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Thank you Wendy, for Ticket To Freedom. Getting the invitation was an absolute true opportunity for me. That day was also the moment I had finally surrendered and needed clarity in my life.

After dedicating time to listening to EVERY expert speaker you invited, I had truly transformed. This other being deep inside me desired to emerge for quite some time, and I am now living that being. This experience on the summit was profound, and I am forever grateful for it all.

I truly believe this event was a belated birthday gift to me in some spiritual way and that by far has been the greatest birthday gift I have ever received.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Wendy, for being the reason behind this event that has forever changed me internally and externally. Your closing remarks pulled at my heart and made me shed good tears. I am now able to fully say, “I LOVE MY LIFE!”

- Jennifer, Ticket to Freedom Summit 2013 Participant

Thank you Wendy for this lovely summit. It brought some of the main inner issues – fear, self-doubt and self-worth – to the fore, as well as offered some very good, practical ideas to help with that. Your gentle way and questioning is greatly appreciated. I enjoyed the various women you interviewed and learned much to assist me in my personal walk.

- Judith Filbert, Ticket to Freedom Summit 2013 Participant

Our experts have been featured in the following & many more

Mal Duane

Marla Diann

Molly Gordon

Christine Gallagher

Melanie Benson Strick

Oge Okosieme

Jeneth Blackert

Michelle Barr

Sarah Dew

Wendy Collier

Kendra Thornbury

Michelle Casto

Stephanie McWilliams

Callie Kares

Patricia Missakian

Therese Skelly

Gladys Diaz

Caryn Chow

Zahra Efan

Kimberly Coots

Kate Gerry

Sharon Hess

Tal Shai

Chantelle Adams