Dear Ambitious, Purpose-Driven, Freedom-Loving Gal

  • Are you in a job that's unfulfilling and have that nagging feeling you are meant for something much more meaningful? (Oh girl – have I soooooo been there.)
  • Do you want a plan to transition into work that makes your heart light up and makes you great (+ consistent) money?
  • Are you feeling drained, confused, exhausted and overwhelmed and just don’t know what to do about it?
  • Perhaps you are already in business and feel something is “off” or maybe you are wondering why your cash flow isn't high enough or consistent enough. (One of the signs you are out of alignment with your True Self, is feeling drained and/or confused. Let’s find your SoulFUEL®!)
  • Do you want to take time out of the day-to-day busyness of your life to create a plan – one that LIGHTS you up and gives you freedom with your schedule, location, money, self-expression and creativity? (There was a time I too had no solid plan or a coach to help. I was basically winging it. It didn’t work.)

Join Wendy Collier for an
Exclusive 1×1 Private VIP Day Retreat in California

I’ve been there Love. I know you are SO ready to make a change, stop struggling and make it happen in a way that honors who you are. What you have been doing isn't working so you are looking to get on a path that's proven to get you results (when you do the work).

You are done wasting your life either unhappy in your current line of work or laboring to make your passion-based business work the way you want it to. On top of that, you sure could use a reTREAT to nourish your heart, body, and spirit in a gorgeous location. Time away to re-center, re-align and re-direct your life sounds pretty perfect right now, yes?!

A VIP Day is time 100% dedicated to your goals, dreams and visions. You will walk away with a 90-Day Action Plan you can start immediately and – it will make your soul feel alive again.

Our time together will be at an incredibly inspiring location from which to reflect, rejuvenate, plan and GROW.

This is one FULL DAY of private time, just you and me.
A gourmet lunch and celebration dinner are included.

You walk away with a 90-Day Action Plan and
30 days of Voxer Support to get all the support you need, as you implement your plan.


Click HERE to set up a time to chat.

This is a no-pressure conversation where we explore the possibilities.

"Wendy helped me identify my target market and niche and what products/services I could monetize based on my passions to serve my customers. Finally, she led me to develop a 90 day plan – that was a huge benefit. I left my VIP day knowing exactly what I needed to do and where I needed to focus."

“When I first reached out to Wendy I was deciding exactly what products/services I would sell to serve my customers based on my SoulFUEL, and knowing what activities did, or even more importantly, did not, need my focus.

Wendy first helped me narrow down, and align, my skills with my passions, to understand my SoulFUEL. I then articulated the is with SoulFUEL declaration, which was AMAZING! Creating that was most delightful! I’m so thankful to have that declaration to read daily and remind me what fuels me and where I should keep my focus.

Then Wendy helped me identify my target market and niche and what products/services I could monetize based on my passions to serve my customers. Finally, she led me to develop a 90 day plan – that was a huge benefit. I left my VIP day knowing exactly what I needed to do and where I needed to focus. Best of all, since I have shiny object syndrome, I knew what DID NOT needed my focus.

If I had not invested in the VIP day, I would still be floundering and unfocused. I also know my follow up group coaching will help keep me focused and accountable to keep pushing. I have no doubt I will realize my ROI on my VIP day much sooner in the process due spending the day getting on track with a specific plan.

Through my VIP Day with Wendy I realized my father’s massive heart attack when I was 10 and he was 36 was a catalyst to my passion for wellness.  I learned that the occasional doubt and fluctuations in my feelings toward my business are normal and are just my brain trying to keep me safe. I must shift my thinking at those times and push forward. I also realized I need to base my business only on the things I have a deep passion toward.

My biggest fear has been changing my focus from a successful corporate job to a business with no income at the moment and not knowing how long it will take me to get to my desired income. Wendy helped me realize that is my brain trying to keep me safe. I must remember my business is going to feed my soul and also my potential income is much greater with my business than my corporate job.

My VIP day with Wendy was amazing. You should definitely do this if you are undecided on what your SoulFUEL is or what you should focus on to build/grow your business or career. The investment is worth it!”

– Susan McDaniel

Senior Corporate Manager turned Entrepreneurial Health Coach

"Wendy’s process helped me to uncover my WHAT, that what that truly lights me up, makes me come alive at my fullest potential to be able to serve my people at my highest vibration."

“AH-MAZ-ING!!!!! Was so fabulous to be with you in person Wendy. You are a rockstar at what you do. I can’t believe ALL we accomplished. I am so energized and excited. In so much love and gratitude to you fabulous business coach and inspirational beautiful soul!!! Love you unicorn coach! It is crazy what I am continuing to download after our all day VIP day yesterday Wendy. You. Are. Brilliant! ON FIRE.”

– Genna Mori

Corporate Project Manager turned Joyful Life Stylist

"Thank you Wendy for the most amazing VIP day today! I am so inspired, excited, rejuvenated, and focus restored to share my gifts to my clients/tribe, and to rock this Tele-Summit OUT!"

– Becky Bacon

"She is the most beautiful and intelligent shiny human, both inside and out, and she truly leads with her heart.  Authentic and with integrity!  We have such an amazing leader helping guide us.

