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No ordinary trip to Good Will

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As I drove down the road getting closer to the Good Will truck, my sense of relief and excitement grew. I pulled into the driveway, drove over the gravel and parked. The man approached my car and I opened the trunk. As I grabbed the huge garbage bag filled with clothes and handed it over to him,…     continue reading…

The last banana

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The other day I found myself asking my boyfriend of 7 years if it was “okay” I ate one of the bananas in his kitchen. He said, “Of course!”. Now I know that is a fairly normal and considerate question but here’s what was behind it – fear.  I actually felt fear about eating it without…     continue reading…

5 Decision-Making Questions That Lead To A Very Fulfilling Life

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I was in my early 20’s when I discovered the man I loved was having multiple affairs with several women. Naturally, my reaction was to immediately leave the country (haha). Actually the way it played out was I learned of an opportunity to study abroad in Cambridge, England in the UK just as I was…     continue reading…

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