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No ordinary trip to Good Will

As I drove down the road getting closer to the Good Will truck, my sense of relief and excitement grew. I pulled into the driveway, drove over the gravel and parked. The man approached my car and I opened the trunk. As I grabbed the huge garbage bag filled with clothes and handed it over to him, I felt a rush of joy and release.


This was not an ordinary trip to Good Will. Contained in that bag were clothes I wore for years to my corporate job – a uniform if you will. Slacks, button down shirts, cookie-cutter styles that honestly, just weren’t me. When I got dressed, it always felt as though I were stepping into a role, and performing. All the outfits were nice, all served their purpose and I could not have been more ready to let them all go.


I held on to them long after I started my business, not out of laziness but because deep down I feared I may need them again one day. The moment I released them was confirmation of my absolute faith in the Universe, and myself. It was a sign I knew I would be okay, that I would continue making more-than-enough money aligned to who I am and make a real difference in the lives of women.


No more fear. No more doubt. No more wondering what I was meant to do. I was finally, truly FREE.


The jobs I had were excellent. The pay was superb. The companies were high profile and definitely the best to learn from. I have no regrets and immense gratitude for my experiences and the mentors who invested in me.


I just knew I was meant for more – much more and my spirit remained restless until I found THAT answer.


No matter how many gorgeous clothes I bought or awards I received, that nag within would not let me go.


I’m so thankful it didn’t.


That nag was my ticket home.


It beckoned me to where I truly belonged.


Finding ‘the more’ was no easy task. I felt like a blind woman fumbling around with no clear path in sight.


In my 10 year quest to discover “it”, I picked up every book and went to every workshop I could on finding your purpose, living your passion, being your passion, living your purpose, being your purpose… you get the idea.


The truth is, passion isn’t enough. (It’s fleeting.)


And purpose isn’t enough either. (It’s usually tied to roles as wife, mother, etc. so what happens after that, before that or if you don’t have that or what if being those things just isn’t enough?)


It’s SoulFUEL™ we’re after.


It doesn’t get much deeper or wider than soul, my friend.


And THAT – when it is discovered, known and embodied is, your ticket home – the best home you have ever known.


It is your ticket to freedom.

Love & Light,
SoulFUEL™ Business & Freedom Mentor

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  • Virginia Reeves

    Wendy – many years ago I went through the same process of getting rid of ‘work clothes’ that I didn’t plan on wearing again. It was freeing for me and I felt good knowing someone else would appreciate them. Please keep reminding us to fuel our soul.

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