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The bright side of jealousy

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It was Christmas 2015. I was scrolling through the email inbox on my phone when I opened a message from someone I just started following whom I considered a peer. She was promoting a beautiful program similar (but different) to the work I do. Her email was perfectly written.   When I clicked through to…     continue reading…

Why I cried in spin class

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I walk in the room. It is dark. The music is pounding. One by one, we shuffle in and get set up on our Spin bikes. Each of us climb on and sluggishly start peddling. It’s a full house. For the next hour, we will push ourselves and fight against our lazy human nature. The…     continue reading…

Are you equipped to get where you want to go?

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Conversations began months ago about my big birthday. Right away, I knew I wanted to spend it outside of the U.S. but where? I travel a lot but this trip was to be extra special. It marked a very significant turning point and thus deserved a crescendo.   Ideas came and went, many were weather…     continue reading…

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