the same for you Love. You need consistent, real, daily support too. If you’ve never been coached long term by the same coach, I invite you to seriously consider it for 2019. We don’t know what we don’t know and we ALL have blind spots. We need someone on the outside who gets to know all our strange quirks and can offer real insight into what is really stopping us from taking things to the next level.

At the same time, you cannot expect to know how to succeed in doing something you have never done successfully before and guessing, hoping or piece-mealing isn’t a real plan ya’ know?

Mentorship and coaching has been proven time and again to be a TOP success factor for people who reach their goals. That’s a key piece of information to take full advantage of right? And when we say we don’t have the money, we are just afraid. As resourceful as humans are, we can figure it out. We always find the money for the things we most value.

When choosing a mentor, here are a few thoughts to consider. Who or what is appropriate for the stage you are at, right now? In other words, hiring a coach who specializes in helping multiple-six figure business owners scale to a million might not be appropriate for you if you haven’t made much money in your business yet. Likewise, you might not want to be in a mastermind of other multiple-six figure business owners if you are just starting out.

When I was looking for my next coach, I deeply considered where I am, where I want to be, what my ‘known’ gaps are and where I suspect my gaps are (one never truly knows until advised by someone ahead of us). I sought out the person I felt I needed to be taught by at this point in my life and business. This was both an intuitive and logical decision. That’s the sweet spot – a little of both.

I invite those of you trying to get by taking short-term courses, self-paced courses, books, podcasts and freebies alone, to really take a look at this. You need a guide to help you know what is best to do now, from where you are. It will take all the guessing out of the equation and save you years of struggle and unnecessary expenses. And you really need to ask yourself if what you’ve been doing is working.

For example, you can’t expect yourself to know marketing or sales, if you haven’t had actual (and successful) experience doing that, right? Those are two absolutely essential ingredients in having a successful, financially secure business.

Please, take all the advice you hear and hire a long-term coach. Then look back one year from now and take note of what’s changed. Your life could look VERY different just one year from now.

So, this is my loving invitation to identify your gaps. Are they in your skill level, strategic plan, spiritual alignment, clarity, or support system?

Get the help you need to eventually quit your job for good and make money doing what you love. Life whizzes by and if you are here on my page, now is your time.

If you’d like to explore SoulFUEL® School, my 12-month group program, feel free to go > here <. We begin February 25th with a limited number of women. It will be an AMAZING year of growth and is appropriate whether you have a business right now or not. You only need to want an online business that is set up to make you money through your Soul-Fueled work, this year.

Lesson #5: We are not responsible for our clients results. Say Whaaa?! There, I said it.

We are responsible TO our clients but not FOR them. I have enough experience now to confidently say, I can teach two people the exact same thing – one person will take it and make $10,000 cash in one day or 2x, 3x or 4x their business while another will do nothing with the same information. Same coach, same teaching, radically different results.

Having a coach is a lot like having a personal trainer. They can tell you how to do a bicep curl but it’s up to you to actually do the bicep curl and do them consistently enough, to build the muscle. It’s not the trainers fault when we lack the discipline, focus or commitment to do what it takes to get the results. The trainer can even tell us why they think we’re struggling but we have to be willing to do the inner work the trainer has identified, needs to be done.

Our results are up to us. We are responsible for what we get out of any given experience. One of my coaches used to say, “Make the decision and then make the decision right.” I’ve always liked that. It puts the power in our hands, where it belongs.  

In 2018, I drew a line in the sand. I only want to work with people who embrace the fact they are creating their life experience every day and take full ownership of that. That is how we get results and that is where you want to be in your life even if sometimes, it feels daunting. It can be easier to think things are outside our control and certainly some things are (like hurricanes) but WAY more is within your control than you may realize.

When we blame someone or something else, all we do is give our power away and believe me, you don’t want me or anyone else to be responsible for your business, or your life for that matter. You want that role because then you can control you, and affect what you want to change.

As an entrepreneur or entrepreneur-in-the-making, feeling you are responsible for your clients results may be the thing that stops you, or haunts you. Know this – you are simply responsible for showing up at your best and delivering on what you say you will deliver. You don’t have control over what your client does or does not do. Makes sense right? If you are a health coach or want to be, you cannot show up in your clients kitchen and pull their hand out of the cookie jar right? Alrighty then. 🙂

Lesson #6: Fear masquerades very cleverly as confusion.

This takeaway was more about the degree to which I saw this in my community in 2018. It felt like an epidemic and it was hard to watch. As an example, I was on the phone with a woman who had been confused for a long time about what her business is really all about (and this is her pattern, I’ve worked with her before). She said she wants to be more strategic and intentional about how she is going about things. Good call right?

In under 30 minutes we had identified IT, her thing. We also sorted out the best messaging to position her work in a clear, compelling way. She felt great about it!

A couple hours later she reached out, confused again.
Because, resistance.

Expect to get pretty scared when you finally figure out what you are meant to do and how to articulate that to the world. It means you now have a business that actually has legs and will attract clients and that interestingly, terrifies a lot of people.

Eye balls.
Fear of criticism. 
Fear of success. 
Fill in your favorite.

The comfort zone of confusion. I hung out there for years myself. Hiding.

Don’t allow it’s sneaky tendrils to take you out of the game. Get on the phone with me or someone who also specializes in navigating these tricky waters and save yourself years of torture.

This woman who reached out again after our call was clear again within minutes. She just needed to reconnect back to what she knew and recognize that fear was trying to take the wheel again.

Don’t let it. You are bigger than it can ever be. You just need to know you are and sometimes, it takes someone else to help us stand up to it.

The lesson for me in seeing how prevalent the confusion/fear link is,
is to offer more resources to unveil even more of what is REALLY stopping you so you can create a clear pathway to success.

There are more (much more!) 2018 takeaways of course but these six were great for starters. I hope they help you move forward in a whole new way.

Leave a comment below and tell me which one of these strikes a chord the most. I’d love to hear from you.

2019, let’s do this!

Love & Light,
Wendy Collier ♥

P.S. I am PUMPED to show you how to make this year your breakthrough year and in my world, that’s through skill, strategy, spiritual alignment, clarity, and support. In the spirit of the new year, I’ve opened up a few FREE Private 30-Min New Year Business Planning Sessions to give you some quick 1×1 support. Book a call > HERE < if you are ready to get inspired and receive strategies to launch or grow your business in 2019.

I’ll offer you a personalized plan so you know what your specific next steps are in your business. Grab one before they are gone and let’s get you set up to succeed this year! Dreams needs plans.

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