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Are you equipped to get where you want to go?

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Conversations began months ago about my big birthday. Right away, I knew I wanted to spend it outside of the U.S. but where? I travel a lot but this trip was to be extra special. It marked a very significant turning point and thus deserved a crescendo.   Ideas came and went, many were weather…     continue reading…

Your business, your movement

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You’d have to be in outer space not to know we are living in a time when emotions are high, opinions are strong and personal wounds are being regularly triggered. It’s been intense. This kind of intensity while painful has historically been the birth place of much needed, positive change. This is the raw stuff…     continue reading…

Meet my Dad

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My Dad just published his first book (500 pages!) at age 77. He did this while being the full time caretaker to his ailing wife, volunteering his time helping drug and alcohol addicts to stay clean and running a business that matches cancer patients to clinical trials. I am so proud of him! It is…     continue reading…

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