Thank you Wendy for such an energizing and fun day filled with thought provoking discussion, tons of laughs, and thrilled to have gotten some epic shizzle done!

I LOVED my VIP day!"

"Wendy helped with taking crucial initial steps towards starting my own business. Because of her support I was able to move past epic levels of fear and improve my inner game. Simultaneously, at our VIP day she helped me find clarity around the proper actions steps I needed to take in order to make my business dream a reality, thus improving my outer game. With her help we created an initial 90 day plan that really works for me and my business. Without Wendy’s help, I may have still been in law school instead of running a business that fuels my heart + mind.”

– Alba Creales

Yogi Lifestylist


Here are just a few ways you can use a Full VIP Day. However, each VIP Day is private and 100% custom designed based on your specific needs:

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Option A: "SoulFUEL Freedom Plan"

  • Walk through powerful steps to uncover passions and talents you have right now that you can best monetize.
  • Get completely clear on your business/career and life vision while feeling into the power of embracing it.
  • Discover your SoulFUEL – deeper and different than passions and purpose and THE thing that renders you unstoppable.
  • Create a brand new business or career concept or refine an existing one and design something that fires you up and provides the ability for you to make you money for years to come.
  • Set a Smart Exit Date from a current job and design a Smart Transition Plan that takes you from where you are now to the delicious life you dream about.
  • Walk away with 90-Day+ concrete plan and specific steps to get on the path to your dream business/career and life.
  • Get clear on what is truly possible for you.
  • Receive highly personalized intuitive coaching that targets the areas you are feeling the most uneasy about.
  • Experience massive mindset shifts that set you up for success.
  • Develop greater emotional mastery to empower you to navigate your fears, doubts and overwhelm.
  • Break through confusion and see a clear path out of an unfulfilling job/career or business.
  • Learn powerful manifestation principles and practices you can begin using right away.
  • Gain confidence that you can do this.

Option B: "Marketing Me"

  • Uncover your SoulFUEL – deeper and different than passions and purpose and THE thing that renders you unstoppable.
  • Get crystal clear on what your message is and learn how to align it perfectly with your SoulFUEL.
  • Learn how to position yourself to be an expert in your field.
  • Discover new soul-aligned strategies to reach your tribe.
  • Explore what others are up to, and discover what truly sets you apart.
  • Identify the top 3-5 unique benefits you can confidently offer your potential clients.
  • Begin to create marketing copy you can use immediately on your website, in materials, or simply as a guide to speak about what you do within (or as you develop) your blissful network.
  • Gain confidence in how you talk and write about what you do.
  • Learn communication styles that connect you and your client’s heart-to-heart.

Option C: "Recharge My Life & Work"

  • Pick a business challenge, project or strategy you are excited about (even and especially if you think it is far fetched!) and we will create a plan to make it happen. We will focus on both the inner game elements of mindset, emotional mastery and personal energy along with the outer game (action taking).
  • Make much needed decisions around priorities, time management, delegation, hiring, and letting go, to fulfill your desires and transition into a new, refreshing way of being.
  • Walk away with a specific and concrete plan to make the changes you yearn to make.
  • Get completely clear on what you need to do, and by when.
  • Complete your first steps, time permitting.
Currently booking select individuals for 2021.

VIP Day Retreats are available on the weekend or week days. Should you chose, feel free to extend your retreat stay to explore the gorgeous San Francisco Bay Area.

Let's set up a time to chat and see if this is right for you.

This is a no-pressure conversation where we explore the possibilities.

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Wendy Collier coaches ambitious, purpose-driven women, entrepreneurs, coaches, artists, teachers, healers, light workers and conscious leaders of all kinds, to live free from the inside out, through plugging into their SoulFUEL® and learning the skills required to be a wild success at growing their business.

Wendy is the Founder and Creator of SoulFUEL®. She is known for helping women identify their unique skills and purpose while teaching them exactly how to thrive financially, through what they are meant to do.

She shows women how to get clear and confident so they can profit from their passion and make a difference.

Wendy is committed to equipping women to make money online by teaching effective marketing, messaging and mindset strategies so they can take a quantum leap in their business and attract a steady flow of clients without ever, compromising who they are.

She applies her Psychology & Communications Degree, Franklin Covey Leadership Coaching Certification, Advanced ICF Coaching Training at CoachVille, and 21 years of award-winning marketing experience at Fortune 500 and Forbes Top 100 companies to help women create limitless options for themselves.

Wendy is running a thriving coaching business that supports and educates women to make money doing what they love while transforming their lives, and the world around them.

She is the host of the 5-Star SoulFUEL® Podcast and leads private and group business coaching programs including The Client Attraction Academy which is known to create such success, her most determined clients never need to go back to a job ever again.

Wendy is also known for her signature course, SoulFUEL® Discovery for those needing clarity about their SoulFUEL® (or Calling/Purpose) and how to position that work from a marketing perspective so they can monetize it.

Wendy is an avid traveler, outdoor enthusiast, passionate about health and fitness, devoted to funding the eradication of human trafficking, and a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate (C.A.S.A.) for abused children.

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