Imagine knowing exactly what you are here to do
and how to make money doing it

Imagine doing what you are meant to do (your SoulFUEL®) and knowing how to make that – your Calling – a successful online business.

Imagine listening to the ocean waves crashing on a random Monday in a foreign or domestic land – not because you are on vacation but because you can work from anywhere and this is the office you chose for the day.

Imagine being able to pick up your children from school and attend all their events or take time off without having to ask permission from your boss because you ARE the boss.

Imagine feeling the security of knowing there is a way for you to make money that honors your deepest values and allows you to live a life of freedom and adventure, with no cap on your income.

This is truly possible sister. If I can go from being a corporate hostage to a free entrepreneur, so can you.

Get clear on what YOU are meant to do and launch or grow that as a successful online business that aligns perfectly with your SoulFUEL,
in less than 12 months.

Learn Exactly How To Launch Or Grow A Successful SoulFueled Business As A Coach, Consultant, Healer, Teacher, Light Worker Or Mentor, This Year
(even if you have no idea what exactly you would do - we work all that out)

When you have the map, you have fewer doubts and a whole lot more confidence. This is your map - your Corporate Escape or Bad-Ass Business Plan. You no longer need to try to figure this out on your own.
I’ve soooo got your back.

In this intimately-sized sisterhood of selected women, you will GET CLEAR ON EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE MEANT TO DO AND:

Learn Online Marketing Strategies That Consistently Attract Your Ideal Clients

Develop Your Marketing Skills So You Can Make A Difference For The Right People.

Get Crystal Clear

Create Your Ideal Client Profile And Discover Exactly What YOU Are Best Equipped To Help Them With And How To Do That Online (Inc. Offline Events Too).

Claim Your Niche And Specialty

Discover The Power Of Focusing And Claiming Your Talents And Experience To Draw In Clients

Create Your Signature Program

Create Your Program, Packages, Services And Pricing Using The SoulFUEL Method.

Launch A Pilot Program

Trial Run Your Soul-Fueled Program, Develop Your Work And Confidence, Receive Testimonials To Attract Paying Clients – Growing Your Credibility And Expertise.

Create Your Unique Messaging

Learn How To Stand Out And Position Your Work To Be Extremely Attractive To Your Ideal Clients.

Build Your List Full Of Ideal Clients

Receive Step-By-Step Training On How to; Build Your AudienceUse Marketing Strategies That Feel (And Are) Authentic So You Can Grow A Thriving Business.

Enroll Paying Clients

Upgrade Your Mindset – Shift From Fear And Lack To Abundance And Overflow, Heal Your Money Stories.

Become A Rockstar Business Babe

Put The Systems And Processes Into Place To Stay Organized And Receive Clients.

Learn How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

Grow Your Courage, Confidence And Clarity As You Take Consistent Action And Expand Into Your REAL Potential.

Receive VIP Level Coaching And Accountability

Become More Focused, Disciplined And Time Efficient Through High-Level MentorshipBuddy-System Accountability And Safe Community Support.

Use Fear As FUEL

Discover How To Use Fear As FUEL And Finally Conquer What Has Really Been Holding You Back From Doing Your Soul-Fueled Work So You Can LOVE Your Life.

SoulFUEL School is right for you if:

  • You are confused about what you’re meant to do or what your business would be/could be or how to share it, and find your ideal clients.
  • You aren’t sure how to be successful online and are feeling overwhelmed by all the information you’ve gathered so far. You feel like you’re missing something key.
  • You’ve tried other online courses that were mostly self-paced or free and you either didn’t start, finish or get the results you wanted. You know left to your own devices, you can’t figure this out even though you think you should be able to. 
  • You keep thinking you can figure this out on your own but year after year passes and you just haven’t been able to.
  • You think you just need to get your website or blog up or maybe if you just keep posting on social media, your clients will eventually come.
  • You think you need to be tech savvy to have an online business and that scares the bee gees out of you.
  • You believe all this should come easily and if it doesn’t, maybe it’s not for you.
  • You are in a line of work that doesn’t FIRE you up every day, giving you all the freedom and flexibility your heart desires while feeding your soul. This could mean you are in a job that is draining you OR a business that is doing the same. Either way, you feel ‘off’ – something just isn’t working.
  • You feel afraid AND excited. You feel called to something greater and even though you feel resistance and fear, you are compelled to follow the nudges. You want to trust yourself more.

I hear you sister. I’ve been in ALL these places. I spent the better part of a decade searching, wondering, struggling – trying to figure out how to make money doing work I was meant to do.
I remained a corporate hostage in the Silicon Valley until one day the right Coach came into my life. I was at my desk in a glass office working late when I found her website. It was as though she were speaking directly to me and even though I had NO clue what kind of business I would attempt, I trusted the nudge I felt to reach out to her. That one decision change my life FOREVER.

Now I do work I love with clients I adore, travel all over the world and most importantly, get to make a difference for a LOT of people. 

You can too and I know exactly how to get you there.

SoulFUEL School is exactly what I needed when I thought I should be able to figure it out but the bottom line was, I wasn’t.
I needed the RIGHT plan – a path created by someone who had come before me who was making the money I yearned to create so I could quit my job, fulfill my souls calling and live free. Do you want that too Love? If so, I am literally here, for YOU.

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Due to the intimate size of this VIP program and the need to ensure it’s an excellent fit for everyone, membership is by application only.

Once submitted, you can expect to hear from us within 24 business hours